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The Old Guard

Dr. David S. Brachman M’12, Laguna Hills, Calif.

Edward R. Mathews WEv’15, Harrisburg, Pa., 1981.

Dr. Frank C. Bender C’18 M’22 GM’26, Drexel Hill, Pa., February 26, 1999.

Elsie V. Duvoisin Ed’18, Havre de Grace, Md., September 1, 1995.


Raymond S. Kraft WEv’20, Pompano Beach, Fla., March 10, 1992.

John J. K. Smith CE’20 L’28, Doylestown, Pa., March 2, 1965.

Bernard Marin CE’21, Media, Pa., July 6, 1993.

Dr. Joseph T. O’Leary D’21, Girard, Pa., December 3, 1991.

Clara Rabinowitz Ed’21 PSW’39, New York, May 23, 1999.

William Fulton Schaub W’21, Wilsonville, Ore., assistant secretary of the Army for financial management during the Kennedy administration; May 1, 1999. During the Second World War he was administrator for defense budgets in the Bureau of the Budget. He remained with the bureau until appointed assistant secretary of the Army in 1960.

Gladys Berton Morr CCT’22, Huntington Beach, Calif., May 8, 1988.

Ruth Brooks Crawford Ed’23, Upper Darby, Pa., January 21, 1999.

Dr. Harold Lipshutz C’23 M’25, Hillsboro Beach, Fla.

Samuel E. Edge ME’24, Hamden, Conn., December 8, 1998.

John T. Heilig W’24, Stroudsburg, Pa., retired vice president at Savory Equipment; February 6, 1999. He was a past president of the National Association of Food Equipment.

Howard A. Medholdt W’24, Kennett Square, Pa., December 6, 1998.

Helen R. Teitelman Ed’24 PSW’38, St. Louis, May 1, 1997.

Dr. Harry Wexler C’24 M’28, Philadelphia.

Zaida Garr Wyatt G’24, Rydal, Pa. 

Dr. Kwok Wing Chaun D’25, Vancouver, a retired dentist; December 1, 1996.

Lawrence E. Cohn WEv’25, Culpeper, Va.

Dr. Meyer Corff C’25 M’28, Melrose Park, Pa., December 18, 1998.

Jesse Hyman W’25 L’28, Wilkes Barre, Pa., a retired attorney.

F. Lynwood Steinbright EE’25, Laguna Hills, Calif., retired vice president of Northern Pacific Railroad; March 25, 1999.

Dr. Jacob K. Task C’25 M’28, Philadelphia.

Robert A. Eichelberger W’26, Sandusky, Ohio, December 14, 1998.

Emma Merkle Heffner Ed’26, Southampton, Pa., February 8, 1999.

John T. Jacobsen GAr’26, Honolulu, a retired architect; March 6, 1998. He designed the Ala Moana Center and Sea Life Park, as well as Charles Lindberg’s residence there.

Paul A. Liebman W’26, Wyncote, Pa., July 26, 1999.

Edward M. Lockwood Jr. W’26, Monroe, Conn., a retired attorney.

W. Harold Riggs C’26, Catonsville, Md., retired vice president of AT&T; August 19, 1998.

Maurice Schwartz W’26 L’29, Holland, Pa., a retired attorney; December 5, 1998.

Dr. George Seltzer C’26 D’28, Cherry Hill, N.J., a retired dentist; May 8, 1999.

Irving H. Silberfeld W’26, New York.

Dr. Richard M. Skidmore D’26, Highland Beach, Fla., a retired dentist who had maintained a practice in Ardmore, Pa., for many years; February 10, 1999. He had taught at the University.

Dr. Joseph M. Stein C’26, Chesilhurst, N.J., an authority on heart disease and a founding member of the cardiology department at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center; April 21, 1999. He wrote the nationally known book, Your Heart (1941), a layperson’s guide to heart disease.

William D. Wallbrunn W’26, St. Louis, January 22, 1999.

Helen B. Beaumariage DH’27, Bethel Park, Pa., February 25, 1995.

Norman Blankenbiller W’27, Phoenix, August 12, 1998.

William W. de Hart C’27, Reynoldsville, Pa., February 6, 1999.

Myers L. Girsh W’27 L’30, Miami Beach, Fla., a retired attorney; May 8, 1999. He served as house counsel for Scott Paper Co. and as president and owner of the Warner West Corp.

Walter H. Gottlieb W’27, Pompano Beach, Fla., former president of the Hungarian Mutual Benevolent Society of New York; March 15, 1999.

Philip C. Herr W’27 L’30, Newtown Square, Pa., a retired lawyer and certified public accountant; April 21, 1999.

Isaac J. Heston W’27, St. Petersburg, Fla., April 7, 1999. An accountant, he owned of several service stations in Wildwood, N.J.

Ethel Rice Kendrick DH’27, Rosemont, Pa., a retired dental hygienist; March 25, 1999.

Martin Kremer W’27 L’31, Blue Bell, Pa., a retired insurance claims investor and former FBI agent; May 18, 1999. While working for the FBI he investigated Bonnie and Clyde and Al Capone.

Dr. George E. Lieberman C’27 M’30, Wyncote, Pa., a retired professor of otolaryngology at the University of Pennsylvania; December 31, 1998. He also conducted a private practice and served as a physician for the Philadelphia public schools. A marathon runner, he finished seventh in the Boston Marathon in the 1930s.

Joseph F. Meacham WG’27, Sea Girt, N.J.

John J. Ward Jr. W’27, Wayne, Pa., January 6, 1999.

Ellen Hanscom Able Ed’28 G’33, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., September 2, 1998.

Dr. Conrad M. Bahnson M’28, Lenox, Mass.

Col. Arthur E. Conn W’28, Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Clarence J. Faherty W’28, New Rochelle, N.Y., a retired lawyer; July 9, 1998.

Perry G. Fuller WEF’28, Getzville, N.Y., February 1999.

Samuel N. Gee WEF’28, Delray Beach, Fla.

Chester D. Hebb W’28, Vero Beach, Fla., a retired partner of an insurance company in Pittsfield, Mass.; April 19, 1999.

Joseph F. McMahon W’28, Nazareth, Pa., retired treasurer of National Mines Services Co.; March 14, 1999.

William D. O’Hara C’28, Corning, N.Y., September 25, 1997.

Russell I. Oppenheim W’28, San Antonio, Texas, January 30, 1995.

Francis J. Tucker ME’28, Gladwynne, Pa., a retired corporate financier; March 7, 1999.

Dr. Jacob J. Cohen C’29, King of Prussia, Pa., October 12, 1998.

John J. De Simone C’29, Drexel Hill, Pa., a retired attorney; September 28, 1998.

Abraham I. Greenspon WEv’29, Havertown, Pa.

Dr. Robert V. Griffin D’29, Utica, N.Y., 1972.

Dr. N. Frederick Hicken M’29, Salt Lake City, December 25, 1998.

Richard H. Hollenberg C’29 L’32, Paoli, Pa., a retired lawyer.

Dr. Althea Kratz Hottel Ed’29 G’34 Gr’40 Hon’59, the first dean of women at the University from 1936 to 1959, died on January 6, 1999, at the age of 92.
   Returning to Penn as dean of women, she was an instructor in sociology and earned her Ph.D. in sociology in 1940. When she retired as dean in 1959, the Althea K. Hottel Award was established as the first honors for senior women given on Ivy Day. She then served the University as a trustee until 1969.
   During the Second World War Dr. Hottel was chair of the operating committee of the War Job Information Center for Women in Philadelphia. She served as president of the Pennsylvania Association of Deans of Women, on the board of the National Association of Deans of Women (1938-44) and as president of the Philadelphia branch of the American Association of University Women (1944-6).
   Notably, as the national president of the AAUW, she led the fight to eliminate racial discrimination within the association. When the Washington branch took a case to court, the national association subsequently lost the case and appeal, but the association changed the national bylaws in 1949. Applicants to any branch would no longer be refused admission for racial, religious or political reasons: all women eligible for admission were to be admitted.
   Dr. Hottel’s committed service to higher education and women’s education extended beyond Penn: she helped establish the Community College of Philadelphia in 1964 and was one of its first trustees; she was a member of the State Board of Education and on the Pennsylvania Council of Higher Education; she served on the boards of the old Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, Beaver College, the Baldwin School, the World Affairs Council and the metropolitan Y.W.C.A. And she served as the U.S. representative on the Social Commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations for six years.
   She wrote How Fare American Women? and numerous articles, and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a fellow of the American Sociological Association.
   Among many honors, she received a Philadelphia Gimbel Award for 1947, a Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania award in 1949 and an Alumni Award of Merit from the University’s General Alumni Society in 1950.

Rose Kotzin Landy Ed’29 L’32, Philadelphia, a retired attorney; January 22, 1999. She was most famous for a mid-1950s case in which she successfully argued on behalf of a man wrongly convicted of murder. She worked for three years on the case without charging a fee.

Thomas E. Manning EE’29, Delray Beach, Fla., December 30, 1998.

Morton J. Mitosky W’29, Ventnor City, N.J., a retired attorney; February 5, 1999. He was a successful investor in Broadway shows and Hollywood film productions. In 1965, his investments included Broadway’s top four shows: Hello, Dolly!, Barefoot in the ParkFiddler on the Roof and Luv. His philosophy was that “a play had to start with a good story.”

Edward Rudnick W’29 L’32, Coconut Creek, Fla., a retired assistant commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service; January 27, 1999.

Katharine I. Stack Ed’29 G’32, Wynnewood, Pa., April 16, 1986.

Dr. Samuel Tasker C’29, Los Angeles, January 26, 1999.


Rhea Satinsky Abrams Ed’30, Philadelphia, February 26, 1999.

Robert J. Allman C’30, Philadelphia, November 28, 1998.

Joseph M. Braslove W’30 L’33, Philadelphia, a retired attorney; March 13, 1999.

Isabel Ginsburg B’30 PSW’44, Philadelphia, December 24, 1998.

Andrew J. Schroder L’30, Sweet Briar, Va., January 15, 1999. He left his legal practice in 1936 to become a special agent for the FBI, but he returned to the law as a legal assistant for the Scott Paper Company in 1937. He eventually rose to become a vice president of the company and in the 1960s he was named to its board of directors.

