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November|December 2017

“I thought, perhaps, it was time to write a letter for this column that did not list great accomplishments at the age of 80 but instead noted what is still possible for the not very ambitious stay-at-homes, like me.”—Joan Brown Citron CW’56


Hon. Harold Berger EE’48 L’51 was the recipient of Penn Law’s inaugural Lifetime Commitment Award, which recognizes graduates “who through their lifetime of service and commitment to Penn Law [have] truly set a new standard of excellence.” A former Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge, Harold is managing principal of Berger & Montague and a member of its executive committee. He also received a Lifetime Achievement award from the Legal Intelligencer and was a previous recipient of the Special Service award of the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges. An overseer of Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, Harold is chair of its Friends of the Biddle Law Library and a member of the Executive Board of Penn Law’s Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law.


Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018

Noel M. Demos C’53 WG’59 writes, “Our ranks are getting thinner and thinner. I remember the Depression, which few can say. I was born in Dover, New Hampshire, in 1931. By the time I was eight, the two main textile mills (the city’s main employers) had shut down. My father, a math professor, made less than $2,000 per year. When I went with him to the small grocery store nearby, the clerk came out from the counter to wait on him like he was the mayor. I asked my father what was that about. He said that he was the only one who could pay his bills. And so it went. My first job was a soda jerk for 25 cents per hour. I quit for another job that paid 45 cents per hour. I was resented by my fellow workers because they were at least five years older than me and made the same pay.”


Norman Wohlken C’54 writes, “Three members of Friars Senior Society and their wives met in Portland, Maine, for dinner in August. AbbotRichard Searles W’54 of Old Orchard Beach, Maine; Clerk Norman Wohlken C’54, of Lacey, Washington; and Class Historian Dr. Joel Popkin W’54 Gr’65, who is the donor of the Joel Popkin Graduate Student Teaching Prize in Economics at Penn. I, Norman, am the only one still working as the volunteer president of the Panorama Benevolent Fund, a 501©(3) charity established in 1972.”


Joan Brown Citron CW’56 writes, “I thought, perhaps, it was time to write a letter for this column that did not list great accomplishments at the age of 80 but instead noted what is still possible for the not very ambitious stay-at-homes, like me. As a still active gardener, maintaining a half-acre garden in the not very gentle climate of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, I have enough to do. But not enough people to talk to. So several years ago I joined the local library program that provides tutors to adults who need help with their English. This proved to be such a joy that this past spring I volunteered to join/host another library program: a conversation class for those who wish to become more adept at speaking English. Attendees have come from Vietnam, China, Iran, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, etc. And I get to talk with all of them! It’s a great way to spend my 80s.”


Dr. Herbert J. Gans GAr’57 Hon’03 writes, “I retired from full-time teaching at Columbia University 10 years ago, but I continue to write. Columbia University Press has just published a new edition of my 1967 book, The Levittowners, and a collection of recent essays, Sociology and Social Policy. So far this year my articles have appeared in The New York Times, the Nation,Challenge magazine, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and City and Community.”


James C. Warner C’59 , an attorney with Martin, Tate, Morrow & Marston, was recognized as a Pillar of Excellence by the University of Memphis Law Alumni Chapter. James serves as chairman of Martin Tate’s Real Estate Section and practices in the areas of real estate, corporate, and general commercial law.


JoAnn Edson Haymaker CW’60 G’61 writes, “I recently published The Light of the Heart: An Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Sufism , under my Sufi name, Halima JoAnn Haymaker. The book is available in print or e-book format through Amazon. It provides simple, clear information about Islam and Sufism, and guidance for those seeking spiritual growth through this ancient path.”

Jonathan Rose C’60 writes, “Cambridge University Press has now published my book, Maintenance in Medieval England. The book deals with the initial attempts of the Anglo-American legal system to deal with those who misused litigation and abused legal procedure. I made presentations on the book at the Chaucer and the Law conference and British Legal History conference in London this summer and spent several weeks at the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt as a visiting researcher, where I gave several more talks on the book.”


Richard Sussman C’61 WG’63 writes, “My grandson, Jacob Calder, participated in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He was a catcher on the Southeast Regional Championship team that went to the US Finals. In the first game, three pitchers threw a perfect game, and theirs was the first team in US history to do so. Jacob’s performance was so special that the ESPN crew nicknamed him Captain Calder, and Hall of Famer Johnny Bench tweeted that he wants Jacob’s autograph. We are so proud of him.” Richard invites fellow alumni to contact him at


