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THE POWER OF SCENERY: Frederick Law Olmsted and the Origin of National Parks by Dennis Drabelle G’66 L’69 (Bison Books, 2021, $29.95.) Drabelle tells the fascinating story of how the national park movement arose, evolved, and has spread around the world, and links landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted to three of this country’s national treasures. Buy this book

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GORDO by Jaime Cortez C’87 (Black Cat, 2021, $16.00.) Set in a migrant workers camp near Watsonville, California, in the 1970s, Cortez’s debut collection of short stories follows a young boy named Gordo as he comes of age, learning about sex, poverty, and the wrenching divides between documented and undocumented immigrants. Buy this book

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BAR MAID by Daniel J. Roberts C’92 (Arcade Publishing, 2021, $26.99.) In this darkly comedic coming-of-age novel, Charlie Green is an 18-year-old romantic growing up in Philadelphia in the late ’80s. At the Sansom Street Oyster House, he meets Paula Henderson, a beautiful and deceptively soulful waitress who is the most overqualified bar maid in all the city—and perhaps the most alluring. Buy this book

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THE BUSINESS OF RACE: How to Create and Sustain an Antiracist Workplace and Why It’s Actually Good for Business by Margaret H. Greenberg CGS’06 and Gina Greenlee (McGraw-Hill, 2021, $27.00.) “You can’t solve what you can’t talk about. And you cannot expect 400 years of racially unbalanced norms will be overturned in one financial quarter,” write Greenberg and Greenlee in this guide for business leaders interested in creating a more welcoming, diverse, and equitable workplace. Buy this book

AN ECONOMIST’S LESSONS ON HAPPINESS: Farewell Dismal Science! by Richard A. Easterlin Gr’53 (Springer, 2021, $27.99.) Can happiness be measured? Will more money make us happier? What about finding a partner? Getting married? Having a baby? Easterlin uses economics and psychology to reveal surprising answers to these questions. Buy this book

THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES by Brian Michael C’03, Andrew Palagruto, and Andrew Weicker (Arcadia Publishing, 2021, $25.00.) This photo-rich history of Philadelphia’s NFL football team features rarely seen archival and personal photos, including some from former player Pete Pihos, NFL executive Upton Bell, and Eagles photographer Ed Mahan. Buy this book

THE TREE OF SORROW: Growing Up in the Shadow of the Holocaust by Richard Bank L’72 (Auctus Publishers, 2021, $16.00.) When Bank was growing up, he thought that his great-uncle Berthold was his grandfather’s only sibling. More than six decades would pass until he learned otherwise. In fact, his grandfather had two other brothers and two sisters, all of whom perished in the Holocaust, but none of his family members ever spoke of this. Buy this book

THE LOST THEORY by Michael Kelley C’81 (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2021, $25.95.) After his friend’s mysterious death, professor Sean McQueen vows to track down his friend’s ‘theory of everything,’ which he claimed to have found before his passing. Sean teams up with a quantum cosmologist and travels across oceans to find it, in this novel filled with magical realism, mystery, and romance. Buy this book

TATTOO MONOLOUGES: Indelible Marks on the Body and Soul by Donna L. Torrisi GNu’76, John Giugliano, and Ken Kauffman (She Writes Press, 2021, $29.95.) As a nurse practitioner for over 40 years, Torrisi became fascinated with the stories behind her patients’ tattoos, which often told of trauma, pain, and loss, but also healing and redemption. This book weaves her patients’ personal narratives along with perspectives from clinical social workers, together with gorgeous black-and-white photographs. Buy this book

THE TOOTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH: A Geriatric Dental Hygienist and a Geriatric Dentist’s Guide to Oral Care for the Aging Population by Dr. Alisa Kauffman D’85 and Sonya Dunbar (Authorhouse, 2021, $25.00.) Written for caregivers, certified nursing assistants, hygienists, or anyone who wants to learn more about oral care for the aging population, this book covers proper tooth and denture care, preventive measures to avoid pain or infections, what to do about dry mouth and loose or ill-fitting dentures, toothbrushes for the differently abled, hospice care, house call dentistry, and much more. Buy this book

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