Edgar A. Singer III C’30, Buffalo, N.Y., a retired book editor for Lippincott Publishing, McMillan Publishing, Harper & Row, and other major publishing houses in New York; February 22, 1999. In his retirement he wrote reviews for the old Buffalo Courier-Express.

Dr. Charles S. Waggoner G’30 M’30, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich., July 3, 1998.

S. Samuel Arsht W’31 L’34, Wilmington, Del., March 3, 1999.

Louis I. Bedrick W’31, Berkeley, Calif., March 1998.

Barbara Robinson Brown Ed’31, Fairfax, Va., December 3, 1997.

Capt. Victor G. Colvin M’31 GM’54, Everett, Pa.

Jane Stanton Cope Ed’31, Sellersville, Pa., January 14, 1999.

Donald D. Dunning W’31, San Diego, an executive of Kawneer Company; February 21, 1999.

Lillian J. Gutterman Ed’31, Wilkes Barre, Pa., April 25, 1999.

May Herrmann Ed’31, Blue Bell, Pa., January 3, 1998.

Dr. Harry A. Kaplan C’31 M’36, Lawrenceville, N.J.

Frank J. Malone WEv’31, Pittsburgh, December 9, 1998.

Myer S. Markowitz Ar’31, West Palm Beach, Fla., January 14, 1999.

Leon I. Mesirov C’31 L’34, Philadelphia, a founding partner of Mesirov, Gelman, Jaffe, Cramer & Jamieson; May 25, 1999.

Dorothy Dietz Nikel Ed’31, Lansdale, Pa., January 25, 1999.

Gilbert W. Oswald C’31 L’34, Villanova, Pa., a retired partner with the Philadelphia law firm of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis; May 8, 1999.

Dr. Emanuel Sufrin C’31, Cherry Hill, N.J., December 5, 1997.

Dr. Boyd W. Travis M’31, Bluffton, Ohio.

Dr. J. Stanley Walker Ed’31 D’33, Abington, Pa., a retired dentist.

Dr. Ernest E. Aegerter M’32, Chalfont, Pa., July 12, 1998.

Marie Penn Blechman Ed’32, Newport News, Va., a retired attorney; March 27, 1999.

William C. Brooks Jr. W’32, Bradford, Mass., January 5, 1999.

George D. Cary W’32 L’35, Washington, 1987.

James E. Gallagher Jr. L’32, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., a retired legal counsel for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia; May 5, 1999. He also was a member of Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young from 1932 until his retiring in 1988.

Lynford E. Graham ChE’32, Lansdale, Pa., May 10, 1998.

Dr. Arthur H. Levine D’32, Port Washington, N.Y., November 10, 1997.

Rabbi A. E. Millgram G’32, Jerusalem, January 29, 1998.

William J. Norris C’32, Lombard, Ill., May 8, 1997.

Nathan Rubinson W’32, Media, Pa., retired owner of a department store; December 26, 1998.

Ira A. Schwartz WEv’32, Kennett Square, Pa.

Joseph Shackelford Jr. WEv’32, Haddonfield, N.J., retired chair of the Smith Austermuchl Insurance Co.; March 26, 1999.

Charles E. Snyder W’32, York, Pa., head of the Snyder Volvo Truck Center; January 24, 1999.

Alice R. Sullivan G’32, Bluemont, Vt., January 1, 1983.

Bradford L. Barton Ar’33, Sherman, Conn., September 17, 1998.

Harris Boardman C’33, North Stonington, Conn., January 9, 1999.

Edward B. Cooley W’33, Springfield, Mass., September 16, 1998.

Florence Thomas Davis G’33, Kennett Square, Pa., February 19, 1999.

Sydney M. Friedman C’33 L’37, Wynnewood, Pa., a retired attorney.

Robert B. Goehring W’33, Sun City, Ariz., April 25, 1999.

Carl A. Henrickson CE’33, New Canaan, Conn.

Rita Fleming Kimble Ed’33, Whittier, Calif., July 2, 1996.

Russell I. Kistler WEv’33, Philadelphia, July 27, 1998.

Joseph H. Loveman W’33, Catonsville, Md., February 26, 1998.

T. Parker Lowe W’33, Naples, Fla., October 7, 1998.

Morris Marshall Ed’33, Merion, Pa., September 23, 1994.

Julius Sanders WEv’33, Westbury, N.Y., March 21, 1998.

John J. Scanlon WEv’33, North Branford, Conn., retired executive vice president and chief financial officer of AT&T; February 21, 1999.

Dr. Alexander Smith D’33, Spring Valley, N.Y., a retired dentist; January 1999.

Herbert T. Stone WEv’33, Bath, Pa., a retired insurance salesman and motel manager; February 5, 1999.

Peter Sysak WEF’33, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

James D. Taylor Jr. CE’33, Fayetteville, N.Y., October, 1996.

Dr. William A. Weyman Jr. M’33, Reading, Pa., March 29, 1997.

Rudolph M. Ackerman WEv’34, Livingston, N.J., August 28, 1989.

John Adams III WEv’34, Blue Bell, Pa., June 8, 1995.

Dr. Henry Almond M’34, Eatontown, N.J.

Paul G. Baker W’34, Fredericksburg, Va., May 30, 1981.

Dorothy L. Barbieri Ed’34, Philadelphia, a retired buyer for John Wanamaker and Stern Brothers; January 19, 1999.

Dr. Frederick L. Barshinger V’34, York, Pa., a retired veterinarian with the Department of Agriculture; April 4, 1999.

Elton S. Cherry W’34, Llano, Calif., April 19, 1999.

Harold Cimmet W’34, Wilkes Barre, Pa., July 20, 1998.

Thaddeus B. Fowler Ed’34 GEd’49, Brown Mills, N.J., September 5, 1997.

Charles H. Frantz G’34, Warren, Pa., retired owner of an insurance agenccy; April 7, 1999.

Edward J. Grunebaum W’34, New York, September 7, 1997.

Robert Harley W’34, Wright City, Mo., February 20, 1999.

Sidney Lewis Kittredge W’34, West Palm Beach, Fla., a retired jeweler and diamond merchant in western Massachusetts; April 2, 1999

Dr. Bernard M. Kramer C’34, Woodbridge, N.J., April 25, 1997.

Frank B. Lane W’34, Onancock, Va., a retired historian; May 14, 1998.

Jasper Lombardy C’34, Miami.

Edna Bible Mattes Ed’34, Seattle, a retired art teacher; December 31, 1998.

Leon E. Monnier Jr. ChE’34, Largo, Fla., December 29, 1998.

John C. Most G’34, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., October 14, 1997.

Sidney L. Neff W’34, Villanova, Pa., August 1998.

John Linwood Owens C’34 L’38, Erdenheim, Pa., January 28, 1999.

Ernest M. Pomerantz WEv’34, Philadelphia, Pa., February 13, 1989.

Dr. Henry S. Price Jr. C’34, Hudson, Fla., a retired physician; September 9, 1998. He practiced general and family medicine from 1940 until his retirement in 1975.

William Proctor Carty C’34 L’37, Ardmore, Pa., December 18, 1998. He had served on the editorial staff of publications for the old Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Walter E. Rauffenbart WEv’34, Moorestown, N.J., former president and editor of the Legal Intelligencer and affiliated publications; March 16, 1999. He spent more than 60 years with the 3,500-circulation Intelligencer, the nation’s oldest law journal and the daily record of Philadelphia courts.

H. R. Rittersbach Jr. W’34, Southampton, N.J., January 7, 1999.

Minnie Manheim Rugg Ed’34, Philadelphia, September 21, 1998.

Charles Addison Senna Jr. W’34, Tuscaloosa, Ala., March 10, 1995.

Dr. Edward Siegel G’34, Sarasota, Fla., September 1998.

Dr. Donald R. Sparkman M’34, Seattle, former director of the Washington-Alaska Regional Medical Program and professor at the University of Washington Medical School; January 24, 1999.

Joseph Strauss W’34, New York, May 7, 1999.

Dr. Daniel H. Thomas Gr’34, Kingston, R.I., professor emeritus of history at the University of Rhode Island; April 5, 1999.

Dr. Thomas L. Umphlet M’34, Cary, N.C.

Jerome B. Weinstein L’34, Philadelphia, a retired attorney who had represented the British consulate in Philadelphia for over 30 years; December 21, 1998.

Gertrude M. Berson OT’35, Cooper City, Fla., a retired employee of the Dade County school system; February 21, 1999.

Dr. Aaron Bloom D’35, New Rochelle, N.Y., a retired dentist; January 19, 1995.

Joseph E. Casey W’35, West Haven, Conn.

Robert W. Cherry WEv’35, Lancaster, Pa., August 16, 1998.

LeVerne A. Harris W’35, Bradford, Pa., November 1997.

John A. Hull W’35 WEv’56, Wilmington, Del., June 29, 1992.

Lucien Katzenberg Jr. W’35, Elkins Park, Pa., April 21, 1999.

Dr. Francis L. Larkin M’35, Marco, Fla.

Allen S. Lewis W’35, Chestnut Hill, Mass., an executive in the linen supply business; January 18, 1999.

Daniel W. Long L’35, Chambersburg, Pa., a retired attorney.

Dr. Charles A. Miller Jr. D’35, Wilsonville, Ore., former professor of oral diagnosis at the University; April 20, 1999.

George Mitchell W’35, Audubon, N.J., August 31, 1997.

Dr. Joseph W. Raymond M’35, Johnstown, Pa.

Dr. Armand Rosenbaum C’35 M’39 GM’46, Longboat Key, Fla., a retired professor of medicine at Thomas Jefferson University and Hahnemann University; April 26, 1999.

C. Harmon Rowe Jr. G’35, Philadelphia.

Dr. Robert Williams M’35, Raleigh, N.C., February 5, 1998.

Dr. Martin S. Abel C’36 M’40, Castro Valley, Calif., December 27, 1997.

Edward Smith Alden WEv’36, Vincentown, N.J., a retired insurance underwriter; March 4, 1999.

Dr. Fred M. Crawford D’36, Allentown, Pa., a retired dentist; May 3, 1999.

