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MORTALITY by Richard Saul Wurman Ar’58 GAr’59 and Nigel Holmes (Richard Saul Wurman, 2019, $20). Presented graphically, this book contains statistics on death, life, longevity, causes of death, and related topics, such as “Which states have the most doctors in the US?” and “How many hospital beds are there in the US?” A conversation between Wurman and medical doctor Islon Woolf runs along the bottom of the pages throughout the book.
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SAY WHAT YOUR LONGING HEART DESIRES: Women, Prayer, and Poetry in Iran by Niloofar M. Haeri C’81 Gr’91 (Stanford University Press, 2021, $25.00.) Haeri, a professor of anthropology at Johns Hopkins University, presents an ethnography of a group of educated, middle-class Iranian women as they debate religion and engage with the classical poetry of Rumi, Hafez, and Saadi in their daily lives. Buy this book

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THIS MAGNIFICENT DAPPLED SEA by David Biro C’86 (Lake Union Publishing, 2020, $14.95.)  In a small Italian village, a young boy needs a bone marrow transplant. An unlikely match comes up in a Brooklyn rabbi. Terrible secrets from World War II are uncovered, challenging the characters’ identities, but ultimately this novel celebrates the ties that bind us together. Buy this book

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LOVING IN TRUTH: New and Selected Poems by Jay Rogoff C’75 (Louisiana State University Press, 2020, $25.95.) Drawing on 40 years of work, this volume presents over 100 poems from earlier collections alongside 47 new poems that contemplate immigrant ancestors, foreign adventures, baseball, ballet, love, and mortality. Buy this book

STABLES: High Design for Horse and Home by Victor Deupi Gr’99 and Oscar Riera Ojeda (Rizzoli, 2021, $55.00.) This richly illustrated volume is a celebration of horses and their extraordinary lodgings. It showcases beautifully designed stables by contemporary architects and designers the world over. Buy this book

FROM HANS TO HENRY: A Holocaust Survivor’s Story by Susan Dyshel Sommovilla G’74 (Self-published, 2019, $25.00.) A brother’s disability, a yellow bicycle, a camera, a little black address book, and a pile of German maps all played a role in the challenges faced by a young German Jewish boy named Hans, who survived the Holocaust to make his mark as Henry Arno Froehlich in the business of American photography. Proceeds of the book benefit the Holocaust Awareness Museum Educational Center of Philadelphia. Buy this book

THE RACE IS LONG: Life Fragments from Dorchester to Whidbey Island by Roy Seliber W’81 (Self-Published, 2021, $9.95.) In this memoir, Seliber says that “life has been one long endurance effort.” His decades of running have provided him fulfillment, as well as the delayed gratification necessary to help him through everything from completing marathons to surviving lymphoma and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Buy this book

UNLEARNING ARCHITECTURE: Louis I. Kahn’s Graduate Studio and Office by Cengiz Yetken GAr’66 (Self-Published, 2021, $19.99.) A former student and colleague of Louis Kahn Ar’24 Hon’71 traces his approach to architectural design through Kahn’s poetic language, and examines these ideas as means to create art and architecture. Yetken’s book is also a coming-of-age story, from the young architect’s modest beginnings, to a transformative intellectual and professional journey leading to a successful career inspired by Kahn. Buy this book

RISKING IT by Sylvia Byrne Pollack Gr’67 (Red Mountain Press, 2021, $19.95.) In Pollack’s first book of poetry, the titular piece explores “how to prepare for death.” At age 80, her life experiences and science background fuel poems that ponder everything from serum extracted from lab animals to her own cells gone amok. Buy this book

CLOUD OF WITNESSES: The Floyd-Lewis Chronicles by Rev. Harry E. Winter Gr’76 (Saving Stories, 2021, $14.95.) This history traces the growth of Catholicism in the Appalachia region, heavily influenced by former governor of Virginia John Floyd Jr., his wife Letitia, and their 12 children in the early 19th century. Buy this book

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