Steve Stovall W’62 ASC’63 writes, “I have finally retired after 21 years as a senior lecturer in the business school at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. My two Penn degrees enabled me to stay on an even playing field with a faculty of PhDs. This was verified in 2009 when I received the Outstanding Teaching Award at the college—which is why I’m bragging more about Penn than myself in regard to the award. In addition to teaching marketing courses (my major at Wharton), I assumed the self-appointed responsibility of educating the hundreds of students who crossed my path about the distinct and significant differences between Penn and Penn State. Back East, most people know one from the other; but west of the Mississippi, not so much. Seriously, I included bonus questions on quizzes that required a knowledge of the many attributes of the Penn experience. For the last 11 years, I took on the ancillary role of faculty athletics representative. This is an NCAA-mandated position that entails being an interface between faculty and anyone involved with athletics. As a result of my contributions in that role, I will receive a special appreciation award from the athletics department this October. In retirement, I will join my wife, Denise (a Penn State grad), in running our hay farm outside of Durango in suburban Hesperus (not much more than a post office, convenience store, and gas pumps). In addition to farming, I will continue to train (obsessively) for and compete in running races, and I always wear a shirt with ‘Penn’ emblazoned on the front. Retirement will also allow me to spend more time with pets and livestock (in reality, just larger pets) and to write books for my grandchildren. When I have time left over, there are four kids and six grandkids to visit. I also retired this year from the board of directors of the local fire department. Many years ago I served as a volunteer emergency responder. Via texting and email I stay in touch with fellow Phi Kaps (Phi Kappa Sigma) from Penn:Jim Keeley W’61 (Denver),Michael Pschorr C’61 (Santa Fe), and Hugh MacMullan C’61 (Philadelphia). Michael recently completed a lengthy trip from San Diego to the Panama Canal aboard a 55-foot sailboat, along with his son and a small crew. Much of the trip was really sailing the old-fashioned way when the engine conked out on them. Occasionally I communicate with John Wilner W’62, who lives in Washington, DC, and retired only a few years back after a successful career as a lawyer. John and I began at Sidwell Friends School in DC in 1950 and, therefore, attended the same schools for the next 12 years.”


Gregory D. Saputelli C’65 has been re-certified as a civil trial attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court, a status achieved by fewer than 2 percent of all attorneys in the state. Greg has held this designation continuously since 1987. In June, he received an Excellence in Teaching award from Rutgers Law School in recognition of five years of teaching trial advocacy. Greg’s son, Luke Saputelli C’15, is currently working at KPMG in Philadelphia.

Mark G. Yudof C’65 L’68 , president emeritus and professor of law emeritus at UC Berkeley School of Law writes, “In May/June of 2017, I offered a short course at Hebrew University on selected topics on freedom of expression.”


Murray Saylor W’66 WG’67 , past chair and current member-at-large of the Atlanta Bar Association’s Tax Law Section, has been named one of Georgia Trend’s Legal Elite in the Taxes, Estates, and Trusts category. Murray, a founding partner of the Saylor Law Firm, practices tax law, estate planning, wills and trusts, probate and estate administration, estate and trust disputes, and will contests. He also handles business planning and business law. Murray practices with Jackie Saylor, his legal partner and wife, and five other attorneys.


Dr. Ronald S. Banner M’67 , who is still practicing internal medicine in Northeast Philadelphia, had three articles published this year. “The Best Possible HealthCare” appeared in the International Journal of Healing and Caring (Part 1 in the January issue and Part 2 in the May issue). “On Being a Doctor” appeared as a special guest feature in the spring issue of the newsletter of the Pennsylvania Society of Chaplains.

Carol Schimmel CW’67 has gathered nearly 23,000 narratives and representations of women in the American wilderness over the last 45 years. Her exhibition OK, I’ll Do It Myself will be on display at Southern Methodist University from January 19 to March 28, 2018, after spending the fall at the University of Missouri-St.Louis. The Caroline F. Schimmel Collection of Women in the American Wilderness includes Maria Sibylla Merian’s hand-printed, colored copy of Metamorphosis insectorum surinamensium (1705), sharpshooter Annie Oakley’s travel trunk and gloves, and film and TV star Dale Evans’ scruffy, pink rhinestone boots.


Michael Cowan W’69 writes, “I retired on August 4 from my position as general counsel, senior vice president, and secretary of TPx Communications. I have enrolled at Santa Monica College and am taking French. Who knows what else the future will bring?! Je suis à la retraite and very happy!”

Neil Efron C’83 writes of his mother, “Muriel C. Efron CGS’69 just celebrated her two-year anniversary of moving to Israel. She graduated from Penn in 1969 at the age of 44. She then received her master’s in library science from Drexel University in 1970 and became the third employee of Florida International University, where she worked for 12 years, rising to assistant executive director of the university’s library. During that time she received her master’s in public administration from FIU. At the age of 56, she received her JD from the University of Miami in 1981, while working full-time. Muriel then became a law librarian for one of the most prestigious firms in the country, Greenberg Traurig. She retired in 1992 but continued to work on a part-time consulting basis. She worked in Australia for four months for the Court of New South Wales, helping to implement its new CD-ROM system. She also worked as a law librarian in Bermuda for six months. Over the years, she traveled extensively and went back to work part-time for Greenberg Traurig, collecting a W2 at the age of 89. She made Aliyah (moved to Israel) in 2015. She will turn 92 this November, and she is doing fantastic. She loves reading the Gazette that I scan and send her. Muriel has four children, 11 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.”

