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Beatrice Malmed Rosenbaum Ed’36 is “94 years old, in good health, still active and happy,” writes her daughter Carol M. Rosenbaum G’66. “With two children and one grandchild (at Oberlin), she can’t needlepoint anymore, but is still an artist, still reading newspapers and books every day. She is never bored. She did a lot of volunteer work for children, the blind, and breast cancer.”


Dr. Eugene N. Myers W’54 is the Emeritus Chair and Distinguished Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh. In July he participated in the 7th International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer, giving a lecture on “Changing Patterns of Surgical Care for Salivary Cancer.”

Don Williams ChE’54 wrote in mid-August, “I am officially on the list to receive an official credential to the Thursday-night session of the Denver Democratic Convention at Invesco Field. This will be my fifth presidential nomination convention: 1936 (age 4) Roosevelt’s second-term nomination in Philadelphia (taken by my father, C1917); 1948 (age 16) Harry Truman’s nomination in Philadelphia; 1948 Tom Dewey’s nomination in Philadelphia; 1964 (age 32) Lyndon Johnson’s nomination In Atlantic City.”

Richard D. Hannan WG’57 writes that he has “enjoyed business management thanks to the Wharton Graduate training, including president-MBA Club for 50 years. Following stimulating experiences at IBM and Gillette, I founded Mercury Instruments in Cincinnati, where during 44 years of continuous growth there has been almost no discussion of the word profit—we concentrate on customers. The company manufactures measuring instruments and sells to all of the 100 largest natural-gas distribution companies in North America, and also to companies in 16 other countries. Recently the company became part of RMG, an international leader in the natural-gas industry.” He is now chair of the advisers board of RMG.

Rabbi Stanley I. Garfein C’59, who is retired, has written and self-published a 92-page, illustrated book for children of all ages, Tales of the Temple Mice. The stories are based on his experiences and “impart values of the Abrahamic religions; some relevant songs are included.” Visit his website


Dr. Hugh Aberman C’60 G’62 wrote in late July, “Our team, based in Carlisle, Pa., recently won the gold-medal championship for the 70-to-74-year-old players in the state Senior Olympics games. This basketball tournament was part of the Pennsylvania Senior Games which holds the 3-on-3 basketball state-qualifier for playing in the National Senior Games that will be held in San Francisco in August. The good news about playing at 70 is that there are fewer teams to play because of the attrition rate. I still love the game and want to play it as long as I can. It took three months of rehab for different problems that cropped up during training—but it was worth it. I played the best ball of my life. I don’t think my old coach, Jack McCloskey, would recognize my game now; at Penn I was a center and played high and low post and really never touched the ball outside. Now, in 3-on-3 games, I play facing the basket, I do a lot of cutting and picking, dribbling with both hands, and I have developed a neat 15 jump shot that I never had in college. I would say that it took me 51 years to really learn how to play the game, so I would consider myself a persistent, but slow learner.”

Franklin Sands C’60 moved to Orlando, Fla., in 1984, after 22 years on Wall Street. He remained in the municipal-bond business, recently with Gardnyr Michael Capital, where he still has his registration. Today he represents Health Capital Services, which provides financing for hospitals, diagnostic-imaging centers, and ambulatory surgical centers. He is also working on co-launching a “green” company and is waiting on grants from a European group and the Maritime Shipping Trust.

Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wohlberg C’62 writes, “In May I retired from the active rabbinate after 42 years, having just completed 22 years as senior rabbi of Adas Israel Congregation in Washington. In addition, last February I was elected president of the Rabbinical Assembly, which is the international organization of Conservative rabbis. I am happily married, for more than 44 years, to Judith Frank Wohlberg CW’63. We are proud parents of Rabbi Adam Wohlberg C’88 of Temple Sinai, Dresher, Pa.; Dr. Rachel Wohlberg C’91, a pediatrician at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington; and Jeremy Wohlberg, an executive with ING in Atlanta.”

Joe Franchetti W’63, vice-chair of CVAC Health Systems Inc., has been elected to the board of Vicor Technologies, Inc., in Boca Raton, Fla., which sells medical risk-stratification technology. He also serves as a trustee emeritus of the Southwest Research Institute of Texas.

Dr. Carl E. Bartecchi M’64, co-wrote, with a colleague at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, a new book, Living Healthier and Longer—What Works, What Doesn’t. It or chapters can be downloaded free at

Harvey A. Feldman C’66 writes, “ While I will continue to teach one course until the end of the 2009-10 academic year, I am retired from Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law, where I began my teaching career in 1970. I was associate dean for academic affairs for a quarter century, including the three-year period when the formerly private, independent law school merged into the university. The law-school dean there has created an endowment in my name to support faculty research and scholarship. Ned Siegel, one of my former students, and I have also established the Feldman-Siegel Endowment at Penn’s School of Design, which supports program enrichment; Ned, who has been a real-estate developer in Florida, is a parent of 

Joshua M. Siegel C’07, who graduated magna cum laude. Ned served on the PennDesign board of overseers and the parent-leadership committee, until he resigned both positions to accept his current posting as the U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas.”

Lee M. Hymerling C’66 L’69, an attorney who specializes in divorce and family law with Archer & Greiner, P.C., in Haddonfield, N.J., was recognized as one of the “Top Attorneys” in the August issue of SJ magazine.

Scott Kahn C’67, Brooklyn, N.Y., is a fulltime painter. One of his paintings is on display in the American Embassy in Moscow and other work can be found in a number of corporate collections. He was one of the two honorable-mention winners in The Artful Home’s 2008 Portfolio Competition; his winning image is for sale through The Artful Home website.

Martin H. Redish C’67, the Louis and Harriet Ancel Professor of Law and Public Policy at Northwestern University School of Law, has recently been named senior counsel to the law firm, Sidley Austin, LLP. His 16th book, Wholesale Justice: Constitutional Democracy and the Problem of the Class Action Lawsuit, will be published next spring by Stanford University Press.

Dr. Steve Seidman G’68 is an associate professor of communication management and design and currently serves as chair of the Department of Strategic Communication at Ithaca College. He wrote Posters, Propaganda, and Persuasion in Election Campaigns Around the World and Through History,which was recently published by Peter Lang.

