A team of researchers led by Penn’s Wistar Institute have shown in a clinical trial that HIV-infected patients can fight off the virus by themselves if their immune system is given a boost. [...]
The little quadrotor robots have been keeping busy lately.[...]
Penn team will try to find how sea-level rise varies spatially.[...]
Penn paleontologists determine pigmentation of 100 million-year-old fossils.[...]
Penn researchers prove that sea level is rising faster now than it has for the past two millennia. [...]
Samuel Morton (Class of 1820) is vindicated.[...]
Catch the Philadelphia Science Festival before it ends.[...]
Meet the quadrotor, a four-propeller helicopter-style creature that lately has been whizzing around Penn’s GRASP robotics lab with increasing sophistication. [...]
Back in 1992, when Dr. George Cotsarelis landed a research fellowship looking at cancer amidst scalp stem cells, he didn’t expect to stumble on a treatment for male pattern baldness.[...]