Richard (Dick) Lury C’69 writes, “I retired a couple of years ago from Kelley Drye & Warren, where I was a partner for more than 25 years. I currently serve as an outside director for three corporations, including two publicly listed companies in Japan. I am enjoying the new (and less stressful) challenges for which I am able to apply my years of legal and corporate transactional experience, as well as my Japanese language skills. When I am not traveling to Japan (I am averaging eight trips per year), I can frequently be found on the golf course, struggling like most to turn occasional modest success into something more fully satisfying. My wife, Gemma, and I have been married 47 years and have three adult children and two young grandsons, to whom I have already begun to introduce the pleasures and frustrations of golf.”

Georgia Congressman David Scott WG’69 and Atlanta Municipal Court Judge Gary E. Jackson W’72 were in attendance at the unveiling of a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta, commemorating the 54th anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.


Linnie Larson Pickering CW’70 has written a new book, Blue Sky: The Oral History of James L. Greenwald, about the chairman emeritus of Katz Communications, who was one of the titans of the broadcast industry. She writes, “I first met Jim when my husband, Fred Pickering W’69, ran the media and communications group at Citibank, and Greenwald was a client. When we moved to the New Canaan, Connecticut, area five years ago and sent out change of address cards, the first person to respond was Greenwald. Discovering we lived three minutes apart, I invited the Greenwalds over for a drink—a highball of course! There was Jim, regaling us once again not only with his repertoire of stories but also with his mesmerizing delivery. When I told him he needed to write a book, his response was that people were continually telling him that. My reaction was to arrive the next week at his house armed with a tape recorder, pens and paper, and state that I was serious. Thus began the five-year collaboration that resulted in Blue Sky. Sadly, Jim Greenwald passed away August 25.” After receiving her BA in English from Penn, Linnie earned a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University, where she won the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. She is married to her college sweetheart.


George Henry Newman C’71 , a Philadelphia attorney, was chosen as the 2017 recipient of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ (NACDL) Robert C. Heeney Memorial Award. George has been a dedicated member of NACDL for more than three decades and is currently in his fifth term on the board of directors. A criminal defense lawyer for 40 years, George is certified as a criminal trial advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and he has handled over 100 murder cases, including capital trials. George lives with his wife, Linda, and dog, Woodie, in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia.


John Delaney C’72 writes, “My book of poetry Waypoints was published on July 15 by Pleasure Boat Studio, a New York City literary publisher.” Waypoints is a collection of poems that mark the itinerary of a poet wanderer—in matter and mind—over many years. John often writes about places he has been because, like a GPS system, they reflect the ups and downs, turns and twists (tone and tenor) of the mental and emotional life-journey he has been taking.

Gary E. Jackson W’72 see David Scott WG’69.

Joel Katz C’72 writes, “Robert Perry and I have just released a bilingual collection of poems by two living Dutch poets, iets anders | something else, published by Dutch Poet Press. Besides the translations, the book also includes essays about the Dutch cultural milieu of the poets, as well as a description of the collaborative process the two of us employed, along with some examples of that process.”


Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018

Seth Bergmann GEE’73 writes, “On August 20, I completed the Medford Lakes Sprint Triathlon in a time of 1:46:43, which placed me fourth of eight men in the 65–69 age group.”

Bill Keller C’73 writes, “Larry Finkelstein W’73 L’76,Michael Hoffman W’73, Mark Maas C’73, Anita Sama CW’73, and I would like to invite all classmates to help us to plan our 45th reunion. This is a great opportunity to make sure our friends and classmates attend our reunion (May 11–14, 2018). Please email me, Bill Keller, reunion outreach chair, at for more details and/or to volunteer to help out. We also have a class Facebook page. Please search for the ‘Penn Class of 1973’ group and ask to join.”

Dr. Marlene Rabinowitz Wolf C’73 writes, “I presented ‘Targeting the Patient Experience’ at the NACE Emerging Challenges in Primary Care 2017 conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, on June 10. As an innovative healthcare speaker with Lifetime Medical Consulting in Florida, my mission is to ‘enhance your communication by adding more care to healthcare!’ I have accepted a faculty appointment at the Nova Southeastern University’s College of Allopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as clinical professor of family medicine.”


Hon. Dennis J. Curran C’74 G’74 , associate justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, received the William Whiting Award for Judicial Courage from the American Board of Trial Advocates–Massachusetts Chapter “in recognition of his many years of honorable service to the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and in appreciation for his determination to ‘watch and guard the liberties of the people.’”

Stephen M. Hall ChE’74 writes, “My book, Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, 6th Edition, was published by Butterworth-Heinemann in November 2017.”


J. R. Burke W’76 is newly certified as an Accredited Estate Planner by the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils. He is the founding principal of Perspective Financial Group in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. An executive committee member of the Philadelphia Estate Planning Council board, J. R. was picked in 2011 through 2017 as one of the Philadelphia area’s “five-star wealth managers.” J. R. and his wife, Betsy, have been married for 36 years and have been residents of Berwyn for 34 years. They have four sons and one granddaughter. Since 2003 J. R. has served as a board member of Elwyn, a human services organization meeting the needs of mentally, emotionally, and physically challenged people. He is also on the board of the Nelson Foundation, which supports Philadelphia area organizations that improve the academic, character, and leadership development of children and youth.

