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May|Jun 2018

Dr. Eli Zebooker D’40 celebrated his 105th birthday in April. Recently, he was featured in his condo association’s monthly newsletter. When asked for his secret to longevity, Eli replied, “… I don’t know. Keep breathing!”


Dr. Eli Zebooker D’40 celebrated his 105th birthday in April. He lives with his wife, Janet, in Philadelphia, where he collects rare books and old maps, some of which have been donated to the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Throughout their lives, they’ve had the good fortune to travel, documenting at least 175 trips in their photo albums. Eli, who wrapped up his 50-year career in dentistry in 1989, describes himself as retired but with “no time for frittering.” To that extent, he has written a few books about ancient Greece, a biography of Abraham Lincoln, and a biography of Charles I of England. Recently, Eli was featured in his condo association’s monthly newsletter. When asked for his secret to longevity, he replied, “… I don’t know. Keep breathing!”


Michael Gleeson G’51 writes, “I wrote a book using my father’s WWI diary, titled A Soldier’s Story. He was in the 12th Field Artillery, 2nd Division. I wrote the book to save the contents as the papers were starting to deteriorate, too much acid. I finished it in 1998 and have had 11 editions as I add new things. All books are on a disc, so it is easy to keep adding things. My father enlisted three weeks after the war was declared in 1917 and served until July 1919. I also wrote a book in 2015, titled The Life and Times of the SS Westminster Victory, about one of the Victory class merchant ships named for colleges in WWII. Thirteen of these were for Pennsylvania institutions. The book is dedicated to Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA, my undergraduate school.”

Leonard Hayflick C’51 G’53 Gr’56 is a professor of anatomy at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. Married, with five children, he turns 90 this month. In the early 1960s, Leonard discovered that normal human cells have a limited capacity to replicate in vitro, overturning a widely-held dogma in cell biology that purported that all cultured cells are immortal. This limited replicative capacity is commonly referred to as the Hayflick limit. Presently, Leonard is on the editorial board of various scientific journals, including Cell Structure and Function (Japan Society for Cell Biology), and is a fellow of the Gerontological Society.


Virginia A. Lucas Nu’55 GNu’63 was recognized at a luncheon for Teachers College, Columbia University with a certificate, which read, “Your active participation as an esteemed and devoted member of the Teacher College Community makes a difference as we chart the future of health, education, leadership and psychology.”


Samuel Meyers W’56 writes, “The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, is opening an exhibition, entitled From the Lands of Asia, which will present examples of all of the works of art my wife and I collected over 50 years. The exhibition will run until August 19, after which the objects will come home. The exhibition is accompanied by a book, Two Americans in Paris, written by the various curators of the Guimet Museum in Paris. I hope that some of my classmates will be able to make the trip to Fort Worth.”


Paul G. Dentiste GCP’59 writes, “I was the organizer of the Penn Alumni Club of Tulsa in 2013 and its first president until the end of 2017. The new president took over this January. I am now the immediate past president and will remain on the board. There are some 300 Penn alumni in Oklahoma.”

James H. MacPherson W’59 writes, “I finally retired after an extensive career in international and domestic business. I’m continuing to look for something to keep busy. Based on my diverse industry experience and degrees from Wharton and Columbia GBS, I’ve been accredited to teach at Palm Beach State College and am awaiting an assignment. In the past I’ve served as president of Penn Alumni Club of the Palm Beaches for 15 years.”


Dr. Henry Greenberg C’61 writes, “I have published on Amazon a family narrative, Enoch’s Legacy, for my five grandchildren, all under nine, who, if like my generation, will not begin to appreciate knowing about their past until we are gone. It was a lot of fun to write, to go through what I could learn of our grandparents’ and parents’ generation and then fashion an autobiographical sketch that ended when the ‘60s ended. It was certainly a worthwhile exercise. My children, Lisa Greenberg C’93 and Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg M’04 WG’04, will learn things about me and about the age that they did not know, and my grandchildren, when they are ready, will have at least one pathway back to their roots.”


Joanne Shapiro Wyss CW’66 writes, “I’m very happy to announce the publication of my book of poems, Moments, a collection of pieces written from 1964 to 2018.”


