Van Pelt dedication

President Harnwell dedicated the library in October, 1962.

As students gear up for finals, it’s worth noting that Van Pelt Library was completed in June, 1962, and it was dedicated in October. You might recall that last December, the Gazette published a feature about Van Pelt at 50.

But back in December, 1962, the Gazette dedicated a good part of the magazine to celebrating the library’s opening. The opening quote, from President Gaylord P. Harnwell, read: “There are few events of greater significance in the long history of this institution.”

The library’s appeal? “Reinforced concrete, brick and glass: all have been brought into play to form a harmonious entity,” the magazine reported. And even back then, the Gazette made sure to mention that the the undergraduate study area “remains open long after the rest of building is locked.”

To 50 years of all-nighters!

A page from the Gazette: December, 1962.

A page from the Gazette: December, 1962.



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