Not Your Typical Pop-up Book

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Since Wendy Evans Joseph C’77 founded Wendy Evans Joseph Architecture in 1996, her practice has won more than 40 design awards for its elegant and innovative work, and shows no signs of slowing down.

So when it came time to publish a monograph celebrating the practice’s first 12 years, true to that creative spirit, she wanted something a little less predictable than the standard collection of glossy photos.

“When I first considered how to gather and present the firm’s work,” Evans Joseph writes in the foreword, “the conventional monograph-making process struck me as suspect, strangely anachronistic—especially in light of the Web as a more accessible, flexible, and ecological format.”

Instead, they created a pop-up book.

After months spent re-imagining and re-designing 10 of the practice’s most well-known projects (including the home observatory and the Rockefeller University pedestrian bridge shown here) with renowned paper engineer Kees Moerbeek, the result is a playful, engaging, and entirely original take on what it means to present architecture in book form.

“Like real buildings,” Evans Joseph writes, “they invite exploration and observation from multiple angles, at multiple speeds. For all their craft, there is plenty of mischief—and that, undoubtedly, is the richest and truest reflection of our work.”

—Tyler Russell C’11

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