Dr. Gregg Huff W’67 has published World War II Singapore: The Cho¯sabu Reports on Syonan (National University of Singapore Press). The book is a translation of, and commentary on, Japanese intelligence documents written during Japan’s occupation of Singapore. Gregg teaches Southeast Asian history and development at Oxford University.


Frank McLarnon ChE’69 was recognized at the 232nd Meeting of the Electrochemical Society in National Harbor, Maryland. The October 2017 event, “Battery Characterization: Symposium in Honor of Frank McLarnon,” drew 48 speakers, many of whom commented on their research and collaboration with McLarnon, a retired scientist long associated with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Frank welcomes communication from classmates and professors at [email protected].”


Sherrie Raiken Savett CW’70 L’73 has been tapped as chairwoman for Berger & Montague PC. She is the first woman to hold the chair position in the law firm’s 48-year history. Sherrie is an avid tennis player who competes on several USTA teams, and she recently completed a ride from Jerusalem to Eilat, Israel, biking 175 miles over six days.


Joseph Deitch C’72 has published his first book, Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life. Joseph is the founder of Commonwealth Financial Network, which has been named one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Boston Globe, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and others. In 2011, he founded the Deitch Leadership Institute at the Boston Latin School, where students learn to understand the mechanics of leadership and the power of combining their purpose and passion.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018


Seth Bergmann GEE’73 writes, “On November 8, I completed the Rothman 8K road race in Philadelphia. My time was 34:57, good for third place among men 65–69 years old.”

Robert L. Nefsky C’73 has been chosen by the Nebraska Arts Council as the 2018 recipient of the Leonard Thiessen Award for his extraordinary contributions to the arts for the state of Nebraska. The awards will be given at the 2018 Governor’s Arts Awards on May 8. He writes, “Yes, I will be at my 45th reunion the following weekend.”


John Quelch WG’74 is the Miller University Professor and vice provost of the University of Miami. He is also dean of Miami Business School. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, John is the Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School and the former dean of London Business School and the China Europe International Business School. He serves as a director of Aramark.


James F. Gaines G’75 Gr’77 and his son John, writing as J. M. R. Gaines, have published their second science fiction novel in the Forlani Saga series, Spy Station. James writes, “Spy Station is a tale of violent intrigue during an interplanetary conference on a space outpost involving humans, aliens, and robots. We invite Penn folks to our Facebook group, Sci Fi Club.” James is professor emeritus of French at Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of Mary Washington.


Richard E. Weill C’76 see Shoshana Hantman C’79.


Steven Korner Gr’77 was presented the Sam Kirk Educator of the Year Award during the 55 th Annual Learning Disabilities of America Conference. Steven, a licensed psychologist in private practice, is coordinator of special education at the Harrington Park School District in Harrington Park, New Jersey.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018


Michael Horsey W’78 has started a minority-controlled accounting and advisory firm, Horsey, Buckner & Heffler, in Philadelphia. Michael is CEO and chairman of the company.

Eliot Kaplan C’78 writes, “I have retired as vice president of talent acquisition at Hearst Magazines and opened up a career coaching business focusing on recent grads, although I also have clients who are looking for direction mid-career. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or via LinkedIn.”


Shoshana Hantman C’79 writes, “I recently published my second book, Choose Your Path: Adventures in American Jewish History. My husband, Richard E. Weill C’76, and I live in northern Westchester County, New York, and we are the parents of Mollie Hantman-Weill, who graduated last May from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and Isaac Hantman-Weill, a film major at Ithaca College. Richard is a partner at Boies, Schiller Flexner LLP.”


Joanne Knee Coleman GNu’80 writes, “I’m currently working as a nurse practitioner at the University of Virginia Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine in Charlottesville, Virginia. I live on my farm with organic gardens and fruit orchards. I am also an artist who paints impressionism landscapes. I would very much like to hear from any fellow graduates of my nurse practitioner class of 1980. Contact me at [email protected].”

Susan Vorchheimer Siegelman C’80 G’82 writes, “My youngest child is almost ready to apply to Penn, so it’s about time to send in my first alumni update. After years researching intentional communities, I found the right community and the right life partner. Together we have been raising three children (Elisha, Aaron, and Sara) with plenty of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ support and with a cushion of protection from some of the more trying elements of 21st -century American life. I love my work as a social worker and psychotherapist. I am currently starting a small private practice in addition to my full-time clinic work and welcome referrals. I would be happy to hear from anyone from my 10 years at Penn and from anyone interested in intentional communities.” Susan invites emails at [email protected].


