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Nov|Dec 2014


Clark Tyler Thompson C’47 CCC’56 and Rose Franck Thompson CW’48 just celebrated their 65th anniversary. “We enjoy retirement and apartment living in Wexford, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh.”


Hon. Harold Berger EE’48 L’51, a former Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge, is a managing principal and member of the executive committee of Berger & Montague, P.C. He served as liaison counsel in the Three Mile Island litigation and on the case-management committee for the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill litigation, and received the special-service award of the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges. Earlier this year, he was recognized with a lifetime-achievement award from the Legal Intelligencer for his “distinct impact on the legal profession in the Commonwealth and for helping to shape the law in Pennsylvania.” An overseer of Penn’s School of Engineering & Applied Science, Harold is chair of the Friends of the Biddle Law Library.

Stanley E. Carnarius C’48 writes, “My Spanish professor at Penn turned me on to a philosophical study group that has enriched my life, as I recount in my bookAdventures of a Sabian Student (Infinity, 2011). Shortly after my recent 90th birthday, my biography of the Sabian founder was also published: Marc Edmund Jones (Infinity, 2014).”


Dr. Michael Lewis C’58 Gr’62 is the University Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry and director of the Institute for the Study of Child Development at Rutgers University. His recent book, The Rise of Consciousness and the Development of Emotional Life, was awarded the 2014 William James Book Award by the American Psychological Association. The third edition of The Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology, which he co-edited, has been published by Springer.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


E. David Harrison L’60 was recently appointed a commendatore of the Order of the Italian Star by the president of the Italian Republic.


Sheila Sidlett Gunther CW’62 recently published two articles in Bloomberg BNA: “The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, Insurance Companies and the SEC, Securities Regulation & Law Report” (August) and “The Securities Laws and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, Securities Regulation & Law Report” (March); they were co-written with her husband, Samuel P. Gunther W’61. She is a professor and chair of the foreign-language department at Long Island University-Post, where she teaches English and world-literature courses that focus on sustainability.


Ronald A. Knabb Jr. Ar’63 is senior partner of the architectural firms Knabb Partnership and Knabb Seace McDonald with practices in Berwyn, Pa. He was recently elected national president of the Society of American Registered Architects; he had received its Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement and was elected a fellow some years ago. Ron was the chief architect and designer of Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


Dale Richard Perelman WG’65 wrote the history Steel: the Story of Pittsburgh’s Iron and Steel Industry, 1852-1962. Available on Amazon, it “juxtaposes the haves—men like Andrew Carnegie, Ben Franklin Jones, and Henry Clay Frick—with the have-nots, who labored in their mills.”

Richard Moll W’65 writes, “I wrote five drafts on my Toshiba laptop in a humorous and lighthearted way describing the journey and ultimate achievement of my life’s goal, having a child. I worked for many days editing the drafts, which depicted both devastating as well as joyous moments. I included a myriad of scary twists and turns encountered along the way. Just when I had given up hope, I believe that God intervened. Help came from an unexpected and generous person. Our efforts had finally paid off after 10 years. At age 68, I was rewarded with the joy of having a child. Actually, I had triplets. The drafts I mentioned in the beginning were lost when Microsoft upgraded me to Windows 8.1. What I wanted to accomplish by writing the drafts was to convince as many elderly couples, men, and women as possible to never give up on your desire to have a child. Don’t let others dissuade you or annoy you when you want something.”


Marc Cooper EE’66 WG’68 writes, “After sorting through various Boston-based careers, from electronics-manufacturing management (Raytheon) to hospital administration (Mass. General) to my own ice-cream business (beginning in 1983), I have morphed into producing Coop’s MicroCreamery Handmade Hot Fudge, a brand I developed five years ago. I’m proud to say that we just won the prestigious ‘sofi Award’, for our unique packaging, from the Specialty Food Association at the most recent Fancy Food Show in New York. Only 32 awards were given out from over 2,700 entries. Coop’s Hot Fudge is currently available at retail stores in 31 states, plus Australia and Canada, as well as online. I guess slowing down is not in my genes.”


