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“For the past 13 years I have been coddiwompling on the sea in a small sailboat, floating like a ‘trustful beetle’—just me and my cocaptain in our 12-meter sloop called Jacaranda.”
— Linda R. Edeiken CW’72


James E. Bogle Jr. FA’52 has written Buddhist Cosmology: The Study of a Burmese Manuscript (2016), which lays out the complex array of realms in the Buddhist universe, supplemented with artwork and explanatory illustrations throughout. James is a charter member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and spent most of his professional career abroad, allowing him to acquire a collection of Asian art and paintings.


Alan Miles Ruben C’53 G’56 L’56, professor emeritus at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and advisory professor of law at Fudan University in Shanghai, has been honored for his lifetime achievements by the publishers of Marquis Who’s Who.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Bennett I. Bardfeld W’55 L’58 writes, “I was recently honored by the Cumberland County (NJ) Bar Association for 60 years of membership. Although I retired and closed my office, where I was a solo practitioner, in 2014, I am still licensed to practice law. I have been married for 57 years to my wife, Lynda. My three children—Leonard and his wife, Penny; Kim Synalovski; and Lisa Shapiro C’93 and her husband, Jeff, who is employed by the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania—and two of my six grandchildren were in attendance. Fortunately, I am in reasonably good health. My hobbies (stamp collecting, gardening, photography, reading, and watching Turner Classic Movies) keep me occupied, and I am enjoying the absence of the pressure I was under when in active practice.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Paula Netzky Spiegel CW’60 writes, “On Wednesday, April 10, Beaumont at Bryn Mawr held its third annual University of Pennsylvania reunion. Our group includes alumni, faculty, and staff. Congregating in the Beaumont Music Room, we had the great pleasure of listening to 11 members of the Penn Glee Club sing a delightful medley of Penn songs, old standards, and spirituals. The Glee Club performed for us at this event last year and it was the unanimous decision of our committee to invite them back this year. The fact that it was the right choice was borne out by the enthusiastic applause after each number. The balloons decorating the tables were filled with helium to lift them in the air. The Glee Club provided the helium for our spirits! Their performance was followed by a delicious meal, orchestrated and served by our superior staff.”

Bob Steiner C’60 writes, “Len Smiley C’60 WEv’84 and I were Class of 1960 classmates. We are classmates once again! We are both senior auditors this semester taking the first of hopefully many future courses at the University. The course we are currently taking on Hindu mythology is taught by Professor Deven Patel, an outstanding scholar and educator. Returning to College Green is certainly a special treat for both of us.”


Dr. Julia Murphy G’61 was recognized by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) as a 2018 Volunteer of the Year. Julia volunteers at the historic Ephrata Cloister in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and last year digitized nearly 1,500 slides and photographs for the organization’s library. PHMC writes, “In addition to working behind the scenes with the photographs, Julia also dons period clothes and sits behind a spinning wheel for special programs.” Julia holds a master’s in art history from Penn, a second master’s in American history from Bryn Mawr College, as well as a PhD in history.

Susan Richards Shreve CW’61 has published her 16th novel, More News Tomorrow, a literary suspense story about a 70-year-old professor’s quest to understand her mother’s mysterious death.


Dr. Ronald J. Schindler C’64 Gr’78 writes, “To commemorate the death of my mother, Erna Lowenthal Schindler, a Holocaust survivor, I have donated a sum of money to benefit the Mark E. Rosenthal, MD, Memorial Fund. Dr. Mark Rosenthal M’80 GM’84 died unexpectedly in 2002. He practiced cardiology at Abington Hospital in Abington, Pennsylvania.”

Guran Tatlioglu WG’64 has published a new book in Turkish, Hitler: Before and After, covering the early years of Hitler through the Holocaust, as well as the end of World War II, Hitler’s last months, and the Nuremberg trials.


Bill Abler C’66 G’68 Gr’71 writes, “I’ve discovered that equations and sentences have their source in physics, not biology. Even the phoneme chart (famous among linguists) is a construction in physics—a periodic table. And the passive voice may have been the shibboleth that killed the Neanderthals. You can read a full account of my findings by Googling ‘abler quantum words.’ Meanwhile, I can report that I am living in extreme rural California with my family, and that I fix bicycles on a volunteer basis at the Bike Library on 12th and L Streets in Arcata, every Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Come and see your fellow Penn alum. No bike needed.”

Kathryn Rossé SW’66 writes, “I am pleased to announce the publication of my book, Healing Connections: Recovery from Workplace Bullying. It is distributed through Amazon Books.”


Joseph M. Cohen W’68 WG’70, a sports media executive, was inducted into the Legacy Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn as part of WrestleMania 35 weekend. Joseph was the driving force behind the creation of the MSG Network and the USA Network, as well as Z Channel (California), which became SportsChannel LA, and SportsTime Ohio.


Katie Barney GEd’69 has published her sixth cookbook, The Enchanting World of Food. The book includes recipes from around the world, as well as cuisine history and dining etiquette for each country.


John Delaney C’72, the former curator of historic maps at Princeton University, has released a book of poems, titled Twenty Questions. He graduated from Syracuse University’s writing program in 1976, mentored by poets W. D. Snodgrass and Philip Booth. John writes, “I published my first collection of poems, Waypoints, 40 years later. What intervened? Career, family, lots of travel. But the questions kept coming. Twenty Questions contains some of them.”

Linda R. Edeiken CW’72 writes, “Ah the voyaging life! For the past 13 years I have been coddiwompling on the sea in a small sailboat, floating like a ‘trustful beetle’—just me and my cocaptain in our 12-meter sloop called Jacaranda. For now I am living in Tahiti after realizing my dream of doing the ‘Puddle Jump’ in 2015—a three-week blue-water sail across the Pacific Ocean from the Galapagos Islands to French Polynesia. It is an adventurous life brimming with wonderful people, unique cultures, picture-postcard scenery, and amazing marine wildlife encounters—day-to-day marvels that quench my thirst for wanderlust while satisfying my inner mermaid.” You can follow Linda’s travels online at

Deborah R. Willig CW’72, managing partner of the Philadelphia labor law firm Willig, Williams & Davidson, received the Inquirer Influencer of Law lifetime achievement award from the Philadelphia Media Network. Willig was recognized as “a trailblazer for women in the legal profession, a role model for attorneys who want to use the law to secure dignity and rights for all people, a fierce advocate for working individuals and their families, and an admirable community leader.”


John Q. Gale EE’73 writes, “The end of this Labor Day weekend marks 50 years since the Class of 1973 met in the fall of 1969. For me, one of 32 dorm-mates on Speakman 3rd, freshman year was a life-changer, and those events have created memories consistently recalled. To mark and celebrate our lives and times, we have organized a reunion for Labor Day weekend. If you were there (Speakman 3rd) and are interested in joining in the reminiscing, while at the same time making new memories, contact me at”


Anthony Bartolomeo CE’74, president and CEO of Pennoni Associates, has been named Philadelphia Civil Engineer of the Year for 2019 by the Philadelphia Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Kenneth W. Gaus WG’74 writes, “I have recently published my first book. It is titled The Soul’s Journey: Communicating with Your True Self to Discover Your Destiny and chronicles my life, in decades, from my ego/mind and also my soul’s perspective.”

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Jonathan Imber G’75 Gr’79 writes, “In May, my son David Imber M’19 graduated from the Perelman School of Medicine in the Class of 2019. I received my PhD in sociology from Penn in 1979. My uncle Irving Imber MC’37 M’41 also graduated from Penn Medicine.”

Dr. Bruce Klein C’75 M’79 see Dr. Carl E. Stafstrom C’76.


Mitchell Feldman C’76 writes, “In keeping with a peripatetic pattern of not living anywhere for more than five years since leaving my parents’ home to attend Penn in 1972, I’ve retired and, as of May 1, relocated from El Granada, outside Half Moon Bay and south of San Francisco, to a home in a rice field south of Ubud, the spiritual center of Bali, Indonesia, which I first visited in 1989. I’ve closed my jazz radio promotion, publicity, and consulting business, Mitchell Feldman Associates, but am active as a freelance journalist, writing feature articles about people, places, and things Indonesian, and I’ve also started a memoir. I’m glad to finally be able to put to good use the knowledge and insights I acquired majoring in cultural anthropology at Penn.”

Stephen Hochheiser C’76 writes, “I am currently serving as president of the NACS Foundation, a philanthropic organization focused on driving the success of independent college stores and their support of their institutions’ academic missions and cultivation of their institutions’ school spirit and sense of community. I am also an advisor to the HOPE Center, a nonprofit that offers direct support to victims of domestic and sexual violence in Rice County, Minnesota. I continue to serve Penn as an active alumnus interviewer, as well.”

Dr. Carl E. Stafstrom C’76 writes, “Dr. Bruce Klein C’75 M’79 and I, classmates at Penn and now professors in the Department of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, each received a departmental teaching award in 2018.” Bruce, a specialist in pediatric emergency medicine, received the Frederick J. Heldrich, MD, Award in recognition of his outstanding medical student teaching. Carl, director of the Division of Pediatric Neurology, was awarded the Alexander J. “Buck” Schaffer Award for his outstanding contribution to the clinical teaching of house officers.

Dr. Stephanie Laicha Zimmerer GEd’76 GrEd’80 received the DAR Historic Preservation Award from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR states that the award is presented to “individuals who have done extraordinary volunteer work in historic preservation over a long period of time,” and “fewer than 30 of these awards are presented each year throughout the United States.” Stephanie is the historic preservation chairperson for the Lebanon (PA) Chapter of DAR, and she has just been named state chair for the Pennsylvania State Society DAR for the next three years. Among her many historic preservation efforts, she researched, restored, and added her former home, Gloninger Manor, to the National Register of Historic Places. She is also a former board member of the Penn Alumni Club of Southwest Florida.


Janice Baldinger Lustiger C’77, director of Law Library Services at the law firm of Norris McLaughlin P. A. in Bridgewater, New Jersey, for 32 years writes, “My husband, Arnie, who lived at the Jewish residence house off-campus with many Penn students