Marjorie Greenspan Kaufman C’82 is currently chairman of the board at Undercover Colors, a biotech company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She writes, “Undercover Colors has developed a fast, effective, and discrete way to identify common date rape drugs in a variety of beverages. We will be launching our first consumer products in the fall of 2018.” Marjorie was also recently appointed to the advisory board of the Bio Capital Impact Fund, and she is a photographer, posting images at her website, She lives in Mamaroneck, New York, with her husband, Dr. David Kaufman, and their two sons.

Sandra Mendelson C’82 has published her first book, We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World. She also has a set of Animal Message Cards available on Amazon.

Terence H. Walsh SW’82 CGS’97 writes, “I am a vocational expert in private practice since 1997. I work on and perform earning capacities, lost wage analyses, labor market surveys, and similar researched analyses for all age groups for my company, called PCMS.” Terence welcomes alumni correspondence at [email protected].

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018


Bill Hirsh C’83 was recognized by Golden Gate University School of Law with its inaugural Positive Impact Award in January. Bill has been the executive director of the AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP) for 18 years. ALRP serves nearly 1,500 individuals living with HIV in the San Francisco Bay Area each year. Since his tenure began, Bill has helped expand ALRP’s services in the areas of housing, immigration, insurance, and consumer rights. Bill welcomes email from Penn friends at [email protected].

Lisa Learner GFA’83 is exhibiting her oil paintings of local landscapes at the Fireside Gallery of the Main Line Unitarian Church in Devon, Pennsylvania, through May 6. The one-woman show is titled “Quiet Places and How to Get There.”

Randy Malamud C’83 , Regents’ Professor of English at Georgia State University, has published his ninth book, The Importance of Elsewhere: The Globalist Humanist Tourist. He writes, “In this book, I describe my career as a roving cultural correspondent from the top of the world (Svalbard) to the bottom (Tierra del Fuego) with stops in Berlin, Dubai, London, Warsaw, Baghdad, Zagreb, and dozens of other points in between.”


Xiomara Corral C’84 , an attorney, has moved to New Jersey for a senior legal position at Pershing LLC in Jersey City, where she is a director and managing counsel. She writes, “After 20+ years in Boston, I can’t believe my husband and I are leaving Beantown! We’re considering renting a pied-à-terre in town to keep a toehold in.”

Paul L. Wellener IV ME’84 has been appointed vice chairman and leader of the industrial products and services practice at Deloitte LLP. Paul is also the managing principal of the company’s Cleveland office. He resides in Medina, Ohio, with his wife Nancy. They have three daughters: Lesley, 25, Haley, 22, and Carly, 19. Paul writes, “I’m looking forward to seeing any classmates in the Northeast Ohio area.”


Dr. Steven G. Wallach C’86 has been a New York plastic surgeon in private practice for more than 20 years. He recently authored a book, Koh-do World: Rex and the Blue Planet. He writes, “It is a sci-fi action adventure following the escapades of a teenager and his two friends trying to save Earth from an alien invasion.”


Sarah Fitts C’87 G’87 , an energy lawyer, has joined Schiff Hardin LLP as a partner in its New York office, with a particular focus on development of power grid infrastructure for electric cars. She writes, “At a personal level, Rob Fitts C’87 and I are approaching our 28th wedding anniversary, with two sons, now 21 and 17. Rob has published several books and is hard at work on a new one. More information about his books to date can be found at We remember all of our Penn days fondly and hope to see all of our friends soon.”

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018


Lori Freudenberger-Nelson C’88 has been appointed director of development at Jewish Vocational Service of MetroWest New Jersey.

Sam Hoffman C’88 ’s first feature film as a writer/director, Humor Me, premiered in theaters in January and is now available on video-on-demand, Blu-ray Disc, and DVD. Sam writes, “It’s a heartfelt comedy about a struggling playwright who is forced to move in with his joke-telling dad, who lives in a New Jersey retirement community, and learns, as his father often says, ‘Life’s going to happen, whether you smile or not.’ It features Jemaine Clement (from Flight of the Concords), Elliott Gould (from Mash), Bebe Neuwirth (from Cheers), Annie Potts (fromGhostbusters), and singer Ingrid Michaelson. Gabriel Mann C’95, composed the original music.”

