Intelligent Demise

As the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the Dover school-board case, law alumnus Eric Rothschild demolished the arguments of intelligent design’s proponents—including one fellow Penn grad.

James Thomson and the Holy Grail

In 1998, graduate alumnus Dr. James Thomson won the race to isolate and culture human stem-cells for a sustained period—one of the holy grails of medical science—but he can’t outrun the controversy generated by his work. Increasingly, he isn’t trying.

Dinosaurs Lost and Found

A Penn graduate student's quest to rediscover the "lost dinosaurs of Egypt" was a story made for television—a two-hour documentary will air this winter—and led to a spectacular new find as well.

Going Where Science Leads

Established in 1892 as a museum for anatomic specimens as well as a center for the "increase of original scientific knowledge," the Wistar Institute today is at the forefront of basic research on cancer, AIDS and other diseases.

Coming Home

Adrift in the great sea of university life, the author found an academic anchor—and much more—studying the history and sociology of science.

The World According to Gieg

Earth and Environmental Science Professor Bob Giegengack has fulfilled a boyhood dream of visiting exotic locales from the Sahara to the Antarctic and has earned the admiration and affection of a generation of students. He cautions today's young academics not to follow in his footsteps.