Joseph Esherick Ar’36, San Francisco, an architect who became famous for converting an abandoned canning factory into a shopping complex; December 17, 1998. In 1989 he was awarded the gold medal of the American Institute of Architects.

Hon. John A. Geisz WEv’36 W’40 L’43, Harleysville, Pa., a retired judge of Philadelphia Common Pleas Court; December 22, 1998. He served on the bench for more than 20 years.

Thomas H. Gottshall W’36, Reading, Pa., retired sales director for Boyertown Auto Body Works; January 17, 1999. He also sold real estate for Specht Realty.

Arnold A. Gordon W’36, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., March 31, 1999.

Archie M. Haines C’36, New Oxford, Pa., retired treasurer for Disston Inc.; January 22, 1999.

William H. Hardy W’36, Holland, Mich., 1996.

Joseph D. Hiatt CE’36, North Fort Myers, Fla., December 27, 1998.

Dr. Philip A. Hoover M’36, Dallastown, Pa.

Marvin D. James Ed’36, Seaford, Del., February 4, 1999.

William J. Johnson EE’36, Springfield, Pa., September 1997.

Ruth B. Lichtenstein Ed’36, King of Prussia, Pa., September 6, 1998.

Florence Shiller Neff Ed’36, Villanova, Pa., January 1995.

Richard S. Perry W’36, Baldwin, N.Y., retired president of William Iselin & Co.; April 3, 1999.

C. Thompson Redding EE’36, Longwood, Fla., February 12, 1996.

Dr. F. Kenyon Rogers C’36 D’39, Rensselaer, N.Y., a retired dentist; May 22, 1998.

Dr. William Rule III M’36, Knoxville, Tenn., a retired Christian missionary for 30 years in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa; May 17, 1999. Upon his retirement in 1970, he joined the Knoxville Emergency Physicians Group and worked in the emergency room at a number of local hospitals.

Robert H. Schonwalter W’36, Short Hills, N.J.

Nelson C. Schotter C’36 L’40, Westtown, Pa., a retired attorney; April 1, 1998.

Dr. Julius Schultz C’36 G’40, Fort Myers, Fla., March 13, 1999.

Dr. Gerson W. Seeligsohn D’36, Oaklyn, N.J., retired chief of dentistry at Eagleville (Pa.) Hospital and Rehabilitation Center; March 23, 1999. He practiced dental surgery in Cape Town and then in Philadelphia.

Lester R. Sills W’36, Philadelphia, former partner of Keystone Flag & Decorating Co.; April 5, 1999.

Clifford G. Stanford W’36, Atlanta, March 8, 1998.

Dr. William W. Teahan M’36, Holyoke, Mass.

Dr. Loftus L. Walton GM’36, West Hartford, Conn., a retired obstetrician and gynecologist; February 21, 1999.

Dr. Milton Wasserman D’36, East Meadow, N.Y., a retired dentist; October 19, 1998.

Henry F. Acchione C’37, Cherry Hill, N.J., head of Acchione & Co., heavy and highway contractors and engineers based in Folcroft, Pa.; March 12, 1999. He was a past president and chair of the Contractors Association of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Anton J. Appel W’37, Great Kills, N.Y., June 26, 1997.

Aubrey H. Baldwin III G’37, Philadelphia, December 15, 1998.

Lois Benedict PSW’37, Richmond, Va., retired executive director of the Children’s Home Society of Virginia; March 8, 1999.

Donald J. Blackmore WEF’37 WG’49, Macungie, Pa., a labor economist for the Department of Labor Statistics in Washington; March 1, 1999.

Dr. Kathryn Dapp Cook Gr’37, Geneva, N.Y., professor emeritus of English and comparative literature at Hobart and William Smith colleges; December 4, 1998.

James W. Curtis C’37, Marine on St. Croix, Minn., December 16, 1998.

Martin E. Graham G’37, Jamaica Plain, Mass., January 4, 1998.

Llewellyn J. Griffiths W’37, Oreland, Pa., March 6, 1999.

Marion L. Keire Ed’37 GEd’39 PSW’48, Studio City, Calif., March 30, 1999.

Eleanor E. Knipe Ed’37, Southampton, Pa., April 6, 1999.

Bernard Lavine C’37, Neptune City, N.J., January 19, 1998.

Herman Mailman GEd’37, Wallingford, Pa., May 10, 1999.

Arthur Malina W’37, New York, April 9, 1999.

Elizabeth Manchester SW’37, Wilmington, Del., a retired social worker and administrator for the old Children’s Bureau, now the Family and Children’s Services of Delaware; January 22, 1999.

Miriam Robinson Morsbach Ed’37, Villanova, Pa., a retired elementary schoolteacher; April 7, 1999.

George O. Nichols W’37, Terre Haute, Ind., president of Nichols Investment Corp., and chair of the First National Bank, Monticello, and Dulaney National Bank in Marshall, Ill.; January 12, 1999. He was also president of the Clinton Cable Television Company and treasurer and director of WTWO Channel 2 in Terre Haute.

Dr. Joseph T. L. Nicholson M’37, Newtown Square, Pa., a retired family practitioner and attending physician at Bryn Mawr Hospital; January 31, 1999.

Dr. Joseph M. Orloff M’37, Reading, Pa.

Alexander Irvine Pratt WEv’37, Haddonfield, N.J., October 31, 1998.

Dr. Edward C. Preston V’37, Southern Pines, N.C., a retired veterinarian and owner of the Preston Animal Hospital; April 1, 1999.

M. Ritchie Smith ChE’37, Westfield, N.J., January 1, 1999.

Dr. Bertram H. Wiesel M’37, Birmingham, Ala., September 12, 1997.

S. Barnitz Williams G’37, Gettysburg, Pa., a former headmaster who served as director of development for the Lawrenceville School; April 5, 1999.

Col. Leroy B. Wilson C’37, Jacksonville, Fla., August 12, 1997.

Joel E. Antinoph C’38, Wilmington, Del., retired president of Delaware Luggage Co.; January 1, 1998.

Martin P. Beifeld C’38, Elkins Park, Pa., October 15, 1996.

John J. Black W’38, West End, N.C., June 1998.

Dr. Merton E. Cohen M’38 GM’51, Easton, Pa., a retired physician and former chief of pediatrics at Easton Hospital; January 2, 1999. He had been an instructor in pediatrics at Penn, and at Cornell University and the old Hahnemann Medical College.

Harold Frank W’38, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., retired vice president and treasurer of Detroit Aluminum and Brass; March 4, 1999.

Eleanor S. Greve PSW’38, Camp Hill, Pa.

M. Harriet Guignon PSW’38, Philadelphia, December 17, 1998.

James W. Hancock W’38, Ocean City, Md., January 1991.

Dr. John Cedric Jones M’38, Cody, Wyo., November 23, 1998.

Dr. John J. Leonard D’38, Abington, Pa., a retired dentist. He had served in the Air Force Dental Corps from 1955-7.

Ralph A. Miller EE’38, Drexel Hill, Pa., January 31, 1999.

Maurice G. Paul Jr. WEv’38, Placentia, Calif., April 6, 1988.

Dr. Asa W. Potts M’38, West Chester, Pa., January 1, 1998.

J. Leslie Quigley ME’38, Pittsford, N.Y., November 27, 1998.

Dr. Herman H. Rausch D’38, Windermere, Fla., May 1983.

Howard Jay Richards W’38, Memphis, Tenn., retired regional sales manager for Binsanger Glass Co.; February 24, 1999.

John Edward Rosenberg C’38, Bethesda, Md., former head librarian at the Harry Diamond Laboratories; February 18, 1999.

Bernard B. Rosenman ChE’38, Sarasota, Fla., retired chief of the Philadelphia office of operations research for the U.S. Army; April 14, 1999.

John D. Siegfried Jr. WEv’38, Glenside, Pa., October 3, 1998.

Dr. Robert W. Skinner III M’38 GM’50, Lancaster, Pa., March 17, 1999.

Herbert R. Smith Jr. ChE’38, Deerfield Beach, Fla., a retired developer and designer of railway cars for the Budd Co.; March 11, 1999. He later served as a finance engineer with General Electric.

Dr. J. Toccoy Sorenson M’38, Draper, Utah.

Joseph D. Yoder W’38, Jupiter, Fla., a retired manager with IBM; March 24, 1999.

Melvin R. Ziegenfus WEF’38, Deltona, Fla., October 9, 1995.

Lant S. Abernathy C’39, Tarrytown, N.Y.

Cynthia K. Axelrod CW’39, Merion, Pa., August 31, 1987.

Dr. Robert S. Bell D’39, Towanda, Pa., June 30, 1997.

George D. Burdon Jr. WEF’39, Scranton, Pa., November 21, 1997.

Warren H. Burton GEd’39, West Chester, Pa., March 21, 1999.

Louis W. Catalano C’39 L’42, Pittsburgh, a retired attorney; December 28, 1998.

William Dignan III W’39, York, Maine, June 1998.

Beatrice W. Engley CW’39 G’44, Columbia, Mo., a retired librarian with the University of Missouri School of Medicine; March 29, 1999.

Dr. Louis H. Fletcher C’39 D’41, Gardner, Mass., a retired dentist; May 29, 1997.

Robert D. Glidden W’39, Scotch Plains, N.J.

Stuart D. Harter W’39, Annapolis, Md., a retired executive of the old Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co.; May 1, 1999.

Howard G. Henry C’39 WG’41, North East, Md., September 27, 1997.

Bernard Hollander W’39, Boynton Beach, Fla., 1987.

Elinor Buten Jacobs Mu’39, Malvern, Pa., May 18, 1996.

William G. Jacobs W’39, Bangor, Pa., October 27, 1992.

Dr. Louis Jaffe C’39 M’43 GM’47, Pottstown, Pa.

Dr. Harry R. Jammer D’39, Trenton, N.J., 1991.

Fred M. Koblenzer W’39, Midlothian, Va., July 3, 1991.

Adolph Kurz W’39, Bryn Mawr, Pa., May 8, 1999.

James W. Lanning C’39, Bloomfield, Conn., a retired professional scout with the Boy Scouts of America; May 1, 1999.

Gerald E. McCulloch W’39, Scottsdale, Ariz., 1991.