Donna P. Weinberg CW’68 married John M. Flannery on Sept. 7. The ceremony and reception were held aboard the cruise ship Odyssey, in Boston Harbor. Members of the wedding party included their children and grandchildren. Donna and John will split their time between Belmont and Edgartown, Mass.

David Sears C’69 wrote At War With the Wind: The Epic Struggle with Japan’s WWII Suicide Bombers, which was published in September by Citadel, an imprint of Kensington Books. It is his third book and second narrative history. He is at work on his next book, “this one about the Korean War and the events and people that inspired James A. Michener’s The Bridges at Toko-Ri.


Charles R. Gershon C’70 writes, “My new novel, Slow Funeral, will be published soon.”

Barbara P. Barnett GEd’71 is head of modern languages at the Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, Pa. She was recently decorated by the government of France for her scholarly work on France and World War II. She wrote Visages de la Shoah (Faces of the Holocaust) and directed the award-winning film of the same name.

Dr. William C. Nelsen Gr’71 was ordained on June 22 as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, at the age of 66. He writes that he previously served as vice president and dean at St. Olaf College, president of Augustana College, and president of Scholarship America. He recently returned to Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., to complete his ministerial studies. He serves as pastor of two churches in Gaylord, Minn., St. Paul’s Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran. He adds, “The Bible, neither the Old Testament nor the New Testament, [never] mentions the word retirement!”

Dr. David C. Parris C’72 writes that his son, Jason Parris L’11, recently graduated magna cum laude from the Ohio State University with honors in political science and criminology, and matriculated this fall at Penn Law School.

Abby Suckle CW’72 is the principal of Abby Suckle Architects in New York, which is a member of the U.S. Green Buildings Council; she is also prominent in the work for a public-art map of Manhattan. She spoke on “The Use of Space: From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary,” a panel at the Harvard Divinity School Alumni Day celebration in June.

Lynn Brown McKinney CW’73 writes, “I am pleased to report my retirement from IBM after 32 years. After many positions with IBM, I retired as program director of software sales. I will be working part time and spending more time with my sons, Spencer IV who graduated from Xavier University in New Orleans and is now working on his MBA in London, and Kyle Lynn, senior football player at Furman University, Greenville, S.C. Carpe diem!”

Robert Shasha W’73 co-edited Iraq’s Last Jews: Stories of Daily Life, Upheaval, and Escape From Modern Babylon, an oral-history collection, “which I compiled with my brother and our colleague Tamar Morad. It will come out in late October.”

David Strip C’73 writes, “I’ve retired from Sandia Labs, where I was a researcher in discrete mathematics and high performance computing. My wife and I now spend the bulk of our time at our ranch on an inholding in the Santa Fe National Forest, where I am a ‘gentleman rancher,’ endeavoring to complete the house we’ve been building for several years. I do occasional consulting on computing-related topics, especially computational modeling of health policy and topics related to geometric design.”

Anthony S. Bartolomeo CE’74, president and CEO of Pennoni Associates, has been elected chair of the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia. He was appointed as CEO of Pennoni in 2003.

H. Ronald Klasko L’74, the founding partner of the immigration law firm Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer LLP in Philadelphia and New York, has been named Corporate Immigration Lawyer of the Year by Who’s Who Legal 2008: The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers for the second consecutive year.

Marc Margulies C’75 GAr’79 is the founding partner of Margulies & Associates, the Boston architectural and interior-design firm. In September, to mark its 20th anniversary, it adopted a new name, Margulies Perruzzi Architects, and relocated its offices to the newly renovated Boston Children’s Museum building.

Patricia Dilley G’76, professor at the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law, was recently presented with a Rockefeller Foundation Innovation Award. Her proposal was “Restoring Old Age Income Security for Low Wage Workers.”

James M. Higgins C’76 GAr’78 WG’87 has joined the Seabury Group as a managing director; the New York-based firm provides investment banking and financial services for the transportation, travel, commercial-aerospace, and logistics industries.

Gary J. Lesneski L’76, an attorney who specializes in health-care law with Archer & Greiner, P.C., in Haddonfield, N.J., was recognized as one of the “Top Attorneys” in the August issue of SJ magazine.

Dr. English Willis M’78, the clinical-risk-management and safety-surveillance director of Merck & Co., has been elected vice president of the Maternity Care Coalition in Philadelphia.

Dr. Robin Feltoon G’79, Hanover, Mass., is now the sole owner of Holly Tree Dental practice there. She is co-chair of the Interfaith Seder on the South Shore.

Sarah Luksenberg Schorr Nu’79 writes, “I am very proud and thrilled to announce that my oldest son, Joseph A. Schorr EAS’08 W’08 GEng’08, in May became the third generation in our family to graduate from Penn, following in his paternal grandfather’s [David J. Schorr GCE’59] and mother’s footsteps. Joseph graduated with honors with a bachelor’s and a master’s from Penn Engineering and with a bachelor’s in economics from Wharton. Three degrees in five years! He was also the recipient of the Walter Korn Award, awarded to an outstanding senior at the School of Engineering. He works as a software Engineer for Google Inc. in New York and Israel.”

William J. Thompson L’79, an attorney who specializes in family dispute resolution with Archer & Greiner, P.C., in Haddonfield, N.J., was recognized as one of the “Top Attorneys” in the August issue of SJ magazine.


Dr. Mitchell A. Kline C’81 M’85 and Dr. Nancy Kline, living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, celebrated the bat mitzvah of their middle child, Rachel Kline, in September. He is “organizing a community-based clinical trial utilizing confocal microscopy for the diagnosis of malignant melanoma, while Nancy continues research in cognitive and perceptual disturbance in TBI patients.” Their other two children are entering fourth and 10th grades at the Horace Mann School and Manhattan New School.

Dr. Michael Nussbaum M’81, Jacksonville, Fla., is the new professor and chair of surgery at the University of Florida College of Medicine Jacksonville. He completed his general-surgery residency at the University of Cincinnati in 1986. He was a member of the faculty of the University of Cincinnati from 1986 to 2008, and chief of staff of the University Hospital there from 2000 to 2008. He married Sue Weinstein W’81, the former executive director of Discover Health, Adventures in Learning. They have two children, Jaclyn and Rachel, ages 20 and 18.