Mitchell E. Feldman C’76 writes, “In keeping with my pattern of not living anywhere for more than five years and change since leaving my parents’ home to attend Penn in 1972, I’ve relocated from Fairview outside Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina to the greater Half Moon Bay area south of San Francisco. My jazz radio promotion, publicity, and consulting business, Mitchell Feldman Associates, moved with me.”

Scott A. Fisher C’76 G’76 has been honored by Best Lawyers as the 2018 Lawyer of the Year for Real Estate Law in metropolitan Atlanta. Scott is a partner with the law firm Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, where he celebrated his 38th anniversary in August. Scott is married to Marcy Bass CW’77, who retired after 21 years as in-house counsel with BellSouth Corporation. Their two children, Jeffrey Fisher C’07 and Michael Fisher (University of Georgia ’10) are both lawyers practicing in Atlanta.

Bob Kaufman C’76 GCP’77 reports that his daughter graduated in May 2017 from the Perelman School of Medicine. He writes, “Dr. Madeline Shure Kaufman M’17 has now begun her work as a first-year medical resident in internal medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, which is part of the NewYork-Presbyterian system.”

Dr. Michael R. Zimmerman Gr’76 writes, “After earning my MD from New York University, I received my PhD from the Penn anthropology department in 1976 and have had a 50-year career combining hospital practice as a pathologist with teaching and research in paleopathology. I retired from practicing medicine in 1999 and am continuing to teach as a lecturer in the Penn anthropology department, an adjunct professor of biology at Villanova University, and a visiting professor in the UK at the University of Manchester’s KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology. I recently published my fourth book, My Patients Were Mummies, with Nova Science Publishers. As my Penn classes in paleopathology continue to grow in size, I expect to teach into the foreseeable future.”


Marcy Bass CW’77 see Scott A. Fisher C’76 G’76.


Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018

Steve Temkin W’78 of West Hartford, Connecticut, writes, “Seven Penn alumni, all of whom lived in the former Low Rise North dorm, vacationed together on the Outer Banks of North Carolina during the first week of August 2017. Joining me were Audrey Mirsky Ashby C’80 from Fairfax, Virginia;Rich Mroz C’79 from Bainbridge Island, Washington; Ramona Varner Harkins PT’79 from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania; Steve Krusemark EE’80 from Newburyport, Massachusetts; Linda Loupee Bernfeld SAMP’80 from Natick, Massachusetts; and Joe Campbell ME’80 from Avondale, Pennsylvania. Together we celebrated Ramona’s 60th birthday and presented her with a Penn beach towel.”


Robert Charles Schneider L’79 WG’79 was named a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who’s Who. He has worked as special counsel for Cuddy & Feder since 1997.


Andrew Toy C’80 G’81 writes, “I recently joined the board of the Philadelphia Public School Notebook, an independent, nonprofit news service and newspaper that serves as a voice for parents, students, teachers, and others working for quality and equity in Philadelphia public schools. In related news, I founded the Philadelphia Public School Giving Circle last year. A giving circle is a fund whose donors pool their contributions for collective impact and then collaboratively review applications and vote for the best projects. Over the past year, the Giving Circle committed over $7,600 in small grants to 16 schools. Another round is approaching in the fall of 2017. I continue working at SEAMAAC, a nonprofit whose mission is to support and serve immigrants and refugees and other politically, socially and economically marginalized communities as they seek to advance the condition of their lives in the US. This summer we were fortunate to be one of 33 winners of the Knight Cities Challenge out of over 4,500 applicants for our Vendor Village project that will promote local ethnic food and crafts vendors in a local park, increasing vibrancy, safety, and economic opportunity for a diverse lower income community.” [Ed. note: Andy was profiled in “If You Build It, They Will Grow” in our Mar|Apr 2015 issue.]


Dr. Gregg Coodley C’81 , a primary care physician and manager of the Fanno Creek Clinic in Portland, Oregon, has just released a new book, The Magnificent Losers: History’s Greatest Unsuccessful Reformers, Revolutionaries and Fighters for Freedom and Justice . He writes, “The book covers figures from the Roman Republic up to the 20 th century and from the steppes of Russia to the streets of Boston and from Nebraska to the Philippines. These leaders did not achieve immediate victory, but their ideas survived to change the world.”


John N. Davis WG’82 writes, “I’m an associate professor of management in the Kelley College of Business at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, and am a licensed professional engineer in Texas. I’m retired as a lieutenant colonel from the Army Reserve. I teach management, leadership, and business communication. I was recently named Outstanding Reviewer for the Journal of Management History for 2017. Last year, I was elected president of the faculty here at Hardin-Simmons University and will serve through June of 2018.”