John J. Moran WEF’39, Scranton, Pa., September 1, 1998.

James S. Morgan W’39, Captiva Island, Fla., a retired investment counselor; February 26, 1999. He worked with Morgan, Rogers and Roberts and then with the old First Pennsylvania Bank.

J. Ten Broeck Runk C’39, Philadelphia, February 27, 1999.

Albert J. Rusnock WEF’39, Bowie, Md., December 7, 1995.

Earl N. Schmehl WEF’39, Wyomissing, Pa., January 24, 1999.

Evald R. Streed GEE’39, Haddonfield, N.J., July 26, 1997.

Henry R. Thompson WEv’39, North Cape May, N.J., December 23, 1998.

John H. Wallis W’39, Westport, Conn., March 15, 1996.

Earl T. Wilson W’39, Orient, N.Y., December 26, 1998.

Lucile Yerger Ed’39, Broomall, Pa., April 1999.

William J. Young Jr. C’39, Ardmore, Pa., 1997.


Ubaldo Alesandrini Ed’40, Philadelphia, May 5, 1993.

James Attarian C’40, Drexel Hill, Pa.

Martin F. Carey CCC’40, Lansdowne, Pa., January 26, 1999.

Albert S. Carmany W’40, Naples, Fla., January 1, 1996.

Robert Chapman ChE’40, Gwynedd, Pa., March 1999.

Helen L. Clifford Ed’40 G’44, Havertown, Pa., a retired schoolteacher; February 7, 1999. She taught in the Philadelphia school system for over 30 years.

Henry B. Cox G’40, Gaithersburg, Md., a retired FBI agent and official with the State Department; April 19, 1999. He had been an FBI agent (1941-46), then served with the State Department in political and economic posts in Europe from 1946 to 1967. In 1971 and 1972, he was director of public and congressional relations for a White House narcotics-control task force.

Dr. Sidney Friedman C’40 M’43, Philadelphia, former director of cardiology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; April 14, 1999. He taught at Penn’s School of Medicine.

Joseph J. Kerr GEd’40, Ft. Myers, Fla., retired principal of the Overbrook School for the Blind in Philadelphia; April 9, 1999. He had founded the Eastern Athletic Association for the Blind.

Maurice W. Kreps WEF’40, Mechanicsburg, Pa., a public accountant in private practice; February 15, 1999.

Thomas N. Levis Jr. WEv’40, Newtown Square, Pa., November 5, 1998.

Beatrice DiMeo Nelson CW’40 GEd’42, Fort Totten, N.Y., a retired personnel officer with the Departments of Defense and Energy; March 26, 1999.

Harry W. Rainey W’40, Cherry Hill, N.J., a retired furniture manufacturer’s representative; March 16, 1999.

Dr. Francis J. Russo D’40, Fairfield, Conn., October 2, 1998.

Sr. Jane Frances Savarese CW’40, Los Altos Hills, Calif.

Dr. C. Gregg Singer Gr’40, Salisbury, N.C., retired professor of historical theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.; March 22, 1999. He had taught at Penn.

Earl D. Springer Ed’40, Malvern, Pa., October 19, 1998.

Morey Bernstein W’41, Pueblo, Colo., a retired businessman who, in pursuing an amateur interest in hypnotism, coaxed a young mother into recounting a previous life in 19th-century Ireland as Bridey Murphy; April 2, 1999. A national mania resulted from the 1956 publication of his book, The Quest for Bridey Murphy; published in 30 languages, it was of course adapted into a Hollywood film, starring Louis Hayward and Teresa Wright.

Dr. William Blitzstein C’41 G’47 Gr’50, Havertown, Pa., professor emeritus of astronomy at the University; February 27, 1999. For many years he was assistant then associate director of the observatory, and served as chair of the old Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics. He was a consultant to a number of aerospace corporations and to the Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia.

Dr. Orville H. Bullitt Jr. C’41, Villanova, Pa., retired director of the Marshall Laboratory, a research center for DuPont’s fabrics and finishes division; February 25, 1999.

Frank Costanzo Mu’41, Philadelphia, retired violinist with the Philadelphia Orchestra; April 17, 1999. He joined the orchestra in 1941 when he was 29 and played in the first violin section, retiring in 1984.

John S. Denworth W’41, Mt. Holly, N.J., November 1997.

Dr. Charles R. Glassmire C’41 M’44, Venice, Fla., a retired physician; December 4, 1998.

Edward R. Gurtcheff W’41, Collingswood, N.J., a retired tax accountant with Campbell Soup Co.; December 20, 1998.

Helen Hibbs Irish G’41, Chappaqua, N.Y., October 16, 1994.

Arthur J. Kramer WEv’41, Pennington, N.J.

Dr. Joseph A. LaCavera Jr. C’41, Elmer, N.J., a doctor of osteopathic medicine. Stricken by polio at age 7, he was inspired to pursue a medical career. He served as a Salem County deputy medical examiner, a member of the Salem County Board of Health, physician for the Upper Pittsgrove Township School District, medical director of the Salem County Nursing Home, and a staff member of Mater Dei Nursing Home. He maintained a full schedule until his death.

Daniel O. McElwee G’41, Levittown, Pa., January 24, 1999.

Dr. Alan F. McEwan V’41, Cooperstown, N.Y., retired owner of the Ross Veterinary Hospital in Washington; January 26, 1999. He provided care for President Nixon’s cocker spaniel, Checkers.

Dr. Thomas A. Morris Jr. M’41, Westport, Mass., a psychiatrist; February 13, 1999.

Maurice M. Rosen W’41, Bryn Mawr, Pa., retired president of the Progress Manufacturing Company and the Lighting Corp. of America; December 28, 1998.

John G. Sherbin WEv’41 CCC’48, Nesquehoning, Pa., February 14, 1999.

Albert J. Snite Ed’41 GEd’42, Abington, Pa., February 4, 1999. 

Lennard W. Warner Jr. W’41, Waterville, Maine. He was a retired executive with the Scott Paper Company.

Dr. Clyde E. Weinhold GEd’41, Hackettstown, N.J., a retired director of Adult Education and Academic Credentials for the New Jersey Department of Education; November 13, 1998. He also served as superintendent of schools in Mendham, N.J.

Betty Jane O. Weisberg CW’41, Wyndmoor, Pa., January 15, 1999.

Louis R. Wiley Jr. C’41, Hanover, Pa., March 16, 1999.

Frances Ellen Blatch G’42, Danville, Pa., April 11, 1999.

William P. Coliton W’42, Baltimore, retired president of Western Maryland Railway; January 28, 1999.

Bette Smellow Gimbel Ed’42, Churchville, Pa., February 14, 1997.

Dr. G. John Gislason M’42, Hatboro, Pa.

W. A. Hoffsommer CCC’42, Ridley Park, Pa., December 9, 1998.

Paul H. Jones W’42, Trumbull, Conn., March 7, 1999.

Harry F. Keebler WEv’42, Southampton, Pa., a former accountant and office manager with the International Paper Co.; December 21, 1998.

Dr. Bernard L. Lee GM’42, Jenkintown, Pa., March 12, 1999.

Edwin H. Patterson WEv’42, West Chester, Pa., a retired accountant; February 11, 1998.

Harold W. Shipley W’42, Middletown, Del., December 21, 1998.

Dr. Ernest J. Witte V’42 CCC’57, Harrisburg, Pa., retired chief of veterinary public-health section of the Pennsylvania Health Department; March 12, 1999. He had also taught 
at the University’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

John R. Boomer C’43, Nutter Fort, W.Va., January 5, 1999. In his retirement, he wrote stories for his children and grandchildren about his life at Penn.

Dr. Charles G. Bratenahl M’43, Sarasota, Fla.

Dr. Archie L. Good V’43, St. Paul, Minn., retired chair and professor of veterinary physiology at the University of Minnesota; February 14, 1999.

Jonathan P. Hall V’43, Hallandale, Fla., a retired veterinarian; 1998.

Dr. Carleton T. Hodge Gr’43, Bloomington, Ind., professor emeritus of linguistics at Indiana University; September 8, 1998. He also taught for the State Department’s Foreign Service.

Dr. Edward H. Kennerdell M’43, Duncansville, Pa., December 29, 1996.

Dr. Clifford Kuhn GM’43, Portland, Ore.

George C. Liacouras W’43, Wayne, Pa., a retired executive with the Sun Ship company; January 29, 1999.

Kenneth C. Meinken Jr. W’43, Tequesta, Fla., retired executive vice president of North American Philips Corp.; April 25, 1999.

Marjorie H. Montgomery CW’43, Sea Island, Ga., November 5, 1998.

Dr. Edwin J. Osen V’43, Atlantic, Iowa., a retired assistant state veterinarian; January 24, 1999.

Dr. Joseph M. Perri Jr. Gr’43, Wilmington, Del.

Anthony J. Pitrolo W’43, Fairmont, W.Va., November 14, 1998.

Frederick S. Raker L’43, Norfolk, Va., a 20-year Navy veteran; February 10, 1999. During the Second World War he had served on the USS Massachusetts, and in retirement he worked as an agent for the Baltimore Life Insurance Company.

Dr. Max Samter GM’43, Evanston, Ill., retired immunologist and chief of staff of the University of Illinois College of Medicine; February 9, 1999.

Dr. John W. Seedor C’43, Wallingford, Pa., a retired family medical practitioner; January 13, 1999.

Dr. Louis A. Selzer D’43, Beverly Hills, Calif., a retired dentist; April 30, 1998.

Dr. Arthur H. Silvers M’43 GM’55, Lancaster, Pa., April 6, 1999.

Bertram J. Zoslaw W’43, Abington, Pa., February 18, 1999.

Dr. Seymour Levenson D’44, Naples, Fla., a retired dentist; 1995.

Dr. Edward Lubin V’44, Danbury, Conn., a retired small-animal veterinarian; December 4, 1998.

Irene T. MacDougall Ed’44, Lansdowne, Pa.

Stanley C. Mason W’44, South Norwalk, Conn., founder of a recruitment and placement agency; April 20, 1999.

Margaret C. Seaman NEd’44, Palmyra, N.J., a retired nurse; February 23, 1999. Most recently, she worked for the New Jersey Department of Health as a maternal and child-health nurse before her retirement in 1978.