James Carnahan C’68 has been appointed to the strategic-plan steering committee of the Cosanti Foundation in Scottsdale Ariz.; he was on the Arcosanti construction staff there in the mid-1970s.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


Barbara P. Barnett GEd’71, a French teacher at the Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, Pa., recently co-completed a documentary in French with subtitles entitled Dr. Henri Borlant: Survivant et Témoin (Survivor and Witness). It is a tribute to a French Holocaust survivor who was deported at 15, survived, and became a doctor. This is her sixth documentary about France under the German occupation.

Rick Levy C’71 writes, “On Aug. 26, I performed a headline show with American pop-rock legend Tommy Roe at the 2014 International Beatle Week at the famed Cavern in Liverpool. Playing the Cavern is definitely a bucket-list accomplishment.” (“When Wax Was Hot,” Sept|Oct 2010).

Noëlle Sickels G’71 wrote Out of Love, her fourth book, which was published by La Sirena Press earlier this year; it “delves into the difficult journeys of adoptees and birth parents looking for one another before the Internet age.”


Michael L. Bentley GEd’72 is an education associate at the Virginia Museum of Natural History who also directs the Science Institute for Teachers at Hollins University. He co-edited Connecting Children to Nature: Ideas and Activities for Parents and Educators, which was published in June by Wood N. Barnes Publishing.

Hon. Gary E. Jackson W’72 writes, “I have just been elected vice president of the Council of Municipal Court Judges of Georgia. I also received the President’s Award for work during the 2014 Session of the General Assembly of Georgia. I continue to live in my hometown of Atlanta with my wife and children.”


Daniel Todes C’74 Gr’81, a professor in the Institute of History of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University, wrote Ivan Pavlov: A Russian Life in Science, which is to be published by Oxford University Press this month.


Katalin Gotzy Abraham SAMP’76 is vice president for regulatory affairs at VaxInnate Corp., a biotechnology company in Cranbury, N.J., that develops vaccines using a “breakthrough technology that involves genetically fusing vaccine antigens to the bacterial protein flagellin, a potent stimulator of the innate immune system.” She and her husband, Paul Abraham, and their daughters, Nora, Katie, and Klara, “live happily with Mecsek, [our] great old Rhodesian Ridgeback, a rabbit named Schnizel, and a bearded dragon, inexplicably named Waffles.”

Andreas Kronfeld C’76 has been honored with a Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study of the Technical University of Munich. This will allow him to spend a quarter of his time over the coming three years in Munich carrying out his research; he will continue his position as a theoretical physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, near Chicago.

Joel Millman C’76 wrote in late July that he is “leaving Portland, leaving North America, and leaving The Wall Street Journal to begin work as a press officer for the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, with a special focus on Africa and the Middle East.” He started at the WSJ in 1996 in Mexico City, covering immigration for many years, and wrote a book on the topic.


Harris Steinberg C’78 GAr’82 is the newly appointed executive director of the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation at Drexel University, where he serves as a distinguished teaching professor of architecture and interiors in its Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. He was the founding executive director of PennPraxis, the applied-research arm of Penn’s School of Design. (“Penn Praxis at 10,”Jan|Feb 2012.)


Eric Uhlfelder C’79 wrote in August, “I just received an award from the National Press Club for a piece I did for National Geographic on bird-strikes and aviation safety. It broke new ground in the range of discussion it involved, initially triggered by an hour-long interview with Captain Sullenberger, the pilot who turned the Hudson into a runway. Related pieces I did also ran in The New York Times Op-Ed and The Economist.”

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


Joseph P. Ditré C’80 L’83 in September became director of enterprise and innovation for Families USA Foundation, a national health-advocacy organization based in Washington. He had been executive director of Maine’s Consumers for Affordable Health Care, which he founded in 1988.

