Keeping in Touch

Need to track down your long-lost roommate or network with a Penn graduate in your field or just make sure your classmates have a way of reaching you? You can do all of these things if you join Penn’s On-line Community.
  Since the On-line Community debuted last December (, more than 3,000 alumni have registered for the free service, which provides access to the alumni directory, and, since February, the opportunity to sign up for e-mail forwarding. As of late March, about 850 alumni had opted for the e-mail forwarding feature. With e-mail forwarding, alumni can ensure that their classmates have a single way to reach them even if they change careers or Internet Service Providers over the years. Mail sent to their assigned Penn e-mail address will be forwarded to their personal e-mail account, provided they notify the University whenever they change ISPs.
  “The On-line Community is an effective and efficient way for us to reach an increasingly large segment of the alumni population,” says Dr. Martin Rapisarda, director of alumni relations. “For alumni, it is a great way to stay connected with the University and with their friends. Through the On-line Community, we have expanded the programs, events and services we can provide Penn’s alumni.”

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