Leslie Fishman Snyder W’82 married David Gelfarb W’82, at the Abigail Kirsch Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, New York, on June 25, 2017. David writes, “Leslie is an attorney and the founding and managing partner of Snyder & Snyder, a Tarrytown law firm specializing in telecommunications, real estate, land use, and zoning. Leslie is the mother of Diana, 26, and Nicole, 23. I am a county legislator representing Port Chester, Rye Brook, and Harrison, and am an attorney with the firm of Moss & Kalish in New York City. Among those in attendance at the wedding were: Nicole Snyder C’16, Allison Gelfarb Nu’21, Daniel Gelfarb W’15, Dr. Robert Bachner EAS’82, Constance Bachner C’83, Daniel Berstein W’07, Heather Bernstein C’09, Petie Burgdoerfer W’16, Dr. Jeffrey Cohen C’82, Lisa Huddish Cooper C’82, Laurence Ditkoff W’82, Jan Sigmond Dworkin C’82, Andrew Dworkin C’81, Raymond Finkel W’82, Stuart Gelfond W’83, Kenneth Gerchick C’85, Michael Grundei C’86, Jake Himeles C’14, Dr. Ian Jacobs C’82 LPS’17, Mara Fiarman Jacobs W’87, Chantal Low Katz Nu’16 GNu’17, Michael Katz W’82, Roni Kaplan Katz W’83, Peter Kaufman C’82, Andrew Krinsky L’76, Erica Grody Levens C’82, Karen Herman Levy C’83 W’83, Jenny Markell C’16, Dr. Mitchell Oliver C’82, Roni Jackson W’84 L’87, Andrew Ritter WG’16, Aviva Bassri Sharbin C’83, Ilana Springer Nu’16, Beth Fishman Trafton CW’74 MT’74, and Terri Sherman Duff C’76.”


Grant Son C’85 , founder and CEO of Greater Good Ventures, serves as lecturer at the Yale School of Management, where he is currently teaching a sports marketing course and a course on entrepreneurial marketing. Grant previously taught his sports marketing course at Columbia Business School, his other alma mater. He is also teaching an entrepreneurship course at Columbia University during the fall semester. Grant’s firm is retained by Cornell University to work with startups out of Cornell and Cornell Tech. Grant grew a previous startup into a top 10 sports website acquired by ESPN. He previously served as entrepreneur in residence at the Wharton School and has served as a judge for the Penn Wharton Startup Challenge for the past three years. Grant is also a member of the James Brister Society.


Jody Hurwitz Caplan W’86 and Jonathan Caplan EAS’86 write with their first family update since graduation in 1986. “After getting engaged in front of College Hall in 1987 and married in 1988, we moved to Millburn Township, New Jersey, in 1994 where we raised our three children—Aliza, Benjamin, and Sophie. Jody is active with numerous community organizations. In fact, she was just elected president of women’s philanthropy for the Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest New Jersey. Jonathan is a partner at Kramer Levin in New York City and cochair of the intellectual property department. Aliza Caplan C’16 SPP’16 lives in Philadelphia and is the Springboard Innovation Fellow at Penn Hillel. Benjamin is a senior at the University of Miami, where he is a Da Vinci Scholar. Sophie Caplan Nu’21 is a freshman at the School of Nursing. Much to our unplanned but very pleasant surprise, we will complete the cycle of Penn’s four undergraduate schools when Sophie graduates in 2021!”

Ralph Cathcart C’86 was recognized by the National Law Journal (NLJ) in its July 1, 2017, edition as an “Intellectual Property Trailblazer.” Ralph is the first African American partner at IP boutique Ladas & Parry, where he heads the Litigation Group in the New York office. The NLJ recognized Ralph for his innovative leadership in IP litigation and enforcement. He was also named as an IP Star by Managing Intellectual Property magazine and is an adjunct professor of law at Fordham University’s School of Law, where he teaches IP courses.

Heide Estes C’86 , a professor of English at Monmouth University in New Jersey, has just published Anglo-Saxon Literary Landscapes: Ecotheory and the Environmental Imagination with Amsterdam University Press. Heide writes, “The book takes a variety of environmentally focused approaches to early medieval literature in Old English and Latin, considering the ways in which the Anglo-Saxons wrote about their relationships with the nonhuman from perspectives including ecofeminism, post-colonial ecocriticism, and animal studies, and meditating on animals and ruins and water and objects as well as ‘landscape’ understood more generally.”


Lisa A. Freeman C’87 G’91 Gr’95 has been appointed head of the English department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her book, Antitheatricality and the Body Public, was recently published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Paul Steinman C’87 writes, “I am excited to announce the release of my first book, The All-Time Themed Baseball Teams, Volume 1, available on Amazon. The book delves into Major League player names by compiling lists of all-star teams based on a particular theme. Theme examples include US presidents and finance. The book is filled with historical facts, and the nexus of the book can be traced back to discussions that took place at Smokey Joe’s. Go Quakers.”


Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018

Chung-Nin Rock Chen W’88 writes, “On July 1, I was awarded by the Hong Kong Government the Silver Bauhinia Star for my distinguished and long-standing public service in education, youth work, and promotion of social harmony.”


Shaz Kahng WG’89 writes, “I have a new novel that launched in August. The Closer is about the first female CEO of a sports company and the secret society of professional women (all from Wharton) who help her succeed, called the Ceiling Smashers. This book will certainly resonate with Penn graduates, especially female students.”