Daniel Reisberg Gr’80 is the Lunneborg Professor of Psychology at Reed College in Portland, Ore. His latest book, The Science of Perception and Memory: A Pragmatic Guide for the Justice System, was published by Oxford University Press in October. He writes, “The issues here have very much been in the news, thanks, in part, to the work of the Innocence Project, which has made it clear that bad eyewitness evidence is responsible for more cases of wrongful conviction in the US than all other causes combined.”


Howard Karloff C’82 writes, “After leaving Penn, I attended UC Berkeley for grad school in computer science and then taught at the University of Chicago and Georgia Tech. I left academia in 1999 to move to AT&T Labs in Florham Park, N.J., where I stayed till a year ago. At that point, I joined Yahoo Labs in Times Square, where I work on algorithms and optimization relating to computational advertising. I’ve lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for the last 14 years. My wife, Michele, and I are thrilled to announce the birth on Aug. 1 of our third daughter, Jolie Karloff, who joins Raquel (six) and Natalie (two). I’d love to see Penn friends in the New York area and hear from Penn friends everywhere at”

Mark A. Weber C’82 has been appointed executive director of TSND, a “Jewish spiritual, educational, social, and community services not-for-profit” in North Miami Beach, where he is “responsible for driving the business side of the institution.” He welcomes hearing from classmates at”


Barry Jaruzelski W’83 is a senior partner with Strategy&, the management-consulting firm previously known as Booz & Company (until its March merger with PricewaterhouseCoopers). He is the global leader of its engineered products and services practice and is based in the Florham Park, N.J., office. He has been with the firm for 27 years. Recently, he received the American Society of Business Publication Editors 2014 National Gold Medal for Original Research for his “Global Innovation 1000 Study: Navigating the Digital Future,” which appeared in the winter issue of Strategy + Business. He continues to live in Westfield with his wife, Jennifer, and his two daughters, Katharine and Alison.

Dr. Valerie C. Lorenz Gr’83 ,, writes that her first book Compulsive Gambling: What’s It All About?, was released earlier this year. She serves as an expert witness for courts and legislative bodies.

Thomas W. Sloop W’83 writes, “In June, I joined Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC as managing director, and am based in Houston, where I have lived for the past 16 years. My principal role will be to lead Deloitte’s oil & gas investment-banking business, both in the US and internationally. This opportunity enables me to leverage 25 years of investment banking and energy-industry experience to help build a world-class oil and gas advisory practice. I can be reached at”


Robin Snowden GNu’84 writes that she is “happily married to Saul Hinden, enjoying being a wife, and singing with the Monmouth Civic Chorus and Makhelat Hamercaz. We live in Monmouth County, N.J.”

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


Dr. John C. Hawley Gr’85 wrote in early September that he had just completed his second term as chair of the English department at Santa Clara University and was about to head to Humboldt University in Berlin on a Fulbright Fellowship. His 16th book, Expanding the Circle: Creating an Inclusive Environment in Higher Education for LGBTQ Students and Studies, will be published by SUNY Press in February.


Kevin Moore EE’86 W’94 writes, “I am now a full-time executive professor in the finance department at Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School and the director of its master of finance program.”


Brian Egger W’87 is pleased to announce that his first book, Social Media Strategies for Investing, will be published by Adams Media this month; it explains how social media and crowdsourcing can be useful for investment decisions. The book-launch party will held on Nov. 6 (6pm), at the NYU Bookstore, 726 Broadway. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Felicia, and his two sons, Brandon and Daniel.


Dr. Robert Kirkbride C’88 GAr’90 is now associate dean and a tenured faculty member of Parsons The New School for Design, in its School of Constructed Environments. His design of the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn was recently constructed, and his chapter on “Architecture and Rhetoric in the Renaissance” will soon appear in the Oxford Handbook of Rhetorical Studies (2015).

James M. Wood GEng’88 writes, “I published a novel this year, my first work of creative fiction: Agnes Limerick, Free and Independent, [which is] set in Center City Philadelphia from the Great Depression (1930) up to the conclusion of World War II.” It is available on Amazon.