Steven Levy W’88 and his wife, Sarah, have coauthored The Rashi Discussion Torah Commentary, published by the Jewish Publication Society. He writes, “We live in Israel with our five daughters, where I am working in real estate investment.”

Harold Wolpert C’88 has been named executive director of New York City’s Signature Theatre.


David Krucoff C’89 writes, “I am still working in commercial real estate, but I want everyone to know about my advocacy for DC Enfranchisement and Home Rule through the procession of ‘retrocession,’ or reunification with Maryland. I created a future county called Douglass County, Maryland, after the great abolitionist, and formed a 501©(4) of that name to lobby for our enfranchisement. Douglass County, Maryland, follows the precedent of the creation of Arlington County, Virginia, in 1847. By design, its initials are DC.”

Michael N. Peterson C’89 has joined Reed Smith LLP as a partner in the Global Corporate Group in Philadelphia.


Elizabeth Alexander Gr’92 , a writer, poet, and arts advocate, has been named president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, a supporter of the humanities. Elizabeth is a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and serves on the Pulitzer Prize board and on the advisory board of the African Poetry Book Foundation.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018


Dr. Jean-Pierre Mobasser C’93 , a neurosurgeon specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery, was elected by his peers to serve as the third president of Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine in Indianapolis. Dr. Mobasser provides neurosurgical services at the St. Vincent Naab Road Surgery Center in Indianapolis and Witham Hospital in Lebanon, Indiana. He has also served as an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant to the NFL for the past three years and is currently the team neurosurgeon for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers.

Greg Schuckman G’93 writes, “I was recently elected to serve as chair of the Board of Trustees for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Greater Washington, DC–Maryland chapter. Last month, I was appointed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to serve as a commissioner representing Maryland on the Education Commission of the States (ECS). Between 2008 and 2010, when I lived in Virginia, I served as an ECS commissioner representing the Commonwealth of Virginia through an appointment by then governor Tim Kaine.”


Michelle Falkoff C’95 has written a young adult novel, Questions I Want to Ask You. Publisher HarperCollins describes it as “a mystery about family, secrets, and how to move forward when the past keeps pulling you back.”

Gabriel Mann C’95 see Sam Hoffman C’88.

David Nasatir L’95 has been named vice chair of Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel.

Lisa María Burgess Noudéhou Gr’95 has written a bilingual children’s book, Playing with Osito | Jugando con Baby Bear, published by Barranca Press. Lisa María writes, “It was an honor to work with the award-winning collage artist Susan L. Roth on this project.”

Jill Orlov GAr’95 , an architect turned artist who creates works in miniature, showed a piece called “Office Coffee Table” at the Philadelphia Furniture Show in April. She also participated in Spring CraftMorristown in New Jersey.


Edward E. Gross C’96 writes, “Ruth and I are enjoying time with our son, Emerich (Emerie) Harold Gross, born on February 28, 2018. We bought a house in East Falls, Philadelphia, over Thanksgiving. My wife graduated from Drexel University’s School of Education with an MS in elementary education in June 2017 and has been teaching in the Lower Merion School District.”


Dan Malasky C’97 , general counsel and managing director of business affairs for the US Tennis Association’s national campus in Orlando, Florida, was appointed board chairman of the Central Florida Sports Commission.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018


Xan Hong C’98 GEd’01 , president of Forged Iron Management, writes, “We will be launching the Forged Iron Club in Center City Philadelphia in the fall of this year. The Forged Iron Club will be a private members club, targeting millenial and Generation X professionals and entrepreneurs who live and work in Center City. It will be a more fun, casual, and diverse private club than other options in the city and will feature 51st-floor views, two large outdoor terraces, five top-of-the-line golf simulators, a bar and grill, and conference rooms. We feature a couple of Penn alums on the advisory board, including Sulaiman Rahman EAS’01,Heather Aspras WG’08, and Nicole Maloy W’95 SPP’18, who is associate dean of equity and access for undergraduate admissions at Penn.”


