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G. THOMAS HALBERSTADT, ChE’25, Cincinnati, writes, on contemporary events, of “the birth of my 11th great-grandchild, giving me a family of 29, with 16 adults happily married and all healthy, active, and leading constructive lives, and myself a widower.” Recently, he was honored by Procter & Gamble, who commissioned a video-ed oral history of him telling the story of the wartime development of Tide, the soap powder, that brought in sales in the billions of dollars.


DR. A. CONSTANT VAUCLAIN, W’30, Gr’47, Lovell, Maine, emeritus professor of music at Penn (he taught from 1948 to 1979) who had also taught composition at the Curtis Institute of Music, in the fall attended a performance there of some of his more recent works, including the Sonata for Piano (1995).

DR. MARVIN L. GERBER, C’37, Ross, Calif., has retired from the practice of surgery after serving as chief of surgery and president of the medical staff at Marin General Hospital. He e-mails that he is looking forward to attending the 60th Reunion this year.


SYLVIA KAUDERS, CW’42, Philadelphia, received the lifetime achievement award from the Philadelphia Chapter of Women in Communications, in recognition of her work as the longtime special-events director for the City of Philadelphia and her career as a Broadway, television, and film actress. She appeared in the film City Hall and has recurring roles in the ABC series, Spin City and Remember WENN.


DR. HENGDE LI, Gr’54, e-mails that he is professor of materials science and engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing.


FRAN KARABEL SCHWARTZ, CW’61, G’62, Glenside, Pa., was elected president of the Philadelphia Music Teachers Association last fall. She teaches piano privately and also gives music-appreciation courses in the Community Scholars Program at Beavers College,Cheltenham Adult School, and the Senior Days at Gwynedd-Mercy College. She has been presenting concerts and lectures since 1980.

RICHARD OPPENHEIM, W’64, e-mails that three years ago he left New York City and landed in Denver. He is happily and very busily the COO of a small company, Starkey International, which provides training for high-end personal service and is the original U.S. school for professional household managers and American-style butlers.

DR. EDWARD FELLER, C’67, Providence, R.I., was honored at Brown University’s commencement last year with his second Faculty Award for Teaching. He also received a distinguished teaching award from Miriam Hospital, affiliated with Brown, where he serves as director of digestive diseases and medical director of the diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy unit.

ANDREA MITCHELL, CW’67, chief foreign-affairs correspondent at NBC and trustee of the University, wrote to notify of two signal events: that she “completed the New York City Marathon in November (my first) to celebrate my fiftieth birthday; and in December became engaged to marry Alan Greenspan this spring.”

DR. STEPHEN R. PERMUT, C’67, Wilmington, Del., has been appointed professor and chair of family practice and community health at Temple University; he has been acting chair since 1994. Earlier, he directed the family-practice residency program at St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington and served as vice president of medical affairs there. He currently chairs the Delaware delegation to the AMA.


MORRIS A. NUNES, C/W’70, Falls Church, Va., an attorney, has been designated by the Virginia Supreme Court as a certified hearing officer, authorized to adjudicate intra-governmental cases.

GEORGE HENRY NEWMAN, C’71, a Philadelphia attorney, has been re-elected to a three-year term on the board of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; currently he serves as a co-chair of its Indigent Defense Committee. He lives in northwest Philadelphia with his wife, Linda, and two sons, Joshua and David.

CHARLES P. JACOBS, C’72, e-mails that he and his wife, JILL LANG JACOBS, CW’72, are still living in Buffalo. He is managing partner in the Buffalo office of the law firm of Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle and chair of the firm’s policy committee. Jill is working as a counselor at Life Transitions Center there. He notes they have three wonderful daughters: Eliza (19) who is a freshmen at Penn and a member of the women’s squash team, Lauren (16), and Caroline (9); and that they are all looking forward to attending the 25th Reunion in May.

DR. TODD E. SHELLY, C’74, recently with the Hawaiian Evolutionary Biology Program at the University of Hawaii, has joined the Organization for Tropical Studies program at Duke University as associate director of its Undergraduate Semester Abroad Program, with his wife, Dr. Ethel Villalobos, also an associate director of the program. They moved to Durham, N.C., in August, and in the spring will move their base of operations to Costa Rica.

DR. RIFAT SONSINO, Gr’75, rabbi of Temple Beth Shalom, Needham, Mass., has been appointed editor of the Central Conference of American Rabbis’ Journal.