Todd Allan Ewan C’90 L’93 , a partner in Fisher Phillips’ Philadelphia office, has been selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2018.

David J. Glass C’90 , a Los Angeles family law attorney with a PhD in clinical psychology, was added to the name of his law firm, now known as Enenstein Pham & Glass.

Aaron Marks C’90 W’90 has joined Kirkland & Ellis as a litigation partner in New York.


Aliza F. Herzberg C’91 G’91 has launched Herzberg Law Group. Aliza will lead the new firm, focusing on employment law, internal investigations, crisis management, and human resources solutions.

Dr. Maribeth Schreder LeBreton GNu’91 GNu’95 received a Lancaster Catholic High School Alumni Citation Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement, the highest award given to an alumnus. The award recognized Maribeth for years of dedication to her nursing career, focusing on understanding each patient’s health literacy, which is the patient’s ability to understand the information needed to care for their own health. Maribeth graduated from Widener University with her doctor of nursing practice (DNP) in May 2015. Maribeth is a nurse practitioner, working with an interprofessional team in an innovative clinic at Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine assisting high risk patients who have an increased use of healthcare services. Her doctoral project with the assessment of health literacy and the use of teach-back education in this complex patient population provided positive outcomes.


Julie Gershman C’92 has been named corporate chief ethics officer at Prudential Financial. She joined the company in August 2016.

Jennifer Platzkere Snyder W’92 , a Philadelphia attorney and partner in Dilworth Paxson, has been appointed employer cochair of the committee on practice and procedure under the National Labor Relations Act, a long-standing committee of the American Bar Association’s Section of Labor and Employment Law.


Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018

Lisa Nass Grabelle C’93 L’96 and Kiera Reilly C’93 write, “The 25th Reunion Planning Committee had a fabulous time brainstorming and planning our reunion at the Penn Reunion Leadership Conference in September. Thank you to everyone who joined us: Sharon Toback Slotkin C’93, Jennifer Eisenberg Bernstein C’93, Valerie Broadwin Mutterperl C’93, Rachel Greenberg C’93, Lisa Bardfeld Shapiro C’93, Kysha Harris W’93, Jon Tretler C’93 WG’97, Kristin Haskins-Simms C’93, Leila Graham-Willis W’93, Jennifer Rizzi C’93, Jason Pantzer C’93, Alex Haidas C’93 EAS’93 WG’93, Sharon Scheiffer Baird C’93, and Zach Conen C’93. We’re excited for Meet Me at the Button 2.5—93 turns 25 on May 11–14, 2018!”

Chrissy Bass Hofbeck C’93 writes, “I am so excited to share that I am competing this fall on CBS’s Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers! Catch the show on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on CBS, to find out the lifespan of an actuary in the greatest social experiment on television. Follow me on Twitter @TheRealChrissyH and Instagram @TheRealChrissyHofbeck for fun Survivor content (mixed with family, math, travel, and general nonsense). Please include #TeamChrissyHHH and #SurvivorHHH in your tweets/posts so I can easily find the Quaker love. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at our 25th reunion in May!”


Robert Maitner G’94 and Dr. Troy Prinkey C’95 were officially married in Washington, DC, on October 16, 2015. Robert and Troy met at the University in 1994, and the two will celebrate 24 years together next March. Troy (PhD, University of Virginia, 2004) joined the faculty of the Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland, as a Spanish teacher in 2015. In 2016, Robert was appointed as the chief of financial policy at the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) in Washington.


Andy Deemer C’95 and his wife, Michelle, have announced the birth of their baby daughter, Henry Alice Deemer, “who’s now a one-year-old Angeleno,” he writes. Andy is also celebrating the release of his second German novel, Das Tesla-Beben.

Dr. Troy Prinkey C’95 see Robert Maitner G’94.


John E. McGowan G’96 writes, “I am currently appearing in the Maryland Public TV production of F. S. Key: After the Song as historical abolitionist figure Samuel Eli Cornish. This production appears locally on WHYY and other national markets.”


Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018

Risa Lewak C’98 writes, “Howard Brown and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter Miri Carmel Brown. Big siblings Liora and Gabriel are head over heels in love with their new sister and volunteer to help with everything (except changing diapers).”


Eve E. Buckley G’99 Gr’06 , associate professor of history at the University of Delaware, has published Technocrats and the Politics of Drought and Development in Twentieth-Century Brazil with the University of North Carolina Press.

Hon. Andrea Canepari GL’99 , former counsel general of Italy in Philadelphia, has been appointed Italian ambassador to the Dominican Republic. He is moving his family from South Philadelphia to Santo Domingo, the Caribbean nation’s capital.

Steven Cook G’99 Gr’03 has published a new book, False Dawn: Protest, Democracy, and Violence in the New Middle East . The book offers a timely argument of how and why the Arab uprisings were failed revolutions that have instead produced violence and renewed state repression. Steven serves as the Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC.