Craig Kanarick C’89 EAS’89 is CEO and Nancy Cohen C’89 is chief creative officer of, “a Brooklyn-based indie food site and source for … beautiful and delicious finds from small producers all across the country.” They opened Mouth Indie Spirits & Wine Gallery, a brick-and-mortar, in Dumbo last May. She noted, “We have a Penn banner hanging in the office. Poor Sam (the COO) needs to listen to us say ‘Did you know … at Penn?’ all the time.”

John Reisinger G’89, , just won gold medals for two of his books from the Global eBook Awards. Death and the Blind Tiger, one of his Roaring 20s mysteries, won first place in the Mystery Fiction category, and Flanagan and the Crown of Mexico won first place in the Historical Literature Fiction category.

Suzanne B. Seltzer C’89 writes, “I am excited to share that after almost 11 years as a partner at Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer, I am venturing out on my own and have recently established The Seltzer Firm, PLLC. My practice will continue to focus on immigration options for researchers, scholars, physicians, and engineers, and of course, will continue to be part of the New York Anti-Trafficking Network.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


David J. Glass C’90, , a certified family-law specialist with a PhD in clinical psychology, has joined the law firm of Enenstein, Ribakoff, LaVina & Pham, APC in Santa Monica, Calif., as a partner-shareholder. He specializes in high-conflict child-custody matters, guardianships, and assets division. He also drafts prenuptial agreements: “Remember, friends don’t let friends get married without a prenup!”


Allan Bloom C’91 has joined Proskauer Rose LLP as a partner in its New York office. A trial lawyer who represents and advises companies and management in a broad range of employment and labor-law matters, he was previously a partner and co-chair of the New York employment-law practice at Paul Hastings LLP. Ranked a “leading lawyer” by Chambers USA, he has been included in The Best Lawyers in America each year since 2010. He lives in Roslyn, N.Y., with his wife, Suzanne, and three daughters.

Jennifer E. Rosen C’91 emails, “After nine years in Boston, we have moved back to Washington with our three boys, Jacob (10), Ben (nine), and Eli (five). I accepted the position of chief of endocrine surgery and vice-chair for research at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center, and retained my academic position as adjunct professor of medicine at Boston University. [My husband] Jim Cigliano W’91, left Staples to join Time Warner Cable in a senior leadership position in retention marketing. Between my research lab, my clinical practice, various national committees, Bikram yoga, gardening, and the boys, I manage to keep pretty busy, but would love to hear from friends and colleagues at”


Amy Wruble C’92 married David Lepes on July 19 at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, Calif.; their three-year-old daughter, Vivien, made an excellent flower girl. On hand to celebrate were Manda D’Agata C’92, Jen McLyman Molod C’92, Jon Molod C’92, Jenny Fenster Slade C’92, Lauren Manheimer Lawson C’92, Christine Hutcheson C’92, Lisa Syrek Hallock C’92, Lisa Hochberg W’88, Steve Bernstein W’94, and Eric Mark G’94 WG’94. David is an editor at Mob Scene Creative Productions in Los Angeles and Amy is a freelance writer and regular contributor to The Huffington Post, LifetimeMoms,, and her personal blog,


Christine Bella C’93 W’93 writes, “After 20 years abroad in Europe and Japan, working in advertising and running an international preschool, I am relocating to the US with my husband and two daughters (ages three and five). We are looking forward to life in the wine country of Sonoma and to catching up with Penn friends. Please contact me at”

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


Laura Blau GAr’95 is the principal of BluPath Design, a woman-owned architecture and interior-design firm in Philadelphia. She co-wrote Frazier Forman Peters: Westport’s Legacy in Stone, which was published by the Westport Historical Society earlier this year. A granddaughter of the book’s subject, she lives in South Philadelphia with her husband, Paul, and their son, Nandor.

Hilary Brown-Nixon EAS’95 M’99 is a consultant general surgeon at the University Hospital of the West Indies and a lecturer at the University of the West Indies-Mona. In August, she led a team that performed the first endovascular repair in Jamaica for traumatic thoracic aneurysm.