Dr. David S. Smith M’44, Philadelphia.

Amelia Swanson NEd’44, North East, Pa., December 1997.

Frank J. Worrell W’44, Shallotte, N.C., September 26, 1998.

Mrs. S. Hoober Brackbill DH’45, Denver, Pa., April 28, 1998.

Dr. Edward F. Conlin M’45, Sharon, Pa., a retired physician; December 31, 1998. He served on the board of the Pennsylvania Heart Association.

Dr. Arthur W. Culberson M’45, Bethlehem, Pa., former chief of neurosurgery at the Somerset Medical Center; March 29, 1999.

Anna May Dych Kerwin CW’45, Broomall, Pa., March 8, 1999.

Helene Hooper Key DH’45, Victoria, Texas, June 8, 1991.

Irving J. Maitin Ar’45, Meadowbrook, Pa., a partner in the architectural firm Ewing, Cole, Cherry Brott from 1966 until his retirement in 1994; April 18, 1999. He was noted for his work on health-care facilities, including major projects for Abington Memorial Hospital and Chestnut Hill Hospital, as well as general projects for the old PNB, the old CoreStates Bank and the Atlantic City Race Track.

Michael F. Murray W’45, Vacaville, Calif., January 23, 1995.

Leonard T. Sosna W’45, Winnetka, Ill., former vice president of Richheimer, a coffee company; March 23, 1999.

Dr. George R. Sumner M’45, Springfield, Mass., December 31, 1998.

Ruth Elizabeth Leahy Werner DH’45, Princeton, N.J., a retired dental hygienist; April 12, 1999.

Elsie Wimmer Ed’45, Hatfield, Pa., a retired elementary schoolteacher; February 26, 1999.

Dr. Samuel B. Burtoff GM’46, Palm Beach, Fla., a retired otolaryngologist who had pioneered microscopic surgery of the inner ear to improve hearing; February 11, 1999. He also specialized in head and neck plastic surgery. He taught surgery at Georgetown University’s medical school and founded the ear, nose and throat section of the Jefferson Memorial Hospital.

Jackson J. Campbell G’46, Champaign, Ill., 1994.

Frances I. Friedly Ed’46, Waynesboro, Pa., November 3, 1995.

Charles W. Gordon C’46, Springfield, Pa., a retired lawyer in the legal department of the Commonwealth Land Title Office in Philadelphia; April 7, 1999.

Streeper Karr III W’46, Lansdale, Pa., retired founder and president of the Quaker Group, a construction company; January 14, 1999.

Robert C. Malone WG’46, Toledo, Ohio, July 13, 1998.

James R. Stevens W’46, Naples, Fla., a sporting-goods sales representative; March 15, 1999.

Selma M. Stevens PSW’46, New Rochelle, N.Y., June 1998.

Timothy F. Sullivan WG’46, Quakertown, Pa., founder and partner of Sullivan & Booz Co.; January 8, 1999.

Dr. Francis S. Weinstein GM’46, South Orange, N.J., September 6, 1990.

William M. Young W’46, Delray Beach, Fla., a retired vice president with the American Appraisal Company; May 10, 1999. He received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star for his service in the Second World War.

Martha B. Bullard CW’47, Schwenksville, Pa., September 8, 1996.

Barbara C. Chapman CW’47, Reno, Nev., July 12, 1998.

Mrs. J. Tucker Colclough DH’47, Colorado Springs, Colo., March 1993.

Marion Styles Earhart DH’47, Landisville, Pa., a retired dental hygienist; June 30, 1994.

Dr. Irving W. Etkind D’47, New Haven, Conn., October 29, 1998.

Jack I. Etskovitz W’47, Wynnewood, Pa.

Herbert M. Hadley G’47, Gwynedd, Pa., January 13, 1998.

Bernard J. Koehler WG’47, Yardley, Pa., retired vice president of National Football League Properties Inc.; April 25, 1999.

Dennis C. Kurjack G’47, Philadelphia, retired assistant superintendent in Philadelphia for the U.S. Department of the Interior; March 3, 1999.

Enid A. Redding NEd’47, San Rafael, Calif., December 20, 1996.

Dr. Nathan L. Samuels C’47, Philadelphia, February 1997.

Philip Sterling Jr. W’47, Sherman Oaks, Calif., an actor; November 30, 1998. He debuted on Broadway in Cole Porter’s Silk Stockings, but his most prominent role on Broadway was that of the adulterous father 
in Neil Simon’s comedy Broadway Bound. A serious student of music, he also narrated several concert works with the New York Philharmonic, including Schoenberg’s Survivor from Warsaw. His film credits include Backfire, The Competition, The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight and Me, Natalie. On television he appeared on M*A*S*H and NYPD Blue, and had recurring roles on L.A. Law and St. Elsewhere. He was also the first president of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

J. Maurice Struchen WG’47, Rocky River, Ohio, retired chief executive officer of the old Society Corp.; March 5, 1999.

Clifford R. Thatcher WEv’47, Manchester, N.H., March 12, 1987.

Joseph L. Tinney Jr. C’47, Philadelphia, a retired producer and director of television shows and commercials; April 7, 1999. In later years he had volunteered for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, directing televised masses for homebound believers.

Dr. Richard S. Woods WG’47 Gr’57, Lancaster, Pa., professor emeritus and former chair of accounting at the University; March 29, 1999.

Dr. Samuel M. Allen M’48 GM’53, Millbrae, Calif., December 30, 1998.

Dr. George T. Barnhill III D’48, Wilmington, Del., May 1998.

Betsy Graeff Blakely Ed’48, Venice, Fla., March 30, 1999.

Dr. Belmont A. Helsabeck GM’48, Charlotte, N.C.

William M. Kennedy W’48, Del Mar, Calif.

Patricia B. Lawrence CW’48, El Cajon, Calif., a retired occupational therapist at Edgemoor Hospital; February 15, 1999.

Gloria Medoff Levy CW’48, El Paso, Texas, January 3, 1999.

Andrew MacGowan Jr. C’48, Le Roy, N.Y., October 28, 1997.

Dr. George Montgomery Jr. M’48, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Dr. Paul Nemir Jr. GM’48, Haverford, Pa., January 17, 1999.

Rose Mary Kraft Patsko Ed’48, January 3, 1999.

David L. Saltzmann WEv’48, December 15, 1998.

Hon. Milton L. Silver L’48, Clayton, N.Y., January 6, 1999.

William M. Webb L’48, Radnor, Pa., retired legal counsel and senior vice president of the Central Penn National Bank; January 20, 1999. He had previously served as legal counsel for Alan Wood Steel Company and Scott Paper Company.

Dr. Jean B. Willoughby GM’48, Kansas City, Mo., December 21, 1998.

Harry Yaskin W’48, Media, Pa., December 10, 1996.

Irma Krasna Arond Ed’49, Brooklyn, N.Y., July 31, 1998.

Gordon Allan Aulis C’49, Raleigh, N.C., a former News & Observercolumnist for more than 40 years, who also worked in radio and television; May 4, 1999.

John O. Bain W’49, Glens Falls, N.Y., November 1, 1998.

Frederick H. Bohn Jr. ME’49, Haddonfield, N.J., December 4, 1998.

Dr. Francis D. Carlson Gr’49, Baltimore, retired professor and chair of biophysics at Johns Hopkins University; February 4, 1999. He was internationally known for his work in muscle study.

Albert P. Campanaro WEv’49, Mt. Laurel, N.J., January 13, 1999.

Leonard J. Collins C’49, Mahwah, N.J., former president of Park Ryan Inc.; March 9, 1999.

Dr. Vincent C. Desiderio C’49, Media, Pa., March 17, 1999.

Rev. Charles E. Finch G’49, Annapolis, Md., retired tutor and director of student financial aid at St. John’s College; January 23, 1999. In his retirement he became a self-employed accountant.

Florence M. Fluck Ed’49, Philadelphia.

Dr. Leonard Grossman D’49, Ocala, Fla., a retired dentist.

Dr. Fred F. Kravath GME’49 GCE’55, Tucson, Ariz., March 3, 1999.

Robert G. Keyser CCC’49, Norfolk, Va., an artist and printmaker who had taught at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts; February 2, 1999. He had shows in Paris, London, New York, Washington and Philadelphia.

Rev. John F. Leser C’49, Philadelphia, rector of Cavary Episcopal Church in Germantown from 1960 until he retired in 1992; Aug. 17, 1999.

Dr. Ricardo R. Perez Balzac D’49, Guaynabo, P.R., a retired dentist.

Dr. Hector Quinones Pereira D’49, Hato Rey, P.R., a retired dentist.

Eva Jaschik Shapiro Ed’49 GEd’52, Hollidaysburg, Pa., November 28, 1998.

Dr. Lever F. Stewart M’49, Charlottesville, Va.

Dr. David E. Taubel M’49, Stuart, Fla., October 1997.

Robert Tracy W’49, Fresno, Calif., June 1985.

Elizabeth West Weber CW’49, Red Bank, N.J., February 28, 1999.

Margaret Fraser Willson CW’49 GEd’51, Malvern, Pa., a retired instuctor in the Graduate School of Education of the University, who had taught for more than 30 years, concentrating on helping educators teach reading to children and adults; March 22, 1999.


Lloyd M. Abbott ChE’50, Novato, Calif., a retired chemical engineer; December 10, 1998. 

Dr. William Bernard Abrams GM’50, Radnor, Pa., September 15, 1998.

Fannie Louise Allen SW’50, Boston, former director of services for older adults at United South End Settlements; April 1, 1999.

Joseph M. Burdilis ChE’50, Reading, Pa., May 9, 1998.

Frances R. Castorf SW’50, Rosemont, Pa., February 24, 1999.

Dr. John Halsey Donaldson GD’50, New Orleans, a retired orthodontist; April 18, 1999.

Prof. Hans S. H. Fahlstrom WG’50, Vienna, July 21, 1998.

Paul E. Gesregan Jr. SW’50, Broomall, Pa., September 1, 1998.

C. Donald Greiman WEv’50, Southampton, Pa., September 16, 1997.

Lewis W. Holmes WEv’50, Pisgah Forest, N.C., February 8, 1997.