Demetrios S. Hadgis C’99 and his wife, Nancy, are thrilled to announce the birth of their second child, James Nicholas Hadgis, who was born August 20. Demetrios, Nancy, Michael, James, and their dog, Shapleigh (“Shap”), reside in Rumson, New Jersey.


Suzi Merriam GFA’00 writes, “I was recently appointed the community development director for the City of Watsonville in California. The Community Development Department oversees planning, building, code enforcement, and affordable housing programs.” After graduating from Penn with a master’s degree in historic preservation, Suzi transitioned into city planning, where she has worked on a variety of current and future planning projects.


Zach Bornstein W’01 see Beth (Wasserman) Bornstein W’02.

Charlie Herschel C’01 writes, “My husband, Kent Gould, and I welcomed our first child, a baby girl, Benay Rose Gould, on July 24, 2017.”


Beth (Wasserman) Bornstein W’02 writes, “Zach Bornstein W’01 and I are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter, Hannah Rose, born on July 13, weighing 7 pounds. Hannah loves her big siblings Sammy and Julia and her new home in New York City. She’s already asking how early she needs to apply to join the Penn Class of 2039!”

Ellen Neises GFA’02 GLA’02 has been appointed executive director of PennPraxis, the center for applied research, outreach, and practice at Penn’s School of Design. Ellen is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at PennDesign and principal at RANGE, a landscape architecture and public policy practice.

Vincent J. Ricci C’02 married Julia C. He WG’08 on June 3 in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Vincent writes, “Erick Goldberg C’02 D’07 and Brett Topche W’03 were groomsmen, while Rachel Feingold C’01 WG’01, Tara Brannigan WG’08, Elizabeth Salter WG’08, and Liane (Chu) Bennett WG’08 were bridesmaids. We were introduced by Michael Bergen WG’08 and his wife, Heidi. Julia is a vice president of strategy and business development for Broadridge Financial. I run a portfolio of healthcare focused equities and equity derivatives for a New York-based hedge fund. Also in attendance were Andrew Finkelstein W’02, Matthew Fanno EAS’04 W’04, Gregory Benz C’05 WG’13, Brian Cornell W’01, William Groh C’02, Leah Sheaffer C’02, Tiffany (Bell) Hamrick EAS’02, and Michael Bergen WG’08. Julia and I currently live in Manhattan and are on the hunt for a puppy.”

Dr. Justin Weiner C’02 CGS’04 and his wife, Dr. Carla Romero, are pleased to announce the birth of their third child, Natalia. Justin writes, “There are three budding Quakers ready to don the Red and Blue!” Justin is a pulmonologist in private practice in Manhasset, New York. Carla is an endocrinologist in private practice in New Hyde Park, New York.

Kathryn V. Whitfield C’02 and Adam L. Fotiades C’02 belatedly announce the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth Whitfield Fotiades, on January 14, 2016. Libby joined big brother Wyatt, age five. Kathryn and Adam reside in Washington, DC, where Adam is a partner at Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, and Kathryn recently completed her tenure as chair of the board of the Chevy Chase United Methodist Church Preschool. She also teaches and directs a children’s choir at the church.


Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018

Suzanne (Sue) Cochrane GGS’03 writes, “In 2011, I founded and am president of the Appomattox 1865 Foundation, a nonprofit friends group supporting the mission of Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. I am pleased to report that we have raised over $300,000 in support for the park with many new challenges still to be funded. My ‘day job’ (the foundation is all-volunteer) is director of the Central Virginia Community College campus in Appomattox, Virginia. We love living in south central Virginia!”

Megan O. Conrad GEng’03 has joined the faculty at the University of Detroit Mercy as the only Clare Boothe Luce Professor in Michigan. Funded by a five-year, $476,000 grant from Henry Luce Foundation’s Clare Boothe Luce Program, Megan will serve as a role model and mentor for women in the STEM fields.

Katie Schottenstein Ullman W’03 , her husband, Andrew, and children, Tyler and Maddie, are thrilled to announce the birth of Brandon Tucker Ullman on August 1. She writes, “We live in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, and love the Bay Area! I head West Coast asset management for a family of funds within Prudential’s real estate private equity division, and Andrew is cofounder of University Bridge, a US college pathways program for international students. Brandon has loved the outpouring of support from Penn friends and hopes to meet many soon!”


Tamara Storey Austin SW’04 has had several positions within the Student Life and Leadership unit at the University of California, Irvine. Recently, she became the founder and director of the W-Hub Womyn’s Center at the university.


James Chang C’05 recently joined DLA Piper as a corporate partner resident in Beijing, where he focuses on public and private cross-border acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, private equity transactions, and corporate governance and securities law matters. Lately, he has advised on numerous transactions in the technology, media, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and energy sectors.


Melissa Clapper C’06 EAS’06 has been tapped as senior capability associate at 84.51°, a consumer research company.


Rachel Feintzeig C’07 writes, “My husband, David Bennett C’07, and I are overjoyed to share the birth of our son, Theodore Feintzeig Bennett (nicknamed Tuck), on June 7. We’re currently living in Stamford, Connecticut. I’m a reporter with the Wall Street Journal, based in New York, and Dave is a nephrologist practicing in Bridgeport, Connecticut.”

