Lowering the Temperature

The threat of terrorism is real, but America’s response to it is dangerously counterproductive, writes Penn political-science professor Ian Lustick in this excerpt from his new book, Trapped in the War on Terror.

What’s Next?

“This is a book about land, and about how land, like us, changes over time.” An excerpt from Ghosts in the Garden.

Writing For Her Life

Stephanie Williams C’92 was determined to fulfill her ambition to write and publish a novel before cancer killed her. With some help from her friends, she succeeded.

The University as Discourse Community

In this essay from the book, Public Discourse in America, Penn’s president lays out a vision of universities as “exemplars of a new kind of thoughtful civic engagement and robust public discourse.”

First Fictions

First time novelists Robert Cort, Caren Lissner, and Lisa Tucker talk about themselves and their writing, accompanied by excerpts from their work.