Jennifer Kershaw Jensen C’95 GNu’98 writes, “I have been living in Chicago for the past 13 years and working as a pediatric nurse practitioner at Lurie Children’s Hospital. I have a challenging, yet rewarding, position caring for HIV+ adolescents. In May 2010, I married a fellow Chicagoan, Michael Jensen. We have twin daughters, Kenna and Sierra, who were born on June 16. Here’s to having our twins become graduates of the Penn Class of 2032!”

Casey Ryan C’95 has been named director of alumni relations at Philadelphia’s University of the Sciences, after a 19-year career at Penn. He “will be responsible for planning and implementing initiatives that promote opportunities for USciences alumni to build a stronger relationship with their university.” In his free time, he is “looking forward to planning the 20th Reunion in May, [and] will be working with local classmates to plan a pre-Reunion gathering in Philadelphia in the new year. Please feel free to get in touch at”


Dee Greene Hill W’96, , and her husband, Rodney, welcomed their son, Carter Shane, on March 27. They live in the Philadelphia suburbs, where she is a realtor. “We can’t wait to take Carter around campus!”

Marc Magliacano W’96 see Maria Coutretsis Magliacano Nu’98.

Dr. Joseph Sciorra C’96 co-edited the interdisciplinary, multi-genre, and transnational anthology Embroidered Stories: Interpreting Women’s Domestic Needlework from the Italian Diaspora, which was recently published by the University Press of Mississippi.


Maria Coutretsis Magliacano Nu’98 and Marc Magliacano W’96 write, “We are thrilled to announce the birth of our fourth daughter, Mia Grace Magliacano, on May 10 in Greenwich, Conn. Big sisters Lily (eight), Ava (five), and Chloe (two) are very excited to add another girl to our household!”

Kimberly Noble C’98 Gr’05 M’07 and her husband, Eric Carvin, are thrilled to announce the birth of their second daughter, Lucy Nancy Noble-Carvin, on Aug. 30 at 1:18pm, weighing 7 lbs. 15 oz. “Mom, Dad, and big sister Sophie are all over the moon!” They live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where Kim is on the faculty of Columbia University and Eric is the social-media editor at the Associated Press. In July next year, Kim will transition from her primary appointment at the medical school to the education school at Columbia (Teachers College), where she will be an associate professor of neuroscience and education.


Dr. Jordan L. Goldstein C’99 writes, “Women want to be with him, men want to be like him. He didn’t wait for any permission, and decided to come a little early on May 27 on his own terms. Sporting a 19-inch frame and a weight of 7 lbs. 9 oz., Bryce Ethan Goldstein garbled his first cry, which was eerily similar to the words of ‘why you look so surprised to see me?’ Mom (Stephanie Deutch Goldstein) is doing great. Big bro Harrison Nate has his older brother shoes on and is ready to teach him the ropes about Mickey, Bubble Guppies, and Thomas the Train. Dad is an orthopaedic surgeon who daydreams of his future Wimbledon Doubles Champions, while mom keeps dad in line. We live in the Chicago suburbs.”

Tara Pellegrino W’99 married Paul Schild at Sundy House in Delray Beach, Fla., on June 14. They travelled to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal for their honeymoon, then returned home to Delray Beach, where they live.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


Sandhya Kawatra C’00 writes, “My husband, Vikrant Dalvi, and I are excited to announce the arrival of our second son, Akshay Pratap Kawatra-Dalvi, born on March 18, at 3:49pm; he weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz., and measured 20 inches. His big brother, Siddharth K. Kawatra-Dalvi, was thrilled to have another superhero partner in the family! We all live in Calabasas, Calif., and both Vikrant and I work at Amgen Inc. in Thousand Oaks, where I am an in-house counsel and Vikrant works in pricing.”