Dr. Hal M. Switkay C’81 G’81 writes, “I have allowed life to unfold in new and unexpected ways. In the past year, I have become a certified facilitator of Tai Chi Easy, and a certified practitioner of basic Thai massage. I started a Stressbusters Club at my college, where we do qigong and taiji exercises, and I may start teaching in the community as well. I haven’t given up my day job—yet. But I am following the Dao. Check me out on Facebook!”

Zenos Frudakis FA’82 GFA’83, a sculptor, has created three bronzes for the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Ky.; they are of Dwight Gahm and Jack Nicklaus, who designed the course there and where the pieces were unveiled in September.

Mary T. Knapp GNu’82 writes that after 23 years of geriatric-healthcare consulting as a partner with the Whitman Group and most recently as the principal of Knapp Consulting, she has returned to operations as director of health services at Foulkeways at Gwynedd, Pa., the oldest continuing-care retirement center in Pennsylvania.

Laurie Magid W’82 has been appointed as the acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; she had previously served as first assistant U.S. Attorney in that office.

Shaun Eli Breidbart W’83 reports that Jerry Seinfeld stopped by to perform a 20-minute spot in his standup show on July 16 at New York’s Gotham Comedy Club; the show also starred Dan Naturman W’91. Reader’s Digest has called Shaun “one of the smartest comics in the country”; his website is

Curtis Penn C’84 has run the Penn Design Group since 1998; it is based on Long Island He lives in Dix Hills, N.Y., with his wife, Sharon, and four children (ages one through 13); he can be reached at

Ronnee Schreiber C’84 recently wrote a new book, Righting Feminism: Conservative Women and American Politics, which was published by Oxford University Press.

Andrea Shotkin C’84 writes, “After obtaining a master’s degree in natural resources and environmental education from the University of Michigan in 1991, I worked in Washington as a program manager, writer, editor, communications director, and publications specialist for the North American Association for Environmental Education; and as biodiversity-outreach specialist for the Union of Concerned Scientists. Currently I’m a stay-at-home parent, having moved to Linwood, N.J., almost two years ago with my husband Roger Litow (a Gator and a computer specialist, in that order) and our now two-year-old, extremely energetic boys, Charlie and Matthew. I would love to be in touch with former Penn pals at”

Dr. Eric R. Carlson D’85 is professor and chair of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville, and at the University of Tennessee Cancer Institute. He co-wrote Textbook and Color Atlas of Salivary Gland Pathology: Diagnosis and Management.

Pamela Suttenberg Federbusch C’85 writes, “I won the gold medal at the 2008 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships held in Lake Placid in April, recapturing the Masters Ladies title (ages 35-45) that I previously won in 2006. When not skating, I am a senior vice president at Moody’s Investors Service, following the not-for-profit healthcare sector. I’ve been married for 21 years to Andy Federbusch W’83 and am mom to Casey (14), Adam (11) and Zoe (11).”

Stu Siegel W’85 has joined the ownership group of the Florida Panthers NHL club. “I have become a partner in Sunrise Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Florida Panthers NHL hockey team and operates the BankAtlantic Center, the 19,000-seat arena in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I have also taken on the roles of managing director of SSE and the chair of the Florida Panthers Foundation, its philanthropic arm. I have played hockey nearly my entire life, playing all four years for Penn, and still play today. I have dreamed of being part of the ownership of an NHL team for many years, and have now achieved that dream.”

Tremain Smith C’85 had her work shown in three recent exhibitions: one featuring encaustic artists at the Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N.H.; at the Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art gallery in Sarasota, Fla., and at her own studio in West Philadelphia (

Richard E. Wegryn Jr. C’86 is an attorney who practices in the global-insurance group of the law firm of Cozen O’Connor. He was recently elected chair of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia; he has served on its board for eight years.

David Hildebrand C’87 writes that he has just completed his second book, Dewey: A Beginner’s Guide (Oneworld Press, 2008). The book is a critical introduction to the major areas of Dewey’s philosophical thought: psychology, epistemology, ethics, politics, education, aesthetics, and philosophy of religion. He teaches at the University of Colorado Denver. He welcomes email at  and maintains

Arthur H. Jones L’89, an attorney who specializes in appellate law with Archer & Greiner, P.C., in Haddonfield, N.J., was recognized as one of the “Top Attorneys” in the August issue of SJ magazine.

Bernard J. Kelley L’89 a director and member of the business department of the law firm of Richards, Layton & Finger in Wilmington, Del., was included in the 2008 edition of Chambers USA—America’s Leading Lawyers for Business.

David Krucoff C’89 writes, “2008 has been a year of both professional and personal change for me. Professionally I am now an acting vice president with Broad Street Realty in Bethesda, Md., an entrepreneurial commercial-real estate brokerage; typically I represent tenants and investors. On the personal side, I am no longer married. I look forward to attending my first Homecoming in many years on Nov. 1.”

MarySue Liaw-Rother Nu’89 writes, “A Penn reunion of sorts was held in Palm Springs, Calif., in May, when Dr. Kum Son Chon-Sanchez EAS’89, Christina Ong W’89, Dr. Robin Lin C’89, Stephen Sheng C’89, Chris Sakuma EAS’89, and I, along with our spouses, all met for a long weekend of sun, fun, and just general catching up. A marvelous time was had by all.”

Jonathan Perkel C’89 reports that in July he was promoted to senior vice president and general counsel for Travelocity Global, which in addition to owning and operating, also owns and operates Travelocity Business,,, and Zuji. In connection with his new position, he and his wife L. A. (a wine director and sommelier), are relocating from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Dallas, Tex. Prior to his current role, he was Travelocity’s vice president and deputy general counsel.


Kelly Cage Aronica C’90 writes, “I am thrilled to announce the addition to our family of Tigist, who is three years old and born in Ethiopia. We brought her home to Connecticut in December and she has brought much joy to our family. She joins big sister Abigail (nine), brother Dave (17), and sister Molly (19).”

