A history of unripe findings and unintended consequences.[...]
The hidden chapter of wartime human experimentation in the DKE house.[...]
Richard Berk designs computer algorithms that predict crime. As courts and cops increasingly use his and similar tools to shape everything from parole decisions to street policing, Berk has a warning: accuracy comes at the cost of fairness, and citizens must decide where justice lies. [...]
July|Aug 2017: Dental philia, debating Russia, letters on letters (on Trump).[...]
Sharon Lee C’77 has big ideas about tiny houses for the homeless.[...]
John Lilly’s very long, very strange trip from Penn’s Medical School to the outer fringes of science—and consciousness. [...]
From the Editor, May|June 2017[...]
PennDesign’s Orkan Telhan’s “signature” work.[...]
Scott Neustadter C’98’s latest screenplay is The Disaster Artist.[...]
Panel examines what Vladimir Putin is up to in Europe—and why.[...]
Fake news may be as old as news itself, but the viral deceptions mutating on the internet are affecting the institutions that inform our democracy. Some Penn scholars offer analysis, context, and concerns.[...]
To her mother, alumna Alice Paul was a “mild-mannered girl”; another observer compared her demeanor to “the quiet of a spinning top.” Her leadership in the fight to get US women the vote was a remarkable mix of unyielding commitment and savvy politics.[...]
Jason Tang C’17 and Swarthmore student Izzy Kornblatt make the case in an on-campus exhibition. [...]
March|April 2017: Trump (non)coverage, sanctuary campus pro and con, and more. [...]
Notes from my backcountry recipe book.[...]
Alumni writers dig up their satiric LA-earthquake novel.[...]
Dinosaur hunter Edward Drinker Cope studied briefly at Penn in his youth and ended his days as a faculty member at the University. In between, the impulsive and driven scholar churned out more than 1,400 scientific publications—and exchanged many harsh words—in an epic battle with his more methodical rival, Othniel Charles Marsh of Yale, for primacy in the nascent field of paleontology.[...]
From the Editor, Jan|Feb 2017[...]
Jan|Feb 2017[...]