Shoma Lahiry C’00 GAr’03 is thrilled to announce “the launch of my fine-jewelry collection, Tola Jewelry. Based out of San Francisco, I design and handcraft each piece in the 14/18k gold line myself, ensuring a 100% American-made product. Take a look at and follow me on Instagram/Twitter (@tolajewelry).”

Dr. Warren Zuckerman C’00 and Liliane Zuckerman are proud to announce the birth of Madison Shea Zuckerman on July 30. “She joined big brother David and big sister Samantha in a world of New York sports fandom that her name will never afford her the opportunity to escape from.”


Jessica L. Allen C’01 and Shilajit Gangulee C’03 welcomed their first child, Roan, who was born in Houston on Aug. 3.

Russell Dritz W’01 see Melanie Schmid C’02.


Miroslav Hodak Gr’02 writes, “My wife, Zuzana Kudlejova, and I would like to announce the birth of our son, Lars Peter Miroslav Hodak, on Feb. 11 in Raleigh, N.C. He is growing fast and we both hope that he will soon sleep through the night, to give his parents much deserved rest. I currently work at North Carolina State University as a research assistant professor in physics, working on high-performance simulations utilizing some of the largest supercomputers in the world.”

Maria Karas C’02 and Jaime Winikor W’04 are overjoyed to announce the birth of their daughter, Eleni Maria Winikor, in New York on June 14, just in time for Father’s Day. Maria and Jaime currently live on the Upper East Side; she was recently appointed assistant professor of medicine in the cardiology division at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Patrick Mulloy C’02 writes, “I have just taken a job as director of curriculum for Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, Fla. My wife, Mandy, and sons, Wip (five) and Duncan (three), are excited about this new journey.”

Melanie Schmid C’02 and Russell Dritz W’01 are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Owen Benjamin, on July 9, weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz. Big sister Abigail, now three years old, loves her new baby brother.

Brinkley Tappan C’02 L’05 will leave the Washington law firm of Crowell & Moring LLP, where she has practiced for the last nine years, to join the antitrust division at the US Department of Justice. Brinkley lives in D.C. with her husband, Ed Holzwanger, and their two boys, Will (five) and Brough (two).


Cheryl Isaac Aaron C’03 writes, “I and my husband, Marc Aaron, became first-time parents on Dec. 20. Dylan Isaac Aaron is an urban baby, living in downtown Washington, and enjoys riding the Metro and going for jogs on the Mall with his mom. He already enjoyed his first visit to Penn (in utero), when he kept his mom from having any drinks at her 10th Reunion. I am an energy, commodities, and derivatives attorney at the law firm Sutherland and Marc (a Michigan grad, not that there’s anything wrong with that) is a consultant at Accenture. I was also recently named chair of the Anti-Defamation League’s young-professionals division in D.C.”

Shilajit Gangulee C’03 see Jessica L. Allen C’01.


Jaime Winikor W’04 see Maria Karas C’02.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


Jonathan Miller C’05 see Ryan Pohlman Miller C’07.


Margaret H. Greenberg GGS’06 and Senia Maymin GGS’06 co-wrote Profit From the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business, which was published by McGraw-Hill Professional last year; a Chinese edition came out in October.


Ryan Pohlman Miller C’07 and Jonathan Miller C’05 are thrilled to announce the birth of their first child, Ann Lauren Miller, on Aug. 27. Penn family welcoming her include grandfather James Miller M’81, aunt Elizabeth Miller Fitzpatrick C’06, and aunt Katherine Miller C’16. Ryan and Jonathan live in Alexandria, Va.; she works as a prosecutor in the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia and he works for the US Department of Justice.

Ben Winter C’07 and his wife, Julia, are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Louise Leone Winter, on Aug. 9 at 5:44am; she weighed 6 lbs. and was 19 inches long. “Louise already has her Penn onesie on and her first visit to campus scheduled for the Glee Club show in February.”


Olivier Adler W’08 proposed to Erica Nachamkin W’10 in Rutherford, Calif., on May 25—“and she enthusiastically said Yes!” They were introduced in 2011 through Leo Markel C’09 W’09. They look forward to celebrating with friends and family in the San Francisco Bay Area next summer.

