What’s Red and Blue and Green?

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Following a new agreement with wind farms across the country, Penn has nearly tripled its wind-energy purchase and became the eighth-largest buyer of green power in the nation. Over the next five years, Penn will purchase 112,000 MWh of wind-energy a year, which represents about 30 percent of Penn’s energy needs. “We at Penn are pleased to be a national leader in clean energy and in the development of the wind-generated power industry in the state,” said President Gutmann. “Through this environmental stewardship, we can continue to raise the awareness of our students and the community about alternative fuel options.”

This new agreement is part of Penn’s ongoing campaign to show its commitment to a sustainable environment. Penn remains the largest retail buyer of green power of institutions of higher education. Its previous significant wind-energy purchases from Exelon-Community Energy Wind Farms in Pennsylvania led to the creation of additional renewable energy facilities and expansion of the industry. Penn’s latest purchase is expected to have the same effect nationally. 

—Chelsea Tanimura C’06

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