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NASTY WOMEN AND BAD HOMBRES: Gender and Race in the 2016 US Presidential Election Edited by Christine A. Kray Gr’97, Tamar W. Carroll, and Hinda Mandell (University of Rochester Press, 2018, $29.95.) This collection of essays exploring gender, race, and politics includes one by Kray, titled “A Renaissance of Feminist Ritual: Susan B. Anthony’s Gravesite on Election Day.” In it, Kray explains how the ritual of putting an “I Voted Today” sticker on Anthony’s grave took root years ago but reached the proportions of a small movement by the 2016 election. Buy this book

BURIED ALIVE: A To-Do List By Carole Bernstein C’81 (Hanging Loose Press, 2019, $18.00.) Bernstein’s third book of poetry explores everything from childhood trauma to office drudgery with sober observations and acerbic wit. In three parts, she sketches out scenes, both trivial and key, that lead upwards to an unfinished adulthood. Buy this book

TRANSLINGUAL POETICS: Writing Personhood Under Settler Colonialism By Sarah Dowling Gr’12 (University of Iowa Press, 2018, $80.00.) An assistant professor of comparative literature at the University of Toronto, Dowling questions the myth of monolingualism on the North American continent, demonstrating that non-English languages have played a key role in Anglophone poetry of the past and present. Buy this book

LOVE’S WAY: Living Peacefully with Your Family as Your Parents Age By Sig Cohen W’59 and Carolyn Miller Parr (Hendrickson Publishers, 2019, $14.95.) In this book, professional mediators Cohen and Parr help families navigate the difficult emotions and legal hurdles that often arise as parents age. Ten practical chapters include “Siblings in War and Peace,” which offers real-life court cases, and “Scaling the Twin Peaks of Paperwork and Planning,” which covers advance directives, wills, and more. Buy this book

STUFF EVERY GRANDMOTHER SHOULD KNOW By Ellen Scolnic C’83 and Joyce Eisenberg (Quirk Books, 2019, $9.95.) Covering topics like “How to Pick Your Grandmother Nickname,” “How to Make Your Place Fun,” and “How to Make Old-School Cool,” this pocket-sized guide is a refresher for anyone whose last experience with a baby was a few decades ago, and a primer on childrearing practices that might have changed since then. Buy this book

IN NIETZSCHE’S FOOTSTEPS By Johnathan R. Cohen Gr’91 (8th House Publishing, 2018, $24.99.) As a professor of philosophy, Cohen has studied Nietzsche most of his life, but from a distance. A family trip to Europe, with wife and kids in tow, presented the opportunity to visit the 19th-century philosopher’s favorite haunts: Nice, France; Turin, Italy; and Sils Maria, Switzerland. Part memoir, part philosophical text, this book breaks down Nietzsche’s complex ideas as they arose in time and place. Buy this book

CELEBRITY CAST By Harry Groome C’63 (The Connelly Press, 2018, $15.00.) This suspenseful thriller is set during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. American billionaire Jeb Caldwell and a group of friends take a fishing trip to a remote part of Russia, where Caldwell is kidnapped and held for ransom. The stakes are raised when Caldwell’s wife refuses to meet the kidnappers’ demands and the KGB dismantles, leaving the FBI without a Russian intelligence counterpart. Buy this book

SIDEBAR: Reflections of a Philadelphia Lawyer M. Kelly Tillery L’79 (CreateSpace, 2018, $14.99.) Although Tillery specializes in intellectual property, this collection of essays about life, law, history, and politics covers the gamut from the separation of church and state, Confederate monument removals, and “The Top 10 Worst Supreme Court Decisions.” Buy this book

REJUVENAGING: The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm By Ron Kaiser Gr’76 (The Mental Health Gym, 2018, $14.99.) Drawing on more than half a century of experience as a clinical psychologist, and 80 years of living, Kaiser maps out a comprehensive plan for embracing the aging process. Practical advice ranges from diet (“eat in spaces that are designed for eating”) to socializing (“include younger people in your social network”) to exercise (“don’t be surprised when some parts wear out; expect it and deal with it”). Buy this book

SEIZE THE MOMENT: Finding Meaningfulness in the Here and Now Rabbi Yered Michoel Viders C’96 (Mosaica Press, 2018, $19.00.) This collection of short, digestable essays about living a purposeful life includes lessons drawn from the Torah, Shakespeare, Rembrandt, The Little Engine that Could, and a variety of other luminaries. Buy this book

Very Briefly Noted

FREUD AS A SOCIAL AND CULTURAL THEORIST: On Human Nature and the Civilizing Process By Howard L. Kaye C’74 G’76 Gr’81 (Taylor & Francis, 2019, $140.00.) Buy this book

POWERHOUSE: 13 Teamwork Tactics That Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success By John Gillis Jr. GrEd’11, Kristine Lilly, and Lynette Gillis (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2019, $24.95.) Buy this book

THE TINY AND THE FRAGMENTED: Miniature, Broken, or Otherwise Incomplete Objects in the Ancient World Edited by Stephanie Langin-Hooper C’03 and S. Rebecca Martin (Oxford University Press, 2018, $85.00.) Buy this book

ANOTHER HAUL: Narrative Stewardship and Cultural Sustainability at the Lewis Family Fishery By Charlie Groth G’96 Gr’99 (University Press of Mississippi, 2019, $30.00.) Buy this book

WOOZIE (GRANDMOTHER) WISDOM (ABOUT LIFE, SEX, AND LOVE) By Lynn Hubschman CW’57 SW’64 (iUniverse, 2019, $20.99.) Buy this book

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