Bret I. Parker C’90 was promoted to vice president at Wyeth, where he remains chief trademark and copyright counsel and assistant general counsel. He also recently won an Equal Justice Medal from Legal Services of New Jersey and the New Jersey Bar for his work directing the Wyeth law-department pro-bono program.

Chris Gomez C’91 W’91 writes that he “has taken a new role within Hewlett-Packard, as vice president of finance supporting the North America and South America regional-sales team for its imaging and printing group.” He had previously served as vice president of finance supporting the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regional-sales team for their imaging and printing group. He notes that he has been with HP for almost 11 years in total, first joining Compaq in 1997, after graduating from Indiana University with an MBA in finance, and then formally joining HP with the merger in 2002. He is relocating the family to San Diego, Calif., from Germany. He and his wife, Kristina, have four children, Maria, Alexander, Christian, and Gabriela.

Felicia Gray C’91 married Erica Eaton in Windsor, Ont., on March 17. “Dr. Melissa Barnes C’90 GEd’91 attended the bridal-shower blowout on Presidents’ Weekend at our home in New York. Along the route to Windsor, we stayed in Detroit for the weekend, visiting Dr. Nicole Metcalfe C’91, where she has a burgeoning gyn practice in Southfield, Mich., and met her newborn and future Penn grad, London Nicole Smith, who was born, the day before my birthday, on Feb. 22, 2008. Alumni friends can write to me at I encourage same-gender couples to post celebration announcements so that it will enhance visibility and acceptance in our communities.”

Robert J. Hotes GAr’91 GFA’93 has joined John Milner Architects in Philadelphia; he specializes in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings for institutional, government, and other non-profit clients. Previously, he was senior preservation architect in the Philadelphia office of RMJM Hiller.

Jeff Peachin C’91,, and his wife, Kristin Byrd, announce with great joy the birth of their son, Benjamin Byrd Peachin, on June 17; he joined older brother Zachary (who two days later turned three).

Michelle Fenton Hellbusch C’92 writes, “My husband, Jon Hellbusch, and I are happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Morgan Fenton Hellbusch, on Aug. 13, weighing 7 lbs. 6 oz. We live in New York and would love to hear from old friends at”

Darius A. Arya C’93 married Erica Danielle Firpo C’94 at sunset on July 4 in Naples, Fla. Their immediate family attended, including Patrice Firpo C’92 and Emilia Rose Arya, Darius’ six-year-old daughter. “Unavailable due to pre-planned vacation in Rome [Italy] was Bella Bean, dog, friend, and partner-in-crime.” Darius and Erica live in Rome, where he is an archaeologist and director of the American Institute for Roman Culture and she is a freelance writer and cultural consultant. They are expecting their first child.

Julie Avila Stuckmann W’93 recently moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles with her husband, Scott, and her daughters, Sydney (seven) and Sofia (five). “My husband was offered a terrific opportunity at Nestlé in Glendale, Calif. After 11 years of marketing at Coca-Cola, I resigned from my job to focus on this huge transition. I will begin a marketing-consulting practice in the fall, once the girls have started school. I would love to reconnect with old friends, especially ones that are living in the Los Angeles area. Please email me at”

Erica Danielle Firpo C’94 see Darius A. Arya C’93.

Debbie Rebell Moss C’94 and Jason Moss are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Sienna Adele, on July 17. She joined her big brother Asher Cole, who is now two. “We live in Westchester County, N.Y.”

Corbin Baumel W’95 and his wife, Clara, are pleased to announce the arrival of their daughter, Hannah Isabela, on Feb. 25. She is “a healthy and happy baby.” Her brother Jacob (almost three) is “adjusting well and is enjoying the arrival of his baby sister.” Corbin and his family live in Dallas, Tex., and would love to hear from former classmates at

Steve Karasik C’95 in July was promoted to coordinating producer with CBS Sports. A three-time Emmy Award-winner, he lives in New York with his wife, Ilyssa.

Allison Winn Scotch C’95 writes, “I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my second novel, Time of My Life, which was released by Random House in early October. The Weinstein Company has purchased the rights to the film adaptation and is developing it for the big screen. When I’m not daydreaming about my perfect movie cast, I stay busy writing for magazines and hanging out with my two kids and husband in New York. I’d love to hear from old classmates at”

Dr. Jenifer Gross Slone C’95 and Steve Slone W’95, “and big sister Samantha (two) are proud to announce the birth of Ryan Codell Slone on May 7. Jen is an attending neuroradiologist at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, and Steve works in the strategic-planning group at ING Direct in Wilmington, Del.”

Dan Soloway C’95 and his wife, Andrea, are happy to announce the birth of their daughter, Leah Sage, on May 15. “Weighing  7 lbs. 5 oz., and measuring 19.75 inches. Full head of hair, unlike her father.” All grandparents are thrilled, including David Soloway W’63 and Anthony Maltese Ar’55.

Perry Choset C’96 see Erica Levine Choset C’97.

Mark Deshur EAS’96 and his wife, Brandy, are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Lindsey Emma, on July 23. She joined big brother Zachary. The family recently moved to Highland Park, Ill.: Mark is an anesthesiologist at Evanston Hospital.

Suzanne Garber GGS’96 writes, “I recently earned the Latin America and Caribbean Leadership and President Club awards for distinguished leadership at FedEx, where I serve as managing director for South America. My husband, Chris Garber, won the Brazilian national championship for jiu jitsu in May, so I’m feeling pretty heavily protected, based here in the stunningly dangerous city of São Paulo. I’m also looking to gather more alums in South America for benchmarking and networking as I travel frequently throughout the continent; interested parties may contact me at”

Chris Hampshire C’96 writes, “It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since my wife, Tammy, gave birth to our first children, twins Emma Rose and Samuel Grey, on May 7, 2007. We live outside of Philadelphia these days, and I’d love to hear from old friends at

Jeremy Kahn C’96 married Victoria Whitford on July 18 at Orwell Park in Nacton, Suffolk, U.K.; a civil ceremony was followed by a Jewish blessing, with many alumni attending. Members of the wedding party included his father, Ronald L. Kahn W’68, and groomsmen Dr. David Rosenberg C’96and Stephen Sanford C’96; Adam Mark C’97 played piano for the ceremony. “Also on hand to witness the joyous occasion were Richard Albert W’68, Richard Bloomfield W’68, Eric Dash C’02 W’02, Ben Hammer C’98, Marisa Katz C’99, Gregory Montanaro C’96 G’99, James Sweetbaum C’96 W’96, and Eric Tienou C’96.” Jeremy and Victoria currently live in New Delhi, India, where she heads up the foreign and security policy team at the British High Commission and he is a freelance journalist.

