“A Place I Could Be Myself”

The Penn Women’s Center celebrates five decades of providing advocacy, advising, refuge, counseling, company, and tea. From its origins in the struggle against campus sexual violence, the center has evolved to tackle a range of concerns, from wellness to combating racism. The latest debate: Is its name, meant to be welcoming, too restrictive or exclusionary at a time when gender itself is contested?

The Secret of Our Success

Women can achieve a fulfilling blend of motherhood and career—just maybe not perfection. And that’s OK, says journalist and mother Leslie Bennetts CW’70, in an excerpt from her new book, The Feminine Mistake.

Making Waves

A conference marking the 25th anniversary of Penn's women's studies program brought together faculty, students, and leaders in the field to surf the past 3.5 waves of feminism and debate the turbulent currents ahead.