Welcome to our second edition of “Pictures Penn.” You can find pictures from this past summer here. Although our design doesn’t allow room to print Alumni Note photos in the magazine, we’ll occasionally post a selection online. We’re pleased to share these photos submitted by your fellow Quakers throughout the fall. Enjoy!

Brad E. Coren C’96 (right), an attorney and president of the Rotary Club of Weston, Florida, was given a Shining Star Award from the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center in Pembroke Pines, Florida, for the Rotary Club’s contributions to recovery at the center over the last decade.


Andrew Leisman C’07 married Julia Macalaster on August 19 at Shelburne Farms in Vermont. Andrew writes, “We were joined by many fellow Penn classmates, including Alexander Wheat W’07, Jay Gleacher C’07, Kihoon Cho C’07 WG’14, Sean Barrett W’07, Nick Barber C’08, Christopher Nizolek C’09, Sam Peale C’07, and Schuyler Reece C’07. We were also joined by fellow Penn family members, my father, William Leisman W’72, sister, Jenni Leisman Dessert W’99, and my new brother-in-law, Andy Macalaster C’11. Julia and I live together in New York City with our puppy, Walker.”


Mike Groothuis W’64 writes, “Five fraternity brothers, TEPs (Tau Epsilon Phi), all ’64 grads, got together for dinner in early November at Docks in NYC. Larry Jaffe W’64, Marty Markowitz W’64, Jeffrey Weinsten W’64, Lee Brechner C’64, and I loved talking about our days at Penn.”


Wes Michael C’79 writes, “A bunch of Penn grads from the class of ’79 and ’80 came to the Penn–Yale football game from across the country on October 21 to support the Quakers: Joe Ronson C’80 of New York; Joe Woods W’79 of Chicago; Rick Nelson W’79 of New York; Neil Lipperini C’79 of Haddonfield, New Jersey; Kurt Stueve W‘79 of Dayton, Ohio; Alan Fegley C’80 W’80 GEd’83 of Delaware; and me, Wes Michael C’79 of Baltimore.”


Rachel Zestar-Postrk WG’15 and Joseph Carvalho WG’15 celebrated their marriage last July in Sonoma Valley, California, surrounded by family and friends, including 25 of their Wharton classmates.


Maribeth Gainard C’02 W’02 married Hal Goltz EAS’04 W’04 on October 21 at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. Maribeth writes, “Until last month, I was the chief financial officer of 3SI Holding in France, a subsidiary of the Otto Group. Hal was, until last year, a managing director at a New York-based hedge fund. As of this month, he is a partner at a private investment firm based in New York. We are living in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. Ashley Smith G’08 WG’08, Victoria Taylor C’02, Joanna Young C’02 W’02 and Stefan Sterns C’04 gave speeches on behalf of the bride and the groom. Other Penn alums in attendance included: Nivee Amin C’02 W’02, Sharon Chae Haver C’02 W’02, Katherine Dix C’09, Rob Doherty W’04, Marissa Bell Doherty W’04, Muneesha Goyal WG’07, Emma Walker Griffith C’02 W’02, Everett Hutt L’98 WG’98, Adam Kahn W’05, Jeremy Katz W’04, Justin Mandelbaum C’02 W’02, Dia Martin WG’02, Andrada Ispas Paraschiv C’02 W’02 G’07 WG’07, Thomas Pozios C’02 W’02, Aaron Rosenstein W’02, Layla Swanson Shaikh V’07, Kevin Shen WG’08, Anna Shlimak W’08, Nitin Sikka EAS’02 W’02 GEng’02, A. Lloyd Thomas C’06 W’06, Karthik Venkataraman WG’08, Denise Shumway Wallace C’02 W’02, Adrienne Moore Wetmore C’02, and Yin L. Yin C’06 W’06 WG’06. Hal and I met in London in 2013, where we were both working at the time.  We were introduced by a mutual friend (Aaron Rosenstein W’02), but did not begin dating until after I moved to France in 2014. Sparks flew when we attended a Fourth of July party in 2015 hosted by A. Lloyd Thomas C’06 W’06 and Margaret Daly Thomas in London.”


Georgia Congressman David Scott WG’69 (left) and Atlanta Municipal Court Judge Gary E. Jackson W’72 (right) were in attendance at the unveiling of a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta, commemorating the 54th anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.


Keep smiling, Quakers! We’ll see you soon for another edition of “Pictures of Penn.”

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