Samantha Arluck C’00 shares that her father, Stephen B. Arluck C’64, passed away on January 12. Steve was a TEP fraternity brother; Samantha was an AXO sorority member; and her brother Michael Arluck W’ 04 was a Pi Kapp. Samantha writes, “Our dad was thrilled to meet his granddaughter Brooke Arluck, who just turned four. She is Mike’s daughter and my niece. Although we do not want to pressure her, we would be ecstatic if she continued with the Penn legacy. We miss our dad but know how much he loved Penn and are proud to share this legacy with him. We love him very much.”

Dara Lovitz C’00 has published her third book. She writes, “ Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins with Advice from the Experts (Academics) and the REAL Experts (Twins) explores the complex social, emotional, and relationship challenges that arise in families with twins. My other books include the children’s book Catching Falling Cradles: A Gentle Approach to Classic Rhymes (2014) and a nonfiction exposé Muzzling a Movement: The Effects of Anti-Terrorism Law, Money, and Politics on Animal Activism (2010).”

Melanie Redmond Richter C’00 writes, “I recently accepted a position as the senior director of development at Project HOME, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that focuses on empowering adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.”

Jordan Rockwell C’00 writes, “My wife, Julie, and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our son, John Richard Rockwell II, born December 1, weighing 8 pounds, 12 ounces, and measuring 21 inches at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. We named him in honor of his late grandfather, John Richard Rockwell W’64 WG’66, who, along with Jack’s late grandmother Laurie Smullin Nu’67, smiles down on our son from above!”


Adam Malka C’02 has published a new book, The Men of Mobtown: Policing Baltimore in the Age of Slavery and Emancipation , with UNC Press. Adam is assistant professor of history at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.

Heather Schwartz Shaffer C’02 writes, “My husband, Mark, and I are thrilled to announce the September 22, 2017, birth of our daughter, Alice Mae. Alice joined big brother Oliver, who is two years old.” The family lives in New York City, where Heather is counsel in the Litigation Department of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, and Mark is a director at Deutsche Bank.


Michael Arluck W’ 04 see Samantha Arluck C’00.

Ariella Hochsztein Friedman C’04 writes, “Elliot Friedman and I are happy to announce the birth of our son Elan Isaac Friedman, who was born in November. Big siblings Ethan and Julia are super excited to welcome him to the family. We currently live in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Kate Lehman Trumbull C’04 has been promoted to vice president of advertising and Hispanic marketing at Domino’s.


DJ Premvaree C’05 writes, “My wife, Grace Premvaree, and I are stoked to announce the birth of our daughter and first child, Sloan Hudson Premvaree, born December 3, 2017. We are all happy and healthy and adjusting to our new normal. We were very blessed to have celebrated with many Penn alums in Maui during Tiffany Sun C’05’s wedding in February and look forward to many visits back east and when folks come to see us in Los Angeles!”


AiVi Nguyen C’06 , a partner at Bowditch & Dewey LLP in Worcester, Massachusetts, was elected to serve as the next chair of the Board of Directors of United Way of Central Massachusetts, beginning in July. AiVi has been on the United Way board since 2016.

Dennis O’Hara GrEd’06 writes, “I am proud to share I have received the Effie H. Jones Humanitarian Award from the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), the School Superintendents Association.” An educator for more than 26 years, Dan is currently the superintendent of Hauppauge Public Schools in Hauppauge, New York. When he was principal of Oyster Bay High School, he created a college awareness program, and the school was ranked among the top 2 percent of all high schools in the country byUS News and World Report, Newsweek, and the Washington Post.

Richard Quest GrEd’06 will publish I Held Lincoln: A Union Sailor’s Journey Home with Potomac Books in May. The book tells the story of Civil War sailor Lt. Benjamin Loring. After being captured by Confederate soldiers twice, he manages to escape and finds himself in Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865.


Mary Ellen Caro GrEd’07 has been named the first woman president and CEO of Philadelphia’s Peirce College in its 153-year history. She was previously vice president of enrollment management and learner services at Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, New Jersey.

Lindsay Janowitz Levine C’07 L’10 and Matthew Levine C’07 announce the birth of their daughter, Ellie Skylar Levine, on March 5. Lindsay writes, “Ellie’s big brothers, Ari and Brody, are so excited about their new best friend. Other family welcoming her include grandmother Caren Levine W’81 , aunt Meredith Finn C’08, and uncle Steven Finn W’08 GEng’10 WG’16. Matthew and I recently moved to Potomac, Maryland.”