Joyce Koh C’96 wrote in mid-August, “I just wrapped my first independent film production as a co-producer, No Boundaries, which was filmed in the Philadelphia region. A Violet Pictures production, it is a story about a woman, feuled by her passion for her family, who overcomes insurmountable challenges on her own two feet. I started on the path of production by doing legal work for the production company and ended up on set as the script supervisor. Among other tasks and duties, and, after many other permutations of responsibilities, all have agreed that I am a producer on the film.”

Rachel Levy Lesser C’96 wrote that she is excited to announce the publication of her book, Shopping for Love. “It is a memoir that reveals life lessons learned while shopping with my mother and other family members. I wrote it as a tribute to my mother, who lost her hard-fought battle with cancer four years ago. Shopping was a long-standing tradition in my family, and it became a gift for my mother during her illness; in fact extending the quality and quantity of her life. Learn more at”

John E. McGowan G’96 writes that he recently landed a regional TV commercial running on broadcast TV, cable, and the Internet for Cooper University Hospital System. Beyond his acting persona, he also teaches adult ESL. He writes that his “video short Apogee Circles is online and being showcased on the Virtual Channel Network via”

Rebecca Moss Schwartz C’96 and her husband, Andy Schwartz, are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Leo Gabriel, on May 29. “Big sister Mikayla is loving her new role in the family.”

Mia Tepper-Lew Nu’96 and Shmuel Lew are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Eden Jacob, on July 4. They live in Raanana, Israel, where Mia is an oncology nurse at Meir Hospital and Shmuel is the market maker for First International Bank of Israel.

Erica Levine Choset C’97 and Perry Choset C’96 are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Rebecca Paige, on April 14 in New York. She joined her proud big brother Jared, who just turned three.

Jamie Copaken C’97 see Ellen Trachtenberg Copaken C’98 WG’05.

Allyson Fuller Felo Nu’97 see Michael J. Felo EAS’98 GEng’99.

Sr. Teresita Hinnegan GFA’97 recently received an award from the International Centre for Nursing Ethics. She served for 22 years on the faculty of the School of Nursing. Currently she works with women who have experienced violence and abuse; she will soon open Dawn’s Place, a safe house in Philadelphia for women who are recovering from trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Jonathan King C’97 EAS’97 see Lori Werfel King EAS’99 W’99.

Kimberly Stern C’97 married Stephen Roberts on June 7 in Laguna Niguel, Calif. They met while attending USC business school five years ago. Several Penn friends celebrated with them, including ceremony participants Laurie Ross Stern C’97 and Katie Leeson C’97, as well as Stephanie Reiter W’96, Kim Wilson W’96, Julia Loscalzo Giordano C’97, Lauren McKeone Thornley C’97 EAS’97, Talia Kohorn Senders C’97, Josh Senders C’95, Patrick Leroy C’97, and Cara Magee Leroy Nu’01. Kimberly works in healthcare operations for DaVita and Steve works in real-estate development. They live in Santa Monica.

Brian Weisfeld WG’97 writes that he and his wife and two young daughters just moved across the country from New York to Los Altos, Calif., where he is now the COO of Coupons Inc., based in Mountain View, “the leading online couponing company in the U.S. through its <> website.”

Eric Zamborsky C’97 writes, “I am fired up to announce that I married Deyanira Vallejo on June 7. The ceremony and reception took place outdoors, overlooking the skyline of San Diego. Alumni revelers included Chris Cononico W’97, James Miller W’97, Chad Evans C’97 EAS’97, Nancy Solnik C’97 W’97, Gillian Geiger Morris C’97, Andrew “Dr. K” Krakowski C’96 G’96 M’03, Carlisle Krakowski Rand V’06, Frank Krakowski M’72 GM’76, and Don Zamborsky C’69. After graduating from Penn, my (lack of) career has taken me to Boston, San Francisco, New York, Sydney, and now San Diego. In addition to wholeheartedly embracing the So-Cal lifestyle, I am manager of business development for a small, family-owned manufacturing company in the dental industry. If you’ve ever wanted a 24-karat gold grill for your teeth, with PENN in diamond studs, I can help. I would love to hear from old friends, especially the lads of 231 South 41st Street, at”

Adam Barrist C’98 and Joy Barrist proudly announce that their daughter, Dominique Juliette, was born on Aug. 14. “Big brother Alex is equally enthusiastic about her arrival.”

Meryl Horowitz Cohen C’98 and Andrew Cohen are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Spencer Ross Cohen, on Jan. 31, weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz., and measuring 21.5 inches long. Recently the family moved to Roslyn, N.Y. Meryl is a physical therapist working part-time and Andrew is a tax attorney at Marcum and Kliegman, LLP. “We would love to hear from old Penn friends at”

Ellen Trachtenberg Copaken C’98 WG’05 and Jamie Copaken C’97 are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Sawyer Brice Copaken, on May 8. They are enjoying life in Dallas, after many years in New York and Philadelphia. Ellen is currently a marketing manager at Frito-Lay, where she recently launched two new snack brands: and Jamie is a psychotherapist in private practice. They would love to hear from old friends at

Alan Danzig W’98 married Jocelyn Wilk in Roslyn, N.Y., on March 30. The wedding party included Heather Danzig Heft C’94, 

Adam Heft C’93 L’97, Jonathan Singer W’98, and Dalia Grimberg EAS’95 W’95. “We live in New York, where Alan is working in JPMorgan’s credit portfolio research group and Jocelyn is public-services archivist at the Columbia University Archives.”

Yvette Borofsky Edidin EAS’98 W’98 writes, “I was recently elected mayor of Roslyn Harbor for a term of four years. I grew up in Roslyn Harbor, and moved back four years ago with my husband, Eric, and my two sons, Boaz and Benjamin. I gladly welcome any old classmates to get in touch at, I miss everyone!”