Nora Ayanian GEng’08 Gr’11 is a professor of robotics at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, she was included in a “40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire” feature on NerdScholar, “a financial literacy website for students.”

Gustavo Adolfo Centeno Perez C’08 see Allison Lenore Rhodes C’11 M’17.


Maura Holt Aaberg Nu’09 GNu’10 writes, “My husband, Jonas Aaberg, and I are excited to announce the birth of our son, Axel Brian Aaberg, on Aug. 14. We live in Connecticut, where I practice as a certified nurse-midwife. Jonas is a software engineer.”

Matthew T. Mangino G’09, , writes, “I’m an of counsel with Luxenberg, Garbett, Kelly & George, P.C. in New Castle, Pa. My book, The Executioner’s Toll, 2010: The Crimes, Arrests, Trials, Appeals, Last Meals, Final Words, and Executions of 46 Persons in the United States was released by McFarland in April.”

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15-18, 2015


Brett Danaher GrW’10 is an assistant professor of economics at Wellesley College. Earlier this year, he was included in a “40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire” feature on NerdScholar, “a financial literacy website for students.”

Dr. Reid Fletcher EAS’10 married Susie Strzelczyk Nu’10 W’10 on June 7 in Lake Oswego, Ore. Attending were Sarah Doherty EAS’10, Julia Luscombe C’10 W’10, Julia Holup C’10, Sara Mead C’10, Molly Seltzer C’10, Orly May C’10, Caitlin Jones C’10, Nicole Harris C’10, Julia Ritchie C’10, Mark Perelis C’10, Elliot Woods EAS’09, Michael Rieche C’10, Dan Mingle C’10, Patrick Bradley C’10, Samir Sonti C’09 W’09, Alex Standen C’10, Andrew Sweet C’10, Andrew Totman C’10, Allison Freedman C’10, Susanna Shuman Nu’11 W’11, and Julia Enyart C’10. Reid and Susie live in Chicago, where he is a general-surgery resident at Rush University Medical Center and she is a healthcare consultant at Sg2 in Skokie.

Dr. Nori Katagiri Gr’10 is an assistant professor of international security studies at the US Air War College in Montgomery, Ala. He writes that in October, the Penn Press published his Adapting to Win: How Insurgents Fight and Defeat Foreign States in War, which “offers a general theory of asymmetric conflict between powerful states and insurgencies.”

Erica Nachamkin W’10 see Olivier Adler W’08.


Allison Lenore Rhodes C’11 M’17 married Gustavo Adolfo Centeno Perez C’08 in Chattanooga, Tenn., on July 6.


Carilyn Hayes C’12 married Josiah Armstrong on Aug. 10 at the Schaefer-Ashmead Chapel on the campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, where they met two years ago. “Two of the bridesmaids were Briana Pressey C’11 (Sphinx, like Carilyn) and Carolyn Moneymaker Poggioli C’12. The event was beautifully photographed by Alison Dunn Hobelmann C’12. Other alumni attending were Katie Woodall C’12, Corey Poggioli EAS’13, Anita Saggurti C’12 (Sphinx), Wolete Moko W’12 (Sphinx), along with Penn head gymnastics coach John Ceralde and former teammates Elise Bowe C’11, Laura DiPaolo C’12, Katie Graham C’12, Claire Stingley C’12, and Haleigh Zilges C’13. A reception followed the ceremony at the Francis Cope House on the grounds of the Awbury Arboretum, enhanced by the music of the Gin Canaries, a local band that boasts David Graves EAS’82 and Louis Marchesani W’85 among its members.” In May, Carilyn received her master’s in public leadership from the seminary; the program included coursework there and in the graduate schools of social work and business at Temple University. She works as the development associate of the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia.

Milena Kurtinecz G’12 writes “to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter Anna on April 18. She joined her big sister Emma (eight), who is a pre-competitive swimmer and a ballerina. We live happily in Philadelphia.”

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