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BESSIE by Linda Kass PT’75 (She Writes Press, 2023, $17.95.) In her third historical novel, Kass reimagines the early life of Bess Myerson who, in 1945 at age 21, became the first—and to date only—Jewish “Miss America.” Kass offers a tender fictional portrait of a bold young woman living at a precarious moment in history. Buy this book

ARTISTS, WRITERS, AND DIPLOMATS’ WIVES: Impressions of Women Travelers in Imperial Russia by Evelyn M. Cherpak G’65 (Rowman & Littlefield, 2023, $40.00.) This book recounts the experiences of 16 European and North American women who both lived and traveled in Russia during the 19th and 20th centuries. Their observations of Russian political, social, and cultural life led them to write letters and books about what they saw and how they responded to it. Buy this book

YOUNG, GIFTED AND DIVERSE: Origins of the New Black Elite by Camille Zubrinsky Charles (faculty), Rory Kramer G’07 Gr’12, Kimberly C. Torres Gr’06 (faculty), and Douglas S. Massey (Princeton University Press, 2022, $39.95.) Drawing upon interviews and focus groups comprised of over a thousand Black students, this study highlights the diversity among the new generation entering the Black professional class. Buy this book

OUR ANCIENT FAITH: Lincoln, Democracy, and the American Experiment by Allen C. Guelzo G’79 Gr’86 (Knopf, 2024, $30.00.) One of America’s foremost experts on Abraham Lincoln shares an intimate study of the former president’s powerful vision of democracy, which guided him through the Civil War and is still relevant today. Buy this book

WE ONCE WERE GIANTS by J. E. Fishman LPS’22 (Verbitrage, 2023, $16.95.) Set in a future dystopia, this novel follows Drop Duncan as he leads an expedition of rivals and misfits on a thrilling quest to the end of the Earth, facing unimaginable dangers. Buy this book

BEHOLDING THE INVISIBLE, EMBRACING THE INFINITE: Understanding God and Our Parent/Child Relationship by Frank Best L’70 (River Birch Press, 2022 $15.99) This study examines that relationship of “God as our parent,” and reviews how the notion rejects Christian Nationalism and helps readers to consider the nuclear family. Buy this book

COURAGEOUS WELL-BEING FOR NURSES: Strategies for Renewal by Donna Gaffney GNu’85 GrN’86 and Nicole C. Foster (John Hopkins University Press, 2023, $29.95.) A psychiatric-mental health nurse and a health and wellness coach provide nurses with the underlying science, practices, and strategies to enhance their well-being and protect their mental health. Buy this book

GREEN THROUGH A LEAF by Josephine L. McKee GFA’90 (McKee Bird Publishing, 2023, $29.50.) This novel is based on the author’s childhood experiences growing up in Vermont, following the deaths of her father and brothers. Buy this book

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