New Campus Dawning

Penn’s recently approved master plan envisions playing fields and green space where there are now parking lots; the transformation of Walnut Street’s “dead zone” into a mixed-use mecca; new housing, research, and athletic facilities—plus river views and a seamless connection between University City and Center City.

Safe Places

Alumni talk about the struggles to establish resources for African Americans, women, and sexual minorities on campus.

Back to the Future

Throughout the 21st century, Penn continues to make waves and reinvent itself—in surprising ways, as a bicentennial timeline from a 2102 Gazette shows.

Unbuilt Penn

From the ICA’s geodesic dome to Furness's Alumni Hall to the skyscraper on Locust Walk, Penn has had some fascinating unbuilt visions.

Yesterday’s News

Timeline | In the decades leading up to the new millennium, the University finds itself embroiled in the culture wars, celebrates its 250th anniversary, elects its first woman president, and rises in the rankings.