Rose A. Iannotta Ed’50, West Chester, Pa., January 14, 1999.

Charles R. Keim Jr. GEd’50, West Chester, Pa., a retired teacher and school administrator; May 22, 1999.

James F. McGivern Jr. MTE’50, Avon, Conn., a retired metallurgical engineer with Hamilton Standard; March 22, 1999.

Freda I. Millar WEv’50, Rosemont, Pa., January 19, 1999.

Lois E. Prosser Ed’50, Tucson, Ariz., a retired professor of nursing at the University of Arizona; December 29, 1998.

Albert Resnick W’50, Cherry Hill, N.J., January 24, 1999.

Arthur Thomas C’50, Pennsburg, Pa., a retired geological engineer; January 20, 1999. He worked for the Army Corps of Engineers and later with Day & Zimmerman, a Philadelphia engineering firm.

Leslie E. Walden GEd’50, Enumclaw, Wash., November 24, 1998.

Dr. Rex K. Whiteman GM’50, Warren, Ohio, a retired surgeon; February 9, 1999.

Robert Wynne C’50, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Dr. Lincoln Armstrong Gr’51, Rochester, Vt., a consultant on international trade and banking; April 11, 1999. He also taught sociology at Princeton, Delaware and Washington universities and at the American University in Beirut.

Sallie C. Boyer Nu’51 GEd’61, Philadelphia.

James V. Donnelly W’51, Victor, N.Y., April 12, 1999. He was employed in the business imaging-systems division of Eastman Kodak for 37 years.

Marcus H. Eberle WG’51, Tyler, Texas, November 25, 1998.

Jack E. Edmonds WEv’51, Upper Darby, Pa.

Alexander Macaw W’51, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Dr. Robert McCarthy D’51, Danbury, Conn., a retired dentist; March 7, 1999.

Col. Leonard M. Orman GEE’51, Pueblo, Colo., December 5, 1998.

Dr. Mark J. Powers D’51, Reading, Pa., November 13, 1998.

Dr. Leonard Reichman GD’51, Philadelphia, a retired oral surgeon; December 19, 1998. He directed a 10-year program to provide dental care to homebound patients.

Richard T. Rodolff WEF’51, Tucson, Ariz.

Dr. John K. Robinson M’51, Miami.

Dr. Nathaniel F. Rodman Jr. M’51, Morgantown, W.Va.

Charles A. Saddel WEv’51, Hatboro, Pa., a retired data-processing manager for Ametek Inc.; April 3, 1999.

Dr. George T. Sanly D’51, Oneonta, N.Y., May 23, 1998.

Richard W. Saxen C’51, Port Orange, N.J., a retired lieutenant with the New York Police Department; September 5, 1998.

Dr. Martin Spector GM’51, Philadelphia.

George A. Spingler Jr. CCC’51, Brooklawn, N.J., a retired buyer for the John Wanamaker department store; January 12, 1999.

Elizabeth M. Swanson NEd’51, Scottsdale, Ariz., December 10, 1998.

Dr. Thomas O. Willcox Jr. C’51, Malvern, Pa., April 23, 1999.

Christopher Colins SW’52, Kinston, N.C.

John W. Day W’52, Prescott, Ariz., November 22, 1998.

Frank. E. Dickmeyer W’52, Fort Wayne, Ind., November 6, 1998.

John L. Evans Jr. C’52, Terrace Park, Ohio, January 29, 1999.

W. M. Hetherington Jr. CCC’52, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Robert M. Holm GEd’52, Broomall, Pa., retired director of music at the former Swarthmore High School; February 11, 1999. He taught at the school for 29 years until his retirement in 1974. He was also the band director at Swarthmore College from the mid-1950s until 1970.

Hedwig Kaser CW’52, Livonia, Mich., July 1, 1998.

Dr. Anthony J. Kameen Sr. GM’52, Baltimore, Md.

Benjamin Kuby L’52, Philadelphia, a retired trial lawyer; May 16, 1999. 

Frada C. Phillips CW’52, Alexandria, Va., March 24, 1999.

Gene Sattler W’52, Glenmont, N.Y., a retired stock broker; January 1, 1999.

Dr. W. Peter Sax GM’52, Glen Mills, Pa., retired professor of psychiatry at the University; April 21, 1999. He also had taught at Thomas Jefferson University and the former Hahnemann Medical College.

Russell H. Smith WEv’52, Moorestown, N.J., October 11, 1997.

Dr. Ramiro R. Cardenas GD’53, San Antonio, Tex., November 19, 1997.

R. Damon Childs Ar’53 GAr’57, Philadelphia, former executive director of Philadelphia’s Planning Commission; December 28, 1998. He created the plan to link the Reading and Pennsylvania Railroad commuter lines, a concept that was incorporated into the 1960 Comprehensive Plan for the future development of the city. And he designed the tunnel connecting Suburban Station to Reading 

Dr. Philip Distanislao D’53, Petersburg, Va., May 1998.

George R. Fenton WEv’53, Winter Springs, Fla., May 1998.

Dr. William J. Harold Jr. D’53, Guilford, Conn., February 26, 1999.

Dr. Jeremiah A. Klotz Jr. GM’53, Norfolk, Va., a retired ophthalmologist; February 21, 1999.

John R. Mearns WEv’53, Hockessin, Del., a retired comptroller for Conrail; February 8, 1999. 

Dr. Salvatore A. Patane D’53, Flushing, N.Y., March 15, 1999.

Julian Siewierski Ed’53 GEd’54, Philadelphia, May 19, 1997.

Dr. Richard J. Stonesifer Gr’53, Mullins, S.C., retired president of Monmouth College; January 5, 1999. He was also a faculty member at Franklin and Marshall College, where he taught English and served as assistant to the provost and assistant president.

Jerome H. Sulman C’53, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., December 11, 1998.

Richard N. Tarleton W’53, Wilmington, Del., January 30, 1999.

Hon. James E. Yacos C’53, Hanover, N.H., December 30, 1998.

Richard L. Alt Ar’54, Ardsley, Pa., November 26, 1998.

Dr. Robert R. Beale D’54, Newtown Square, Pa., a retired dentist; August 8, 1998.

Carol Marks Berman CW’54, Enfield, Conn., January 7, 1998.

Corinne Plocinik Blum PT’54, Jim Thorpe, Pa., May 6, 1998.

Maurice R. Biddle C’54, Venice, Fla., a promotion writer for TV Guide;January 5, 1999. He was also a professional jazz pianist.

Helen Delcoff Brown OT’54, Circleville, Ohio, January 3, 1996.

Eugene A. Davolos W’54, Wildwood Crest, N.J., October 28, 1997.

Dr. Ralph W. England Jr. Gr’54, Providence, R.I., professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Rhode Island.

Isabel K. Heller CW’54, Philadelphia, March 12, 1999.

Kenneth M. Horton W’54, Lexington, Mass., December 3, 1998.

Dr. S. James Krygier GD’54, Montchanin, Del., December 19, 1998.

Dr. Daniel Miles McFarland Gr’54, Harrisonburg, Va., retired professor of history at James Madison University; January 1, 1999. He served as a photographer for the U.S. Air Force in the Second World War.

Andrew M. Surman WEv’54, Magnolia, N.J., May 7, 1997.

Michael F. Trostel Ar’54 GAr’57, Baltimore, a historic preservation architect; February 1, 1999. In 1992 he was recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation for the six-year, $500,000 restoration of the Third Haven Friends Meeting House. Built 1682-4, it is the oldest surviving structure in Maryland and one of the oldest frame houses of worship in the country.

Marlene Brooks Turkel CW’54, Port St. Lucie, Fla., March 8, 1999.

Dr. William S. Wartel Gr’54, Wilmington, Del., April 11, 1998.

Larry J. Weidenheimer WEF’54, West Lawn, Pa., August 6, 1998.

Dr. F. Eugene Ackerman D’55, Pottstown, Pa., November 15, 1998.

Reba Starr Bluestein Ed’55, Philadelphia, a retired elementary school teacher who had taught for 44 years; April 12, 1999.

Jack A. Butler WG’55, Homewood, Calif., October 13, 1996.

Dr. Stanley Brown D’55, Temecula, Calif., July 25, 1998.

Dr. William E. Chambers M’55, Summerfield, Fla., October 28, 1998.

Robert T. Clappier C’55 G’70, Abington, Pa.

Dr. Herbert Forman D’55, East Norwich, N.Y., April 3, 1998.

Dr. Ralph J. Gorten M’55, Houston.

Dr. Leland S. Liang Gr’55, Larchmont, N.Y., founder of Textile Marketing Associates and a former adjunct professor of marketing at Baruch College; January 8, 1999.

Dr. Florence S. Lief Gr’55, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., an internationally known virologist who did much of her early research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and later moved to the School of Veterinary Medicine, where she developed a vaccine to prevent kennel cough in dogs, in the form of a nasal spray which she patented in 1975; January 10, 1999. After working as a bacteriologist in New York, she set her career aside in 1940 to devote herself to her family. In 1951, after the death of her physician husband, she returned to science, taking up doctoral studies at Penn. Joining the School of Medicine faculty, she initially was a microbiologist in epidemiology and public health. A consultant to the World Health Organization from 1961 to 1978, she published more than 50 scientific papers as she moved through the ranks to become professor of microbiology in 1975. Two years later she became professor of virology, and she was named professor emeritus in 1981.

Joseph A. Maritaio EE’55, Woodbury, N.J.

Dr. Joseph T. McKibben GM’55, Point Lookout, Mo., a retired surgeon and businessman; May 1998. He made a fortune in real estate holdings and prudent investments in the stock market.

Norma M. Montes de Oca Nu’55, Columbus, Ohio, December 15, 1998.

Elva M. Osborn CCC’55, Philadelphia, December 15, 1997. 

Michael Silberstein C’55, Hackensack, N.J., April 1, 1999. A retired employee of Bloomingdale’s there.

Robert R. Barron W’56, Willow Grove, Pa.

Dr. N. Shelley Beard M’56, Cleveland.

F. Brooks Butler C’56, Lenox, Mass., February 20, 1999.

Robert Vader Davidson W’56, Powell, Ohio, retired principal officer of William Mercer Inc., February 28, 1999.