KEVIN HARRIS, C’78, has been named associate general counsel — Europe for Netscape Communications Corporation, and has relocated to the company’s European headquarters in Paris.

MARK D. SELTZER, C’79, Needham, Mass., director of the criminal-division of the New England Bank Fraud Task Force, has been named co-chair of the Boston Bar Association’s Criminal Law Section.


DR. IAN BOARDMAN, C/EE’80, Arlington, Mass., who is still employed as a speech-recogniton scientist at PureSpeech in Cambridge, e-mailed to notify the Penn community of his marriage to Deborah Freed in August of last year. “Deborah had the unusual distinction of seeing her new husband through the ordeal of open-heart surgery, necessitated by a severe illness that damaged my mitral valve. We have survived splendidly thanks to modern medicine, and the support of our loyal, loving family and friends.”

KATE ARMSTRONG LEE, C’80, and Steven E. Lee announce the birth of their son, William Henry Lee, on June 12. Kate is a senior manager of alternate-sales channels at MCI.

STEVEN P. GOLDMAN, C/W’81, Kirkland, Wash., e-mails that he has taken the position of vice president general counsel of Midcom Communications, a national telecommunications provider based in Seattle.

DONNA DiGIACOMO PATCHETT, C’83, lives in Reston, Va., with her husband, Edward, and their two sons, Evan (4) and Daniel (3); she is assistant to the vice president for student services at Marymount University in Arlington.

JAIME C. BRISENO, C’84, wants his buddies and classmates to know that he is in the “North Country.” Last summer he left the admissions office at Georgetown University (“and DC’s seemingly perpetual, horrendous humidity”) to join the admissions staff at Dartmouth College, mainly to direct the Latino-recruitment efforts. “Of course, I am now in the seemingly perpetually frozen tundra!” [email protected] is his e-mail address.

DR. JAMES J. CAMPBELL, C’84, Gr’92, is currently in the last year of an Arthritis Foundation postdoctoral fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

AMY LANDESBERG, W’84, and her husband, David, announce with joy the birth of their daughter, Maia Susan, on August 28. They live in Manhattan along with their two-and-a-half-year-old twins, Ella and Noah. Amy is a vice president in the information-technology division of Goldman, Sachs; David is an account supervisor with Griffin Bacal.

TOBY FISHER SIEGMAN, EAS’84, Forest Hills, N.Y., project engineer at Metcalf Eddy of New York, and her husband, Jonathan Orr Siegman, announce the birth of their son, Eitan Abba Siegman, on May 8.

NEIL DANZGER, EAS/W’85, an equity analyst for Morgan Stanley in New York, and SHARON FELDMAN DANZGER, W’87, announce the birth of their first child, Benjamin Philip, on October 22. The family lives in Englewood, N. J.

LISA NUSBAUM DICKERMAN, C’85, marketing director at the New York Marriott Marquis, and her husband, Ron Dickerman, managing director of the Madison Avenue Capital Group, announce the birth of their first child, Andrew Maxwell Dickerman, on September 28.

ADAM SPIEGEL, EE’85, New York City, is in the midst of a sabbatical from his position as a director in Prudential Securities’ investment-banking group, where he specialized in high-yield corporate finance. In December he returned from a six-month backpacking trip around Europe by sailing across the Atlantic on a 65-foot sailboat. He was off to explore Southeast Asia and perhaps Africa in January.

JOHN BOLLER, EAS’86, New York City, is a trader of currency options and other derivatives securities on foreign-exchange rates. He had been a portfolio manager of firm-proprietary derivatives and a firm-proprietary trader for four years at Morgan Stanley Co. Previously he was at O’Connor Associates, managing derivatives and exotic options on currency-exchange rates.

JORDAN FOSTER, C’86, WG’91, e-mails that he is now a full-time actor in New York City and was cast in a featured role in the play African-American Scrapbook Celebration, scheduled to move Off-Broadway this year. He has also had lead roles in two smaller films, and a bit part in the feature film Sex… the Other Man, winner, best film, at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival (produced by MIKE JACKMAN, C’85). He added,“p.s. I don’t miss Wall Street.”

JOHN C. KRUG, C’86, and his wife, Anne, are the proud parents of twin boys, George Edward and Jack William, born May 6. John also reports that he has been elected a partner in the law firm of Frost Jacobs, Cincinnati, Ohio, where his practice is focused on commercial real estate transactions.

