Pressing On

The University of Pennsylvania press has a new home, a new director, and some new goals and projects. It also has a checkered past -- and a changing world of publishing to contend with.

A Fragile Orchestra

What causes a woman's own hand to try to strangle her?How can a grown man recognize a carrot but not be able to name it? Such mysteries of the brain and mind are being probed by Martha Farah and Todd Feinberg, pioneers in the brave new world of neuropsychology.

Bridging Two Worlds

Penn -- like universities across the country -- is helping more faculty move ideas from the lab to the marketplace through a process called technology transfer. But, some caution that these industry-academy collaborations may compromise publishing and research.

An Eye for Value

John Neff's knack for finding gold among "woebegone" companies has transformed Penn's endowment from among the worst performing in higher education to one of the best -- at a price you can't beat.