Myron Kaplan W’56, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., a businessman, gardener, and cook, who was famous for making transcontinental restaurant reservations; March 10, 1999.

Dr. William W. Nash Jr. GCP’56 Gr’61, Atlanta, December 14, 1996.

Edward J. O’Donnell WEv’56, Levittown, Pa.

Herbert L. Olivieri W’56 L’59, Lafayette Hill, Pa., a lawyer and civic organizer who helped organize the effort to restore and illuminate the statue of William Penn atop Philadelphia’s City Hall; December 24, 1998. He also served as the Pennsylvania deputy attorney general and president of Pat’s King of Steaks of South Philadelphia.

Dr. Lois Ann Wallace Salzman CW’56, Washington, assistant to the director of the National Institute of Dental and Cranio-Facial Research at the National Institutes of Health; May 3, 1999. A microbiologist and biochemist, she headed and contributed to one of the earliest conferences on AIDS research and edited the resulting book, Animal Models of Retrovirus Infection and Their Relationship to AIDS.

W. E. Sellinger Sr. L’56, Clifton, N.J., an attorney; April 9, 1999.

Dr. Rowan A. Williams Gr’56, Annapolis, Md., retired professor of history at the U.S. Naval Academy (1951-81); March 5, 1999.

Miriam R. Brubaker Nu’57, Middletown, Pa., April 17, 1998.

Mildred W. Greensfelder Nu’57 GEd’60, Scituate, Mass., a retired nurse; March 17, 1999.

Richard P. Hairsine WG’57, Phoenixville, Pa., January 5, 1999.

Catherine C. McGuire SW’57, Pittston, Pa., June 1998.

Leonard Nussbaum W’57, Paramus, N.J., August 30, 1998.

Harold Wasson GEE’57, Severna Park, Md., a retired research engineer for Westinghouse and the Atlantic Research Corp.; April 16, 1999.

Paul Q. Barthlow WEF’58, Reading, Pa., June 1998.

Dr. Melvin Blake GD’58, New York, an oral surgeon whose collection of figurative art formed the opening exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, in 1998; March 14, 1999.

John A. K. Brautigam W’58, Douglasville, Ga., November 25, 1998.

Allene G. Donoho DH’58, Aldan, Pa., March 14, 1999.

Dr. Henry Glade Gr’58, North Manchester, Ind., professor emeritus of German and Russian at Manchester College; January 1, 1999. He was also chair of modern languages, and had taught at Yale University as a visiting fellow in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures.

Dr. Stanley E. Goodman D’58, Naples, Fla., January 1999.

Roger C. Gouin WEv’58 CGS’63, Lafayette Hill, Pa., retired marketing director for a freight carrier; March 9, 1999.

Dr. Howard Hertzberg C’58, Alpine, N.J., an orthopedic surgeon who had served as mayor of Alpine; April 23, 1999. He was also an Olympic bridge champion.

Dr. Nicholas Jiamachello M’58, Fayetteville, N.C.

Olga Sawickis Pervanis CW’58, Harleysville, Pa., February 13, 1996.

Charles M. Solomon W’58, Baltimore, co-founder of a public accounting firm; March 29, 1999.

Dr. John L. Cotter Gr’59, Philadelphia, noted American archaeologist and curator emeritus of the University Museum; February 5, 1999. He joined the National Park Service in 1940 as the archaeologist in charge of a prehistoric pueblo in central Arizona that had newly been created a national monument; he continued to serve the NPS in various capacities until 1977. He was also the archaeologist in charge of the excavation of the Jamestown Colonial settlement during the 1950s, culminating in his Archaeological Excavations at Jamestown (1958). While an adjunct professor of American civilization at Penn, he introduced the first course on American historical archaeology at an American university. A prolific author of many articles, Dr. Cotter wrote Archaeology of Bynum Mounds(1952), Handbook for Historical Archaeology (1968), and co-wrote The Buried Past: an Archaeological History of Philadelphia (1992). His final book, Clovis Revisited, which he also co-wrote, went to press days before his death.

Samuel C. Garsten Ed’59 GEd’62, Philadelphia, June 11, 1998.

Col. Kenneth J. Herhold WG’59, Aurora, Colo.

Emily Jordan Kirsch G’59, Wayne, Pa., June 15, 1997.

Orest Martynowych GCE’59, Philadelphia.

Michael H. Pomerantz GEd’59, Los Angeles.

Dr. Lloyd Setleis GrS’59, Philadelphia, retired dean of Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work; April 1, 1999. In his retirement he taught part-time at Penn.

Dr. M. Carl Shine Jr. MtE’59 Gr’68, Calabasas, Calif., a consultant; June 12, 1998. At Penn he held the shot put record for the IC4A’s and in 1959 he was named the University’s Cane Man.

Dr. David L. Sikarskie CE’59, Houghton, Mich., professor of mechanical engineering at Michigan Technological University; April 25, 1999.

Malcolm J. Stewart C’59, Cornwall on Hudson, N.Y., December 26, 1995.


Dr. John J. Appel Gr’60, East Lansing, Mich., April 1998.

Dr. A. Albert Carabelli C’60, Titusville, N.J., March 3, 1999.

Lawrence B. Custer L’60, Marietta, Ga., an attorney in private practice; March 4, 1999.

Dr. Cora C. Lenox GM’60, Cranbury Township, Pa., a retired missionary assigned to the medical school at West China Union University in Chengtzu, Szechuan; April 22, 1999. She specialized in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology.

Neal T. Haygood GEd’60, Arlington, Va., retired chemistry teacher and football and tennis coach at Wakefield High School; February 18, 1999.

Richard A. Pelikan W’60, South Windsor, Conn., retired vice president of the Aramark Corp.; February 25, 1999. Before joining Aramark, he had served as vice president of the Seilers Corporation. 

John W. Pennypacker WEv’60, Miami, retired executive vice president of North Ridge Bank in Ft. Lauderdale and president of Miami National Bank in Coral Gables; April 29, 1999.

Edward C. Sykes WEF’60, Carlisle, Pa., retired senior vice president of Farmers Trust Co.; March 25, 1999.

Dr. Ervin R. Werner Jr. Gr’60, Levittown, Pa., a research chemist with DuPont Co., who helped design the formulas for Teflon II and Lucite paint; December 29, 1998.

Dr. Myron L. Attenson GD’61, Southfield, Mich., a dentist; January 4, 1999. He served on the state board of dentistry and also as a consultant for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Louise Bowen Ballinger GEd’61, Philadelphia, March 3, 1998.

P. A. Cianciarulo Ed’61 GEd’64, Philadelphia, Pa., April 19, 1999.

Dr. Richard W. Klesmer V’61, Haddonfield, N.J., a retired veterinarian with the Collingswood Veterinary Hospital for many years; May 18, 1999. 

Donald O. Neddenriep GEE’61, Hilton Head Island, S.C., a retired executive for the old Sperry Corp.; March 24, 1999.

Dr. Archie J. Nichols Gr’61, Indianapolis, Ind., professor emeritus of economics at Butler University; April 8, 1999.

Dr. Rebecco E. Panlilio GM’61, Manila, a doctor who also headed a number of companies, especially hotel and resorts; February 22, 1999. He served as president and chair of Anglo Asian Strategic Management, Inc., as well as the Novotel Puerto Azul Resort and Hotel Sofitel Grand Boulevard. He was also director and chief executive officer of Grand International Airways, executive vice president of D & E Realty, Inc., and director of Grand Seaway Ferries, Inc.

Sara Smullian Nu’61, Baltimore, May 1998.

Edward K. Zuckerman L’61, Princeton, N.J., an attorney in private practice with offices in New Brunswick and Franklin Township; March 9, 1999.

Joan Liebman Bobrow CW’62, Elkins Park, Pa., retired director of publications and public information for Germantown Friends School; June 11, 1999.

Harrison M. Daugherty Jr. W’62, El Paso, Texas.

Thomas L. Foster G’62, Washington, former associate director of corporate relations for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; October 11, 1998. 

Dr. Harriet Peat Trader GrS’62, Baltimore, a retired administrator at Morgan State University; March 6, 1999. A former clinical social worker and social work educator, she helped develop a black family resource center for the Baltimore Urban League.

Samuel Turkus III W’62, Livingston, N.J., a partner with the advertising firm Gowi Madison Co., before it became CYRK; March 12, 1999.

Dr. Stuart J. Conto D’63, Washington Depot, Conn.

Donald A. Furtsch W’63, White Plains, N.Y., July 1998.

Dr. Robert D. Gongaware M’63, Savannah, Ga., a pediatric surgeon and clinical professor of surgery at the Medical College of Georgia and at the Mercer University School of Medicine; February 18, 1999.

Larry G. Landes G’63, Philadelphia, March 27, 1999.

Dr. Lionel C. Lane GrS’63, Richmond, Va., retired director of family counseling services for Northampton County; February 19, 1999. He also taught in the Virginia Commonwealth School of Social Work.

Eric E. Merk W’63 L’66, Portland, Ore., president and CEO of Insport International; February 13, 1999.

Jeffry A. Posner W’63, Milwaukee, Wis., a real estate developer famous for revitalizing the city’s historic Third Ward; May 9, 1999. He was also an accomplished travel photographer; he had a side business selling posters made from his photographs.

Susan Sherod CW’63, Pittsburgh, January 25, 1999.

Calvin E. Thorpe GEE’63, Sandy, Utah, a prominent patent attorney; March 1999.

Anatole Turecki GEE’63, North Palm Beach, Fla., a retired instructor at the Palm Beach Community College; December 29, 1998. Born in Poland, he served in the Polish Army and with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Diane Daly W’64, Newport Beach, Calif., a retired systems analyst for IBM and General Electric; January 26, 1999.

Janis Meresman Goldman CW’65, Chevy Chase, Md., January 15, 1999.

Dr. Robert F. Johnson D’65, Kennett Square, Pa., March 10, 1998.

Kenneth R. Karger G’66, Exton, Pa., a photographer; January 30, 1999.

David Logan WEF’66, Harrisburg, Pa., April 1999.

Dennis Nathan Sachs GCP’66, Severna Park, Md., deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior for land and water resources in the mid-1970s; May 14, 1999. After leaving government service, he traveled throughout the U.S. and Central Europe as a policy analyst and consultant for research and consulting firms.