DR. LINDA NIED PRIETO, C’86, e-mails that she and her husband, Jose, have relocated to Safety Harbor, Fla. She has joined a practice specializing in long-term care and geriatrics. In August, they had a baby, Elena, who joins her two-and-a-half year-old brother, Samuel.

JAMES ROTHERHAM, W’86, was married to Christine Greiner on July 27 in San Diego, and they spent their honeymoon in France. Jim is a senior manager in the San Diego office of Ernst Young and Christine is the director of major gifts at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. They live in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego and are expecting their first child in June.

JONATHAN D. SHAFFER, C’86, has become a partner in the Vienna, Va., law firm of Smith, Pachter, McWhorter and D’Ambrosio, practicing primarily in the areas of Government contracts, construction law and commercial litigation. Jonathan, his wife, Robin, and son, Daniel (“Class of 2015?”), live in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.

DR. LISA CAREN LITT, CW’87, completed her Ph.D. in clinical and school psychology last June. She is in practice in New York City and is currently affiliated with the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. Her husband, MICHAEL KNOPF, C’87, is an attorney in the Manhattan office of Dewey Ballantine.

BRENDAN O’BRIEN, C’87, and HARRIET RAVDIN O’BRIEN, C’89, Limerick, Maine, announce the birth of their son, Conor Montgomery O’Brien, on August 16. Brendan is working as a programmer/analyst in Maine.

DR JOSEPH RELLA, C’87, is completing his residency in emergency medicine at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City. He has been accepted into the Medical Toxicology Fellowship, also at Bellevue, beginning this July.

STACEY STEVENS, W’87, e-mails that she was married last August in Sonoma, Calif., to JOHN SWEENEY, WG’96. They live in San Francisco, where she is currently working for FlyCast Communications, an Internet start-up company, as director of market development.

AMY GOTTLIEB COOK, C’88, Pittsburgh, has recently joined Carpenter Legal Search as a search consultant. Amy recently practiced law with the Pittsburgh firm of Marcus Shapira, specializing in labor and employment law and civil litigation.

HARRY FRIEDBERG, C’88, e-mails that in July he took a job as chief dealer of Merrill Lynch’s foreign-currency-options desk in Singapore. He has been living in Singapore for two years, and before that in Hong Kong for one-and-a-half years. He notes that “should any alumni find their way over to Asia, tell them to give a call and I would be happy to show them around — or at least get them to the best bars!” His phone no. is +(65) 734-9315, and is his e-mail address.

LAWRENCE SATCOWITZ, C’88, e-mails that he received a M.S. degree in zoology from Colorado State University in December 1995; he is now living in Boulder.

CHARLES, W’88, and LAUREL KNOX HARPER, W’89, Hershey, Pa., who were married in October 1991, had their first child, Lana Karis, on April 8. In August, Laurel left Arthur Andersen and Charles left Chubb Insurance to work as houseparents (surrogate parents for the children who spend 300 of 365 days a year at the school) at the Milton Hershey School, a boarding school for disadvantaged youth. Charles is pursuing a master’s in religion at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

JAMIE A. LEVITT, C’88, an attorney practicing at the New York office of the San Francisco law firm Morrison Foerster, and GEOFFREY W. SMITH, L’92, director of corporate development at Advanced Health Co., were married on October 12 in Princeton, N.J.

JONATHAN POISNER, C/W’88, Portland, Ore., has become executive director of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

DR. NICANOR R. AUSTRIACO JR., EAS’89, received a Ph.D. in biology from MIT and is now a postdoctoral fellow at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at University College, London.

CHARLES W. BILLUPS, C’89, San Francisco, and his wife, Beth, announce the birth of their daughter, Phoebe Eliza, on October 25.

KATHERINE KERSHBAUM EVANS, C’89, and her husband, Jason Evans, announce the birth of their son, Andrew David, on January 8.

JONATHAN E. PERKEL, C’89, a corporate attorney with the New York based firm of Cadwalader, Wickersham Taft, reports that he has transferred to the firm’s new office located in Charlotte, N. C: [email protected] is his e-mail address there.

PHILLIP REMAKER, EAS’89, and his wife, Theresa, report the birth of their son, Matthew, on December 3.