Kate Deutsch Eichel W’98 and Scott Eichel announce the birth of their second daughter, Summer Paige, on Aug. 11. “Big sister Billie (two) is hoping they’ll both be at Penn together!”

Lauren Erica Feingold C’98 WG’05 G’06 married Kevin Drew Navas WG’06 on Aug. 16 at the Cescaphe Ballroom in Philadelphia. Melissa Korsin Salzberg C’98 was matron of honor; Jennifer Sanders C’98 was in the bridal party and signed the ketubah; Jorge Fontanez W’98, Laura Ross C’98, WG’05, Lucia Guajardo WG’05, and Vanessa Dager WG’05 participated in the ceremony. Other alumni attending the wedding were Maria Zuckerman C’98, Laurie Abrams C’98, Basilia Huff C’98, Lauren Schenker C’99, Regan Clarke WG’05, Mona Bijoor C’98 G’98 WG’05 and Ajay Bijoor C’98 WG’06, Simone D’Souza C’01, WG’05, Mary Anne Kuruzc WG’05, Megan Smyth WG’05, Helen Gurfel WG’05, Lisa Rikkers G’05 WG’05 and Pierre-Alain Rikkers G’04 WG’04, Jordan Steinberg WG’06, Howard Katzenberg WG’05, Wendy Ross WG’06 and Matt Ross WG’06, Nathan Mackey WG’05, Donna Carter WG’05, Patrick Pettay WG’05, and James McGarvey WG’05.

Michael J. Felo EAS’98 GEng’99 and Allyson Fuller Felo Nu’97 are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Luke Thomas Felo, on July 11. He is warmly welcomed by big brother Joshua (six) and big sister Katherine (four). Mike and Allyson relocated to Merrimack, N.H., in March, after living in the Philadelphia area since their Penn days. He is working for Millipore as an applications engineer consultant and she is enjoying time at home with the kids.

Tal Golomb C’98 see Dr. Ariella Poncz Golomb C’99 M’04 WG’04.

Laurel Siegel Landau C’98 and her husband, Brent, are happy to announce the birth of their son, Jeremy Reuben, on May 8 in Philadelphia. His proud grandparents include Stuart Siegel C’69 D’73.

Darren Langer C’98 see Taryn Wallack Langer C’00.

Rachel Kaplinsky Margolies C’98 L’01 and her husband, Rich, are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Austin Levi, on Aug. 17; he weighed 8 lbs., and measured 21.5 inches. Rachel, Rich, and Austin live in New York, where she is assistant counsel for the National Football League.

Randi Harari Mason C’98 and Jonathan Mason are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Alexander Reese, on March 2. He weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long.

Craig McGettigan CGS’98 is associate director of strategic CRM/database marketing for Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Helen Han Mountain C’98 and her husband, Chad, are proud to announce the birth of their son, Harrison John Mountain, on July 2. He joined big brother Carter (two) at their home in Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Lisa Joffe Schechter C’98 and her husband, Jonathan Schechter, are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Jackson Oliver, on July 23. He joins big sisters Sarah (six) and Alexandra (three). They live in Englewood, N.J.

Melissa Chiat Weiss C’98 and her husband, Brian, are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Jacob Benjamin on March 27. “Jake, as everyone calls him, is doing great and discovering something new every day. He especially loves when aunt Lindsay Faber Chiat C’00 and uncle Mike Chiat C’00come over to babysit. Our new little family is happily living in New York.”

Gavin Westerman C’98 see Lauren Gurtman Westerman C’00.

Matthew Engel W’99 and his wife, Ilana, are proud to announce the birth of their son, Joshua David, on May 28. Matt can be emailed at

Jacqueline Berkell Friedland C’99 and her husband, Jason Friedland, announce the birth of their third son, Shepherd Zion Friedland, on June 5; he weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. He joined Abe (four) and Asher (two).

Dr. Ariella Poncz Golomb C’99 M’04 WG’04 and Tal Golomb C’98 are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Eden Shoshana, on Feb. 24 (8 lbs. 2 oz., 21 inches). “Eden joins a growing Penn family of grandfather Mortimer Poncz M’76 (faculty), aunts Rivka Golomb C’02 WG’09and Elisa Poncz C’04, and uncle-to-be William McEnroe C’05 L’09. She had her first Penn experience in May at Ariella’s fifth-year Medical School and Wharton MBA reunion events and joining Tal and his 10th Reunion class in the Locust Walk alumni parade. Ariella, Tal, and Eden live in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.”

Lori Werfel King EAS’99 W’99 and Jonathan King C’97 EAS’97 are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Ashley Danielle, on July 10. They currently live in New Jersey, where Lori works as a brand manager for Schering-Plough Healthcare Products and Jon is the director of sales strategy for CMI Marketing, based in New York.

Martha Nguyen C’99 and her husband, Gregory S. Wright, welcomed a son, Luke Stewart Wright-Nguyen, on April 19. “First-time grandfather Dat Q. Nguyen W’81 couldn’t be more proud. Luke joins Mai and Greg and the family dogs, Ernie and Sammie, in Bethesda, Md., where Mai is regulatory counsel at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.”

Brett Sussman W’99 married Georgia Wainger in a lovely ceremony in West Orange, N.J., on July 4. In the wedding party were fellow alumni Aaron Javian C’99 and Thomas Cummings C’99; also attending the wedding were Hilary Leland C’99, Carol Ying C’99 W’99, Rashmi Gupta C’99,and Eu-Gene Sung W’99 (who sent in this note). The couple honeymooned in Anguilla  and  Nevis, and now live in New York.

Olivia Vasilescu C’99 married Jason Palmer on July 5 at St. Juliana’s in Palm Beach, Fla., which was followed by a reception at The Breakers hotel. The wedding party included maid of honor Danielle Vasilescu C’07 and bridesmaid Meredith Sheldon C’00 (who sent in this note). Other alumni who attended the wedding included Brian Moore W’99, Randi Spinner Moore C’01, Robertson Price C’00, Steve Helfeld W’99, Ian Dattner CW’00, Mira Patel Muhtadie C’00 WG’05, Herb Chan EAS’99 GEng’00, and Rachel Schiffman W’06. Olivia is an attorney at Dreier LLP and Jason works for Kaplan Test Prep; they currently live in Manhattan.


