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BROTHERS EMANUEL: A Memoir of an American Family By Ezekiel J. Emanuel, faculty (Random House, 2013, $27.) The three hard-driving Emanuel brothers—Zeke (bioethicist and former White House health advisor), Rahm (mayor of Chicago and former chief of staff to President Obama), and Ari (prominent Hollywood talent agent)—provide an abundance of raw material for a family memoir. Zeke (now the Diane v. S Levy and Robert M. Levy Professor, vice-provost for global initiatives, and chair of the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy at Penn) brings their roistering family to life with stories from their childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. BUY THIS BOOK

ANATOMY OF CHANGE: Millennia Old Model for Navigating Change and Uncertainty By Mikhail GoussevWG’01 (CIHS Press, 2012, $12.) The question How do phenomena change? has been a subject of inquiry since the beginning of philosophical thought in ancient China. Using the I Ching (Book of Changes) as his point of departure and guide, the Russian-born Goussev—who now works in New York’s financial-services industry—explores the nature of change in the context of human relationships and organizational dynamics. BUY THIS BOOK

TINDERBOX By Lisa Gornick G’82 (Sarah Crichton Books, 2013, $26.) In Gornick’s second novel, Manhattan psychoanalyst Myra Gold’s carefully woven post-divorce life begins to unravel when she hires Eva, a nanny and housekeeper from a mestizo-Jewish community deep in the Amazon. Gornick is a practicing psychoanalyst and lecturer in psychiatry at Columbia University. BUY THIS BOOK

THE GREENEST HOME: Superinsulated and Passive House Design By Julie Torres Moskovitz GAr’00 (Princeton Architectural Press, $2013, $45.) Passive houses—well insulated, virtually airtight buildings—can cut home heating consumption by a remarkable 90 percent and overall energy consumption by as much as 75 percent. Moskovitz, the founding principal of Fabrica 718 in Brooklyn, examines 18 of the world’s most attractive passive houses. BUY THIS BOOK

ARTISTS FOR ARTISTS: Fifty Years of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Co-edited by Stacy Tenenbaum Stark C’91 (Foundation for Contemporary Arts, 2013, $39.95.) Chronicling the Foundation for Contemporary Arts’ role in supporting artists since its 1963 inception—when Jasper Johns, John Cage, and other artists joined to raise funds for a season of Merce Cunningham on Broadway—Artists for Artists features rare photos, posters, and transcriptions of talks by the likes of Buckminster Fuller and Marshall McLuhan from the 1966 Six Lectures series at the 92nd Street Y. BUY THIS BOOK

LEAVING ON TOP: Graceful Exits for Leaders By David Heenan G’72 (Nicholas Brealey, 2012, $27.50) Heenan, a former Wharton professor now teaching at Georgetown, explores how to exit one’s career gracefully by profiling the likes of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, former boxer George Foreman, and many others. Through his research, Heenan divides leaders into four categories: timeless wonders who have no need to quit, aging despots who stubbornly refuse to retire, comeback kids who return to their former glory, and graceful exiters who leave at the right time. BUY THIS BOOK

MAKING SENSE ON THE DOLLAR: Tips and Tactics for Avoiding Potholes on the Road to Successful Financial, Investment, and Retirement Planning By Scott K. Anderson Jr. ChE’67 (Scott K. Anderson Jr., 2012, $13.49.) Anderson, an adjunct professor in accounting at Chapman University and Pepperdine University, offers straightforward advice gleaned from his years as a tax, financial, and investment planner for individuals and small-business owners. BUY THIS BOOK

77 QUESTIONS FOR SKILLFUL LIVING: A New Path to Extraordinary Health By Michael Finkelstein C’82 M’86. (William Morrow, 2013, $26.99.) Finkelstein, who specializes in integrative medicine, blends aspects of holistic and conventional medicine and shares tools to manage various ailments and illnesses by guiding readers through 77 important medical questions. BUY THIS BOOK

STILL STANDING: Surviving Custer’s Last Battle (Part One) By Don Solenberger W’46 and Judith Gotwald (2012; $14.95.) Solenberger, a lifelong Civil War buff, sets out to reimagine the famous story of George Armstrong Custer and his less-known widow, Elizabeth Bacon Custer. Still Standing centers on the relationship between “Autie” and “Libbie,” setting their lives in historical context while asking: “What if Custer had not died at the Little Big Horn?” (Contact the author at 610-566-0492 or 502 Hampton House, Media, PA 19063 for copies.) BUY THIS BOOK (Kindle Edition)

POSITIVELY CAROLINE: How I Beat Bulimia for Good By Caroline Adams Miller GGS’06 (Cogent Publishing, 2013, $14.95.) Miller follows up her 1988 book My Name is Caroline, which highlighted her struggles with bulimia, by sharing her experiences with the disease since her first book. Miller, a performance coach, also explores motherhood, marriage, and other topics. BUY THIS BOOK

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources By Rob Dietz C’93 and Dan O’Neill (Berrett-Koehler, 2013, $19.95). Dietz and O’Neill contend that economic growth is limited by finite—and increasingly depleted—natural resources. In response, they propose a prosperous and stable “steady-state economy” and offer several strategies for maximizing long-term well-being instead of short-term profits. BUY THIS BOOK

ON GRACE By Susie Orman Schnall C’92 (Sing Out Press, 2013, $12.99.) Grace May is excited about starting the next chapter in her life, now that her boys are in school and she has a stimulating new writing job. Then she loses her job—and gets unexpected news from her husband and her best friend. Schnall’s first novel contains plenty of Penn references, since both main characters are alums. BUY THIS BOOK

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