DR. JOHN VILLANI, EAS/W’89, Gr’94, e-mails that he is an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, teaching and researching in environmental economics and regulation, and the economics of law. He is married to GILDA RODRIGUEZ, W’89, who is a CPA and is now in her first year at University of North Carolina School of Law.

DANIEL T. YOUNG, W’89, Cleveland, has joined the law firm of Thompson, Hine Flory as an associate in its corporate and securities practice.


DR. RICHARD J. BLEICHER, C’90, who is currently a third-year general-surgery resident undertaking a mid-residency, one-year Basic Science Fellowship at the Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, e-mails that he is most pleased to announce that he was awarded a young investigator’s grant, to its maximum allowable amount, by the Pittsburgh Mercy Foundation for a study on the enzymatic mechanisms of resistance of breast cancer to chemotherapy.

JENNIFER CAMPBELL, C/W’90, Manhattan Beach, Calif., has been promoted to executive director for finance and business development at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.

DR. ETAN DIAMOND, C’90, e-mails that he received his Ph.D. in American social history from Carnegie Mellon University in May last year. He is now living with his wife, Judy Snowbell, in Indianapolis, where he works as a research associate at the POLIS Center on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

DAVID EISMAN, C/W’90, and JENNIFER LINDERMAN EISMAN, C’90, of Beverly Hills, Calif., were married last May. David is an associate in the Los Angeles office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. Jennifer is an interior designer and freelance artist. This month (March), David transferred to the London office of Skadden.

MICHAEL GRUBER, C’90, e-mails that after producing interactive software for four years in Japan and the United States, he put off his business dealings in Asia and completed an MBA at Kellogg Business School last June. He consulted for several start-up companies through Future Solutions, a company he founded several years ago. Recently, he moved back to San Francisco and is currently working on an engagement with Silicon Investor ( as director of business development to help them raise equity capital (the company is a start-up which provides an information and discussion forum for technology-stock investing over the Internet, and is one of the more highly visited sites on the Web). Michael is rooming with fellow 1990 graduate DAVE JACOBS and they often see MELANIE ROBBINS, C’90, and MARC ZOLA, C’90. Michael is also in contact with GREG SIGEL, C’90, who is at Motorola and SETH J. MILLER, C’90, who is finishing up a JD/MBA at Northwestern University in Chicago. Michael and Dave Jacobs also keep in touch with a group of alums in New York City. Michael notes that he is “looking to join a venture capital firm and would love it if any alumni knowing of an opportunity could contact him at [email protected]”.

DR. JOSEPH IPPOLITO, C’90, Gr’95, and JOYCE BROWN IPPOLITO, C’93, were married on May 18; they live in Hamden, Conn.

SUSIE WISE, C’90, e-mails that she is working as a multimedia producer in San Francisco, looking to go back to school for an advanced degree in education. She is also hoping to begin filming a documentary on ‘Rodeo Princesses’ early this year with fellow College grad, COREY WEINSTEIN, C90, GFA’91.

DR. CATHERINE N. BALL, Gr’91, recently received a grant of tenure and a promotion to associate professor in the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University.

CHRISTINA LAUCHLAN SARABIA, C’91, and her husband, Xavier Sarabia, announce the birth of their son, Alejandro Lauchlan Sarabia, on November 9.

DR. LOUIS I. ASTRA, C’92, Southfield, Mich., recently graduated from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and is doing a residency in general surgery at Wayne State University in Detroit. He was recently engaged to Eileen Greenbaum, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in speech pathology at Pittburgh; their marriage will be in Florida next May.

JENNIFER FRIEDMAN, C’92, and DANN SKLAREW, C’91, Washington, D.C., were engaged on December 21. Jennifer is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Japan studies and international economics at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, while Dann is completing his Ph.D. in environmental science and policy at George Mason University.

SETH D. GARLAND, C’92, an associate with the law firm of Robinson, Diamant, Brill and Klausner, and LAURA R. PULEO, C’91, a corporate recruiter for American Management Systems, Inc., were married on October 6 in Los Angeles.

STEVE JOBE, C’92, and KATY BRANDT, C’91, were married on May 18; they live in Nashville, Tenn.

CARLA MAYO MEELL, C’92, Harleysville, Pa., and her husband, Timothy Meell, announce the birth of their first child, Stephanie Nicole, on April 3.

ROBERT HERNANDEZ, C’92, Chicago, e-mails that after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1994 with a master’s degree in communication, he joined Leo Burnett USA, the advertising agency, and is a senior research analyst in research and planning. He married Dawn Chiarello, of Chicago, on August 24.