Dr. Jerry Sepinwall Gr’66, Pine Brook, N.J., a retired pharmacologist with Hoffmann-La Roche; August 5, 1998.

Dr. Joseph J. Trosko Jr. D’66, Harrisburg, Pa., May 1, 1998.

Joseph C. Hilly WEv’67, Orlando, Fla., May 28, 1997.

Thomas C. Murray WG’67, Raleigh, N.C., an investment broker with Capital Investment Management; February 26, 1999.

Dr. James R. Sweet D’67, North Stonington, Conn., March 31, 1997.

Dr. Lloyd M. Bukar D’68, Toms River, N.J., a dentist in private practice; March 6, 1999.

Marilyn Apler Davidson CW’68, November 1998.

David M. Golden C’68, Chappaqua, N.Y., a magazine advertising executive; December 28, 1998. He had worked for GQ, Vanity Fair, Departures and The New Yorker.

Dr. H. S. Kessler V’68, New York, director of the New York Veterinary Hospital; April 6, 1999.

Robert D. Moore CGS’68, Philadelphia, a foreign bibliographical specialist in the University Library; January 8, 1999. He was also the organist and choirmaster at St. Augustine Church of the Covenant for more than 35 years.

Harry J. Nolan WG’68, Minneapolis.

Dr. Olle Olsson GM’68, Lund, Sweden, 1999.

Dr. Peter T. Stine D’68, Chester Springs, Pa., a dentist in private practice; March 2, 1999.

William K. Wright L’68, Camp Hill, Pa., March 28, 1999.

Dr. C. Wilford Grover Gr’69, Baltimore.

Dr. Gordon L. Tohm GM’69, Bakersfield, Calif.


Lorenzo Carlucci GEE’70, Brigantine N.J., November 1983.

Dr. Bennett Harrison Gr’70, Brooklyn, N.Y., a economist and professor of political urban economy at the New School for Social Research; January 17, 1999. He was the author of over a dozen books, the most famous of which are The De-Industrialization of America and Lean and Mean. In the 1960s he helped found the Union of Radical Political Economists, a group whose agenda was informed by the ideas of 1930s progressives.

Rev. Claude C. Kilgore SW’70, San Francisco, August 1997.

Dr. Louisa Jane Royster PT’70 Gr’90, Raleigh, N.C., December 3, 1998.

Dr. Timothy T. Fleming M’71, a physician; Tesuque, N.M., April 20, 1999. After graduation from medical school he joined the U.S. Public Health Service and was assigned to clinics on the isolated Hualapai and Havasupai reservations in Arizona. His memoir, A Rendezvous with Clouds, was published just weeks before his death.

Walter J. Grabowski ME’71, West Conshohocken, Pa., May 21, 1998.

Thomas K. Meagher PT’71, Cut Bank, Mont., a physical therapist; November 8, 1997.

Dr. Patrick B. Milunec D’71, Phillipsburg, N.J., February 1998.

Floyd L. Tomlinson SW’71, Philadelphia, November 11, 1984.

Stanley J. Weinstein G’71, Madison, Wisc., November 1984.

Hannah Deeney Beiter GEd’72, Bryn Mawr, Pa., a retired reading specialist at the Child Study Institute of Bryn Mawr College; March 7, 1999. Her special interest was children’s literature, which she taught at the college level and incorporated into her work at the institute.

Louis A. Cochet W’72 G’74 WG’75, Haddonfield, N.J., an investment broker and former graduate assistant coach of Penn’s men’s basketball team under Chuck Daly; April 27, 1999. He worked for 15 years for PaineWebber’s in its Philadelphia office.

Charles F. Nehf WEv’72, Media, Pa., July 28, 1998.

Martha DeWitt Sanson GEd’72, Bryn Mawr, Pa., an educator who specialized in tutoring children with reading problems; February 10, 1999.

Stephen C. Smith WG’72, Oak Harbor, Ohio, January 6, 1999.

Dr. Wilbur H. Watson Gr’72, Atlanta, December 27, 1998.

Sarah S. Levin Nu’73, Norristown, Pa., a private duty nurse and a school nurse at the Fels Elementary School in Philadelphia; March 5, 1999.

Mitchell T. Morris C’73, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., September 21, 1997.

Dr. Herbert W. Nickens G’73 M’73 GM’84, Silver Spring, Md., a psychiatrist and vice president for minority and community programs at the Association of American Medical Colleges; March 22, 1999. He specialized in programs aimed at training more minority physicians and improving minority health standards. Chief among these was a 1991 effort, Project 3000 by 2000, whose goal was 3,000 minority students entering medical school each year until 2000. He was a former professor of psychiatry at the University and director of the psychiatry emergency services at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Pearl A. Angyal CW’74, Hollywood, Fla., April 6, 1998.

Carol York Diana WG’74, New York, April 17, 1999.

Benita A. Frank CW’74, Plantation, Fla., 1991.

Judith Sterling Kiefer PT’74, New Milford, Conn., a physical therapist and rehabilitation counselor; January 14, 1999, in an automobile accident.

Joan F. Maruyama CGS’74, Arlington, Va., January 6, 1999.

Paul A. Sefchek WG’74, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., July 24, 1997.

John H. Kuhlen WEv’75, Westmont, N.J., February 24, 1998.

John H. Lorwin C’75, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1999; in a flash flood while hiking near the Dead Sea.

Marjorie Marks Carney GAr’76, Wellesley, Mass., February 27, 1999.

Dorothy Minton CGS’76, Philadelphia, April 27, 1998.

Harvey E. Robinson CGS’76, Philadelphia, a manager for Bell Atlantic, August 3, 1996.

Mark A. Williams C’76, Arlington, Mass., March 3, 1998.

Ruth Johnson Beaumont GNu’78, Greentown, Pa., a mental-health nurse; December 29, 1998.

Dr. Gerald L. Davis Gr’78, New York, a writer, performer and filmmaker who recently was professor of American studies at the University of New Mexico; October 22, 1997. His first teaching post was in the African-studies department at Rutgers University, which he chaired from 1990 to 1995.

Paul G. Hornack WG’79, Huntington Beach, Calif., a management consultant; January 4, 1999. An experienced hiker and mountain climber, he died while climbing in New Zealand.

Leo T. Stull G’79, Paoli, Pa., April 20, 1997.


Ann Tyler Chadwick Nu’80, Bainbridge Island, Wash., April 11, 1999.

Dr. Suzanne M. Oppedisano D’80 WG’86, Incline Village, Nev., a dentist in private practice near Lake Tahoe, Calif., who also served as director of the University of the Pacific Dental School; December 21, 1998.

Warner L. Tyree C’80, Philadelphia, October 7, 1998.

Thomas J. Welch WG’80, Yardley, Pa., vice president of sales for Universal Process Equipment; February 27, 1999.

Dr. Stuart Ira Katz C’81 M’85 GM’89, Wynnewood, Pa., a clinical instructor in dermatology at the University and attending physician at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center; January 6, 1999. He had been chief resident in dermatology at Mt. Sinai in New York.

Kevin M. Ciesla W’82, New Hyde Park, N.Y., July 25, 1998.

Dr. Susan P. Gauthier GNu’82, Abington, Pa., October 1998.

Pramuan Thongbhu GL’82, Bangkok, an attorney; December 6, 1998. 

Dr. John R. Yandrasitz Gr’83, Rosemont, Pa., a biology and chemistry teacher at Penncrest High School in Media, and staff adviser to the Eco Club; March 15, 1999. Prior to teaching he was a medical researcher for 20 years at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia and at Temple University.

Cynthia K. Hoffman WG’84, Brackenridge, Pa., March 5, 1998.

Stuart Joel Kroman WEv’87, Southampton, Pa., September 16, 1998.

Dr. Peter Krucylak M’87 GM’91, Manchester, Mo., March 31, 1999.

Matthew Herman C’88, New York, an advertising manager at Fortunemagazine; May 9, 1999, murdered, when jogging in Central Park.

Dr. Jeffrey B. Yurkofsky C’88, Orland Park, Ill., July 2, 1998, of cancer. He was in his final year of a fellowship in sports medicine.

Lisa B. Weil C’89, Chicago, November 16, 1998.


Peter C. Daggett W’90, Charlottesville, Va., technical product manager for ATX Telecommunications Services; April 27, 1998.

Dr. Andreas Hadjipaschalis WG’91, Nicosia, Cyprus, deputy general manager and chief engineer of the Cyprus Electrical Authority; October 12, 1997.

Maureen E. Brock G’92, Glenmoore, Pa., March 1998.

Marco J. Gabriele EAS’94, Bethany, Conn., a sales engineer at Marga Services Inc.; December 19, 1998, in an automobile accident.

Allen Serody CGS’94, Blue Bell, Pa., owner of Allen Serody Associates, an advertising agency; January 12, 1999.

Dr. Bonnie C. Berman V’95, Baltimore, November 11, 1998.

Katie Lynn Rhoads W’95, Hummelstown, Pa., March 6, 1998.

Mark Scott Atkinson WG’97, March 27, 1999, in a traffic accident in the U.K.

Stephen A. Szymanski C’97, Napa, Calif., October 24, 1998.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. William Blitzstein. Class of 1941.

Louis A. Cochet. See Class of 1972.

Dr. Merton E. Cohen. See Class of 1938.

Dr. John L. Cotter. See Class of 1959.

Dr. Sidney Friedman. Class of 1940.

Dr. Stuart Ira Katz. See Class of 1981.

Dr. Florence S. Lief. See Class of 1955.

Dr. George E. Lieberman. See Class of 1927.

Dr. Charles A. Miller Jr. See Class of 1935.

Robert D. Moore. See Class of 1968.

Dr. Herbert W. Nickens. See Class of 1973.

Dr. W. Peter Sax. See Class of 1952.

Dr. Lloyd Setleis. See Class of 1959.

Dr. C. Gregg Singer. See Class of 1940.

Dr. Richard M. Skidmore. See Class of 1926.

Margaret Fraser Willson. See Class of 1949.

Dr. Ernest J. Witte. See Class of 1942.

Dr. Richard S. Woods. See Class of 1947.

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