Art in the Family

Kitty Leech, “Hippolyta,” from Jupiter (top) and Gwyneth Leech, “Train Playground 1” (above).

Painter, printmaker, and video artist Gwyneth Leech C’81 has displayed her work in 15 one-woman shows in New York, Scotland, and England. But last fall she had the novel experience of sharing exhibition space with four of her relatives.

An exhibit at the Susan Teller Gallery in New York also featured work by her sister, Kitty Leech C’79; her mother, Louise Leech; and her late grandparents, Katharine McCollum Gallagher and Michael J. Gallagher.

“It is wonderful to see this artwork brought together for the first time and to appreciate the individuality of five related artists across three generations,” wrote Gwyneth Leech [“Profiles,” June 1998], who served as the exhibition and family coordinator.

Included in the show, which ended in December, were a 1920s book illustration by Katharine McCollum Gallagher (1901-1992), an illustrator, author, teacher, and puppet and marionette maker; coal-mining prints from the 1940s by Michael J. Gallagher (1898-1965), who was director of the Philadelphia WPA print project; drawings and sculpture by Louise Leech; costume designs, including the original designs for the play Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, by Kitty Leech, a costume designer, illustrator, and teacher; and paintings and video pieces by Gwyneth Leech.

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