SARA PENNELL, GFA’92, Cambridge, U.K., e-mails that currently she is a research fellow in history at Newnham College, University of Cambridge.

ODED SALOMY, L’92, Tel-Aviv, is an attorney there with the law firm of Herzog, Fox & Neeman.

STEVE STICKLES (Styx), C’92, recently graduated from the West Virginia University College of Law and moved to Denver “to seek fortune, fame and a woman who is willing to be seen in public with me.”

GUILLERMO WEINMANN, C’92, e-mails that he is “livin’ it up and working in New York City.”

DAVID WETZEL, EAS’92, and MONA PATEL, W’91, e-mail that they were married on September 14, and moved to London, where Dave works for Andersen Consulting and Mona works for the law firm Davis Polk Wardwell.

HOLLY B. COLOMBO, EAS’93, and EDWARD F. FLORES, EAS/W’93, were married on June 22 in Madison, Conn. After a honeymoon in British Columbia, they moved into a house in Glen Mills, Pa. Holly is currently working at W.L. Gore Associates in Newark, Del., as a product development engineer, and Ed is working as an engineer at ARCO Chemical in Newtown Square, Pa. Holly can be reached by e-mail at hflores@ and Ed can be reached at [email protected]

MATTHEW BROWN, C’93, and MICHELE POLY, C’93, were married in July 1995. The two now live in Frederick, Md., where Matthew is associate pastor for the United Church of Christ. Michele is a TV news producer for WMAR-TV, an ABC affiliate, in Baltimore.

ROBERT L. COONEY JR., L’93, W’93, Philadelphia, has joined the law firm of Morgan, Lewis Bockius as an associate in its real estate practice.

CHRISTINE LUTTON FOSTER, C’93, and DAVID FOSTER, EAS’93, were married on August 10, in Hermosa Beach, Calif. They reside in New York City where Christine is a reporter for Forbes Magazine and David is an associate at Kenyon Kenyon, an intellectual-property law firm.

STEPHANIE L. GILL, W’93, Moon Township, Pa., graduated from the Dickinson School of Law last summer.

MICHAEL KAMRAS, C’93, Los Angeles, graduated from UCLA School of Law and recently passed the California bar exam. He is now working for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

YURI KIM, formerly You-Lee Kim, C’93, has joined the U.S. Department of State as a foreign-service officer. Her first assignment overseas, commencing July 1997, will be to the American Embassy in Beijing. She moved to Washington, D.C., in 1994 after earning a master’s degree in political theory from the University of Cambridge.

LISA MIRAGLIA MUNROE, W’93, and MICHAEL D. MUNROE, C’92, were married on May 4 in Philadelphia. Several Penn alums were in attendance; and the ceremony spontaneously concluded with “The Red and the Blue,” led by KEITH MUNROE, W’69, and JULIAN MIRAGLIA, C’60.

BRIAN C. NEWBERRY, C’93, e-mails that he is an attorney practicing corporate litigation with the firm of Partridge, Snow Hahn in Providence, R.I.; he and his wife, Beth, are expecting their first child in May.

DR. JAMES J. CHRISS, Gr’94, e-mails that he left Philadelphia in September 1995 to take a position as assistant professor of sociology at Kansas Newman College in Wichita.

OLIVER GRAVES, C’94, Bellevue, Wash., e-mails that he has accepted a position with ATT Wireless Services as a software developer.

ALLISON G. RODIECK, C/EAS’94, e-mails that in December she just completed her master’s of science in environmental systems-engineering at Clemson University and is now working for Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., an environmental-engineering consulting firm in Newport News, Va.

MATTHEW ROSS, C’94, who received his MA in political management from the George Washington University in May 1995 and is currently working for the Millennium Communications Group in Washington, D.C., was engaged in December to MARCIE LEVINE, C’94, GEng’95, a kindergarten teacher in the Alexandria City public-school system. Their wedding is planned for April of next year in Virginia.

HOWARD F. CAMPBELL JR., GEd’95, has been accepted into the doctoral program in curriculum and instruction at Clemson University. He is presently a social-studies teacher for the Gaston County (N.C.) School District, as well as head soccer and softball coach.

CHRISTOPHER HARTWELL, C’95, graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government last June with a master’s in public policy.

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