Ben Winter C’07 writes, “My wife, Julia, and I are thrilled to welcome our son, Samuel Franklin Winter, who joins doting big sister Louise. Sam was born on February 10 in Louisville, Kentucky, where I work in management at a group of dental practices and Julia is a third-year dental student. While Sam cannot yet talk, he definitely seems like a ‘wiz wit’ kind of guy.”


Emily Goergen Azer W’09 writes, “I married Amir Azer in my hometown in Wisconsin on August 26, 2017, and in his hometown in Cairo, Egypt, on October 28, 2017. We had a magical night dancing underneath the stars in front of the Pyramids of Giza with incredible friends, including many from Penn, such as Baali Muganga C’09, Carla Menocal W’09, Carola Hoerhager W’09, Simran Bhatia EAS’10 W’10 GEng’11, Aaron Dornbrand-Lo C’09 EAS’09, Adonis Ioannou EAS’09, Abhay Nayak C’09 W’15, Nicklaus Daley W’09, Matthew Deitch C’09 WG’09, Rachel Gogel C’09, Rebecca Francus C’10, Celia Harrison C’12, and Laura Goergen Radocchia Nu’11 GNu’12.


Hillel Kipnis C’10 seeSarit Toltzis C’13.


André Isaacs Gr’11 has been promoted to associate chemistry professor with tenure by the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. He has been a member of the Holy Cross faculty since 2012.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018


Sarit Toltzis C’13 married Hillel Kipnis C’10 at Ex Convento San Hipolito in Mexico City on February 18. In attendance were many Penn graduates, including Sarit’s parents, Phil Toltzis M’78 and Hasida Toltzis GEE’79. Also, Class of 2010 graduates included Abe Fine C’10 (Hillel’s brother-in-law), Alex Berger EAS’10, Nicole Harris C’10, Ben Levine W’10, Dalila Boclin C’10, Brandon Vaughn W’10, Daniel Kroese C’10, Eli Robinson W’10, George Stein C’10 WG’17, Samuel Mondry-Cohen C’10, William Green EAS’10, Adam Hanover C’10, and Sam Yungst W’10. Class of 2013 graduates in attendance were Amira Kipnis Nu’13 GNu’15 (Hillel’s sister), Stefanie Cohen C’13, Lindsey Dubb C’13, Jessica Morganroth C’13 WG’19, Jennifer Morganroth C’13 M’19, Jenna Berger C’13, Yardley Peresman C’13, Jaclyn Chesner C’13, Jackie Chayet C’13 WG’18, Hannah Littman C’13, Danielle Levite C’13, Danielle Debroeck C’13, Collete Bloom C’13, Melissa Urfirer C’13, Lexie Franklin W’13, Robert Franklin C’13, Annie Geller EAS’13, Andrew Maxman C’13, Chloe Moussazadeh Harrouche EAS’13, Isaac Harrouche W’13, Allison Letica C’13, and Brittany Arditi C’13. Michael Ira W’14 represented the Class of 2014. The couple was introduced by Hillel’s friendAlex Berger EAS’10 and Sarit’s brother-in-law Michael Cohen C’09.


Gabriella Meltzer C’15 and Gregory Segal C’15 were married at the Westin Chicago River North in Chicago, on November 11, 2017. Gregory writes, “Gabriella and I met during NSO our freshman year and got to know each other through our involvement in Penn Hillel. Our wedding was filled with many amazing friends we made while at Penn. Our bridal party included bridesmaids Aliza Caplan C’16 SPP’16, Samantha Cohen EAS’15 GEng’15, Natalie Eisner EAS’15, Ellen Kim C’15, and Ariana Schanzer EAS’16 GEng’17; and groomsmen Jeremy Danziger C’16 GEng’16, Aaron Mandelbaum C’17, Alan Ngan C’15 W’15, Jacob Ruden C’15, Jeremy Salinger C’14, and Eli Taichman C’13. The wedding was officiated by two rabbis, including Rabbi Annie Tucker C’99. I am now a student at Columbia Law School, graduating this May, and Gabriella is a PhD student at the NYU College of Global Public Health.”

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