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Volume 97, No. 4


Other Places
Reports from four alumni on what it’s like now in Russia, Iran, China, and Guatemala.

Carole Solomon’s Sacred Mission
In Israel with the first woman to chair the United Jewish Appeal.
By Barbara Sofer

Don’t Worry, This Won’t Be on the Exam
Short, non-credit courses called preceptorials allow students to explore foreign intellectual worlds—and get acquainted with faculty outside the classroom.
By Susan Lonkevich

The China Syndromes
A wide-ranging interview with Penn’s resident China expert, political science professor—and alumnus—Avery Goldstein.
By Samuel Hughes


From the Editor
Fellow Travelers.

Stouffer loyalists unite, shallow “waves,” and more.

Notes From the Undergrad
What students will go through for two years in England.

Alumni Voices
“Show no pity in Salt Lake City!”

Celebrating Philadelphia writers
Penn Book Center relocates
Ian Lustick on Israel as a “non-Arab” state
1 family + 2 careers = 2 much to do?
Diagnostic drug may provide clue to Parkinson’s cure
Design for new Wharton building unveiled
Sexual abuse of boys more prevalent than thought
Help from Pew for planned elementary school

Off the Shelf
What’s in a Web? Avatars of the Word: From Papyrus to Cyberspace.

Catching baseball’s fleeting season.

The Alumni
Comings, goings, appointments, promotions, accolades, and other personal news

Alumni Profiles
A more in-depth look at some of Penn’s outstanding alumni.
Virginia Kurtz Stowe, GNu’68 | For the third time, will you stop nagging?
Jeremy Kraus, W’98 | Punts and Pints
Dr. Miriam Alter, Nu’71 | Sleuthing a Silent Virus
Dr. Barbara Heath, G’83, Gr’88 | Digging for Clues in Jefferson’s Other Backyard
Alexis McCann, C’79 | Census and Sensibility
Frank Dolson, C ’54 |The Yankee’s Secret Weapon


Double acrostic by Don Block, Gr’77.

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