Jeffrey Fisher C’07 see Scott A. Fisher C’76 G’76.

Dr. Zachary Kern C’07 V’14 married Dr. Elika Bergelson Gr’13 deep in the woods outside of Asheville, North Carolina, on August 5. Zach writes, “We met in 2011 at Trader Joe’s on Philadelphia’s Market Street, while I was a vet student and Elika was finishing her PhD. I am currently a small animal internal medicine resident at North Carolina State Veterinary Hospital, and Elika is an associate professor at Duke University in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. In attendance at the wedding were many Penn alumni and affiliates, including Dr. Katie Bazewicz V’14,Dr. Ann Bunger, a former post-doc at Penn,Dr. Kyle Clark V’14,Dr. Andy Gersick LPS’08 Gr’14,Dr. Emma Gorenberg V’14,Dr. Tory Hooker V’14,Ben Kream C’07 W’07,Dr. Ruthie Reinken Lindberg V’14,Dr. Haley Moss M’12 WG’12,Dr. Melissa Ogg V’14,Dr. Lydia Pecker M’10,Dr. Roger Rengert C’10 V’17,Dr. Asher Schranz M’13, Dr. Ashley Siems EAS’05, Dr. Dan Swingley, a Penn psychology professor, Xerxes Vevai EAS’06, Dr. Emily Wistar M’12, and probably others who have connections to Penn that we didn’t know about. Elika and I both live in Durham, North Carolina.”


Meredith Boehm Palusci C’09 Nu’10 GNu’14 and John Palusci C’09 WG’15 are overjoyed to announce the birth of their son Jasper Harris Palusci on August 8. Meredith writes, “Jasper was born at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, mere steps from where his parents met as freshmen. All are happy and healthy. Jasper’s Penn family includes grandparentsRoslyn Scheiber Palusci C’80 andVincent Palusci C’80, auntKatherine Palusci Siegel W’11, and his late great-uncle Lasker Harris W’54, for whom he was named.”

Dr. Paul Perry GEd’09 is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s Seventh Congressional District. His campaign manager writes, “Paul’s story began decades ago when his mother was pregnant with him in prison. Paul was adopted by two loving gay fathers, who were both veterans and small business owners in Montgomery County. Paul’s unique pathway in life has led him from the Senate office of Barack Obama to the classrooms of Southwest Philadelphia and to the halls of Harvard. He currently serves as the executive director of COLAGE, a national nonprofit that offers leadership development and community resources for the over six million citizens with LGBTQ parents/caregivers in the United States.”

Joanna Shujman C’09 earned her MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in May, graduating with honors in the top 10 percent of her class. She will remain in the Bay Area, where she has accepted a position as a global consumer insights associate for the Annie’s Homegrown brand within General Mills.


Nsenga Knight GFA’10 recently displayed two new works at The Drawing Center, a museum in Manhattan dedicated to the medium of drawing, for its exhibition Where Do We Stand? Two Years of Drawing with Open Sessions.


Celebrate Your Reunion: May 11-14, 2018

Dr. Elika Bergelson Gr’13 see Dr. Zachary Kern C’07 V’14.

Taylor Cook C’13 see Lars-Patrik Roeller EAS’15 GEng’15 .


Daniel Blas W’15 , a former Gazette contributor, and Ilana Teicher EAS’17 celebrated their marriage in August. Daniel writes, “In attendance were many friends and classmates, including Sarah Samuels C’17, Emily Finkelman Nu’17, Jill Golub C’17, Samantha Sharon C’15, Sam Gersten C’14, Jacob Shiff GEng’11 C’13, Joe Step C’16, and dozens of other Penn grads—too many to name!”

Lars-Patrik Roeller EAS’15 GEng’15 and Taylor Cook C’13 became engaged on June 3. Lars-Patrik writes, “We met at Penn in my senior year and maintained a long-distance relationship between Philadelphia and New York, where we now live, until my graduation.”

Luke Saputelli C’15 see Gregory D. Saputelli C’65.


Nicole E. Ferreira W’16 and Andrew P. Lawson M’18 are thrilled to announce their engagement. The proposal took place on a beautiful, snowy December morning in front of College Hall.

Helen Huang-Hobbs GEd’16 will begin her second year of teaching chemistry to high school students at The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, this fall. In addition, she was chosen by the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation as a 2017 teaching fellow.

Swetha Narasimhan GEd’16 was awarded a teaching fellowship from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation. Swetha begins her second year of teaching mathematics at The Workshop School in Philadelphia this fall.


Dr. Madeline Shure Kaufman M’17 see Bob Kaufman C’76 GCP’77.

Elese Lau GEd’17 is starting her first year of teaching at Harlem Children’s Zone in New York this fall. She is committed to teaching chemistry to high school students in the US. Before beginning her career in education, Elese had an internship in a Cambodian hospital in Phnom Penh, where she worked in a neurosurgery ward and helped pioneer a research project on postoperative pain control. She was awarded a teaching fellowship from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation.

Ilana Teicher EAS’17 see Daniel Blas W’15.


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