Alison Bernstein C’00 and her husband, Patrick Bardill, proudly announce the birth of their first child, Abigail Rebecca Bardill, on June 28. Diane Langsam Bernstein SAMP’73and Steven Bernstein W’72 are thrilled to be grandparents. Both Alison and Patrick are PhD candidates in biology and biomedical science at Washington University in St. Louis; they hope to graduate by the end of the year and move back to the New York area. She would love to hear from old friends at

Michelle Lewis Chiachiere C’00 married Frank Chiachiere C’00 EAS’00 on July 5 at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish, Wash. “The long weekend included a winning game for the Mariners, July 4th fireworks after dinner at Pike Place Market, and friends and family from across the country. The wedding party included Michael Sendrow C’00, Manlio Lo Conte C’99, and Eric Schinfeld C’99. Other alumni attending were Luke Bruneaux C’02 and Rebecca Shor C’04, Jason Busell W’00, Matt Cinque W’00, Elan Dobbs C’00, G’00, Diana Falchuk C’99, Celia Framson C’97, Marya Sea Kaminski C’99, Adam Kaufman EAS’00 W’00, Jessica Knaster C’97, David Lavin C’99, Briehan Lynch C’01 and Alex Evis W’98 WG’99, Stacey McMorrow C’00 GrW’09, Meera Patankar C’99, Sara Scott C’00, Mark Sendrow L’69 and Susan Sendrow CW’68 GEd’69, Andy Stone C’00, and Rachel Weissman C’00 EAS’00.” Michelle and Frank met as freshmen, in a Penn Players production. They live in Seattle, where she is development director at On the Boards, a contemporary performing-arts center, and he is an information architect at POP Multimedia, while pursuing his master’s in information management at the University of Washington.

Taryn Wallack Langer C’00 and Darren Langer C’98 welcomed a son, Harrison Shane Langer, on June 24. “He was 8lbs. 2 oz., 21.5 inches long, and feisty like his Mom. His bris was celebrated with great alumni friends: David Siegel EAS’98, Amir Mahan Ghaznavi C’08, Michael Lean C’98and Allison Menell Lean C’99, Andrew Immerman W’98, Joshua Dickstein C’98 G’00, Alan Kessler C’98, Dan Sundheim W’99, Brett Sundheim C’01, Howard Katz C’98, Mark Halpern W’99 and Danielle Blaine Halpern C’99, David C’98 L’01, Whitney Goldstein C’97, Rachel Goldstein C’98, Rachel Kane Strohmenger C’00, Anna Jadow Bloom C’00, Jessica Pantzer C’00, and Josh Goldberg C’98 and Allison Rosen Goldberg W’98.”

Natasha Miller C’00 W’00 married Mohamed Sekkat on July 5 at the Baltimore Country Club in Baltimore. They were pleased to have several Penn grads attending on the special day: Pamela Annan-Brady Rudden C’00, Jessica Douglas C’98, Traci Cassan C’01, and Sujata Gosalia C’00 W’00.Natasha would love to hear from old friends from Penn at

Dylan Ramsey C’00 married Jean Marie Hackett on June 14 in Charlottesville, Va. Several alumni attended, including best man Tyler Albert C’00, Ted Bretschger W’99, Bill Bryan C’00, Brian Freckmann C’99, Ben McCallen C’99, Jesse Terry C’01, and John Whittaker C’01. Dylan and Jean Marie met in law school at UVA and currently live in Brooklyn.

Lauren Gurtman Westerman C’00 and Gavin Westerman C’98 are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Jacob Alexander, on May 27. He joined older brother Adley.

Russell Scott Dritz W’01 see Melanie Jill Schmid C’02.
Brian Greene C’01
 writes that he recently won a Daytime Emmy as a writer for the Discovery Channel game show Cash Cab (“or, as Oscar the Grouch called it at the ceremony, Trash Cab”). He is “a freelance television writer who has worked for MTV, VH1, Fuse, Comedy Central, and too many websites to list here, and will next be the head writer for YouTube Live,happening on Nov. 22.” He lives in New York.

Aaron Karo W’01 has launched, a “user-generated humor site that expands the Ruminations brand” he has been “cultivating since freshman year in the Quad.” He writes that he also made his network television debut when he performed stand-up on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS.

John A. McWilliams C’01 and Nancy Nghiem McWilliams welcomed the birth of their daughter, Kaitlin An McWilliams, on July 25. She is their first child. “Kaitlin has already began her own career at Penn by being born at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Mother and daughter are both healthy and doing well, and daddy couldn’t be prouder.”

Rob Raney W’01 married Sadie Lloyd on July 26 in an intimate ceremony in Conway, Wash. Zach Friedland EAS’01performed the best-man duties and was joined by groomsman Jay Dearborn W’01 WG’08 (who sent in this note). Other alumni attending were Dave Albert W’00, Jennifer Liu Friedland C’00, Maz Sharafi EAS’01 WG’08, Nisha Thomas W’02 WG’07, and Katie Truitt C’02 SW’08. Rob and Sadie celebrated their honeymoon in Bali, Malaysia, and Singapore. They live in Seattle, where he is the valuation manager for Silver Creek Capital.

Eric Tucker C’01 and Melissa Chesnov Tucker C’01 are happy to announce the births of their twins, Abigail Dara and Samuel Leo, on July 13. They were born in Providence, R.I., where Eric is a reporter for the Associated Press and Melissa is an assistant city solicitor.

Lori Uscher-Pines C’01 announces the publication of her first self-help book, The Get-Your-Man-to-Marry-You-Plan: Buying the Cow in the Age of Free Milk. “The book hit bookstores and online booksellers in October, and is a must-read for any gal (Penn alum or not) who is planning to get married.” She says her book is “not a classic in the Crime and Punishment sense but you will find that it is more applicable to your daily life, way less tortured, and much, much shorter.”

Rachel Wainer Apter C’02 and Jonathan Apter EAS’02 W’02 are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Eliana Liv Apter, on July 18, weighing 6 lbs. 1 oz., and measuring 19 inches.

Robyn Badiner Bedil C’02 and her husband, Evan, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Emma Alexis Bedil, on April 27; she weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz., and measured 19.5 inches long. Robyn and Evan live in New York, where she works in debt-capital markets at Merrill Lynch and would love to hear from old friends at

Melanie Jill Schmid C’02 married Russell Scott Dritz W’01 on May 31 at Capitale in New York. Their wedding party included maid of honor Cara Schmid C’00, bridesmaids Lisa Fieldston C’02, Rebecca Glassman C’06, Melissa Reichman C’02, and Danielle Weiss C’02, as well as best man Jeffrey Schlosser WG’01, groomsman Matthew Canno W’01 L’06, and usher Peter Rackoff EAS’01. Other alumni attending included Rachel Belsky C’02, Charles Carol C’99, Amanda Carol C’02, Robert Cuthrell W’01, Lauren Davidson C’02, Ross Fieldston C’02, Bryan Goldberg C’01, Nicole Heffner C’02, Adam Keil W’00, Seth Kleinman C’01, Margot Kleinman C’02, Elizabeth LaPuma C’01 W’01 WG’02, Stephanie Lerman C’02, Alex Niejelow L’07, Todd Powell C’00, Zachary Sheinberg C’02 W’02, Suzanne Sorkin W’02, David Weiser W’02, Jessica Weiser C’03, and Christopher Wolfe C’00. Melanie and Russell now live in New York, where she is an associate in the bankruptcy and financial-restructuring group at WilmerHale and he is a principal at Quad Partners. 

Matthew DeNardo EAS’03 married Natalie Baron at Temple Beth-El in Richmond, Va., on June 29. The wedding party included best man Jonathan Nguyen C’03 GEd’04; other alumni attending included Richard Byrne C’03, Jeffrey Byrnes EAS’03, Alvin Hemmingsen W’03, Ryan Schmidt C’03, Anup Sharma C’03 G’03 Gr’11 M’11, Michael Wehrli C’03, and Natalie’s grandfather, Louis Paul W’51. Matthew and Natalie celebrated their honeymoon in Aruba. They live near Boston, where she works as a consultant for families affected by autism and he works as an engineer at a medical-device company.

Michael Frankel C’03 see Audrey Hutt C’04.

Rachel Moser C’03 married James Vassak on Aug. 23, in Princeton, N.J.. She was joined by many alumni, including her mother, Dr. Rosemarie Scolaro Moser C’76 GEd’77 Gr’81,members of the bridal party Janet Temko C’03 and Peri Schultz C’03, and friends Dr. Sheila Gomez V’95, Christopher Barbrack L’89, Samantha Gaiber Matlin C’03, Lauren Tarantino C’03, Lauren Gross C’03, Nillie Sonecha W’03, Josh Zelig C’03, Jesse Fuchs-Simon C’02, Todd Simon C’02, Alex Duff C’03, and Rachel Bobrow C’04. Rachel and Jimmy live in New York, where she attends Columbia Business School.

Ross Clark C’04 writes that he is attending Columbia Business School, in their Class of 2010.

Matthew T. Jenkins C’04, Chicago, has joined the law firm of Corboy and Demetrio as an associate; he specializes in plaintiff’s personal injury and wrongful-death litigation.

Audrey Hutt C’04 married Michael Frankel C’03 on July 3 at the Hilton Woodcliff Lake in New Jersey. They “met on the third floor of HRN in 2001 and, back at Penn in October last year, got engaged.” Alumni in the wedding party included Rosalie Braunstein C’05, Rebecca Moses Goldberg C’05, Rachel Uderman Klein C’05, Isaac Hakimi W’04, and Uri Pasternak EAS’04. Other Penn students, faculty, and alumni at the wedding included Rachel Biller C’05, Danielle Savitsky C’05, Josh Strauss C’04, David Shyovitz C’04, Adina Zoltan Shyovitz C’04, Elie Weiner C’04, Rivka Weiser C’04, Eric Klein, Shalom Goldberg, Dr. Ariella Hochzstein Friedman C’04, Amy Gross C’02, Yonaton Kohn C’03, Miriam Bieler Major C’03, Jeff Miller W’03, Yoni Ray EAS’03, Jason Auerbach C’04, Ali Budin Auerbach C’03, Eloise Kauvar C’03, Jen Ingerman Yedlin C’05, Irv Schlussel W’04, Jason Schlachter C’03, Micah Liben C’03, Deborah Markowitz Liben C’03, Aaron Krawitz W’04, Lance Kaminsky C’03, Zoe Goldfarb W’05, Naomi Berkowitz C’04, Jill Berkin C’04, Rachel Lowy W’06, Elan Fuld EAS’06, Peretz Cik EAS’06, Kate Frommer C’07, Jessica Wolfe C’10, and Leon Metzger, Steven Gilbert, Marc Braunstein, Claudia Braunstein, and Susan Ehrenfeld. Audrey and Michael live in New York, where she is an account manager for Zeta Interactive, an interactive marketing agency, and he manages his two businesses, Kosher Advantage and

Brian Szymanik GAr’04 is now a registered architect in Pennsylvania and a LEED-accredited professional. A project architect and project manager with the DLR Group Becker Winston in Philadelphia since 2004, he serves as project architect for Cyber Village Senior Housing and St. John the Evangelist House.

Eduardo Abreu C’05 W’05 married Kristen Novack Nu’05 on June 7 in New York.

Emily Morgan CGS’05,, was featured in the Small Business column of The New York Timeson Aug. 17: she is a “virtual assistant.” She writes, “I was also featured on NBC10 a few months ago.”

Kevin Drew Navas WG’06 see Lauren Erica Feingold C’98 WG’05 G’06.

Anand Jahi C’08, Joseph Kay C’08, and Nicki Olivier C’08 recently began fellowships at Philly Fellows, a year-long program which “is designed to connect motivated graduates with meaningful positions where they can make a difference in the city.” They are now working full time as public-education advocate at the Education Law Center; communications coordinator at Research for Action; and community-life assistant at the Bethesda Project, respectively.

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