THE UNIVERSITY HAS CLIMBED ANOTHER NOTCH— to sixth place — in the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings of the best national universities. With a score of 97 out of a possible 100, Penn tied with Cornell and Duke, behind only the triumvirate of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale (all tied for first place, with perfect scores of 100), and the fourth-place pairing of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford (both 98). Just below it was the California Institute of Technology (96) and a three-way tie for tenth among Brown, Columbia, and Dartmouth (all 95). Last year, Penn was ranked seventh, along with Dartmouth.
   Although Penn’s academic reputation (4.5) scored slightly below that of Cornell’s (4.7) and Duke’s (4.6), its faculty-resources ranking was a solid 6, while its “value” rating jumped from 25th last year to 18th.
   And for the third straight time, Business Week, in its biennial rankings, has named the Wharton School as the nation’s top business school. In that October 19 issue, the magazine’s editors also claimed to have foiled the efforts of students at five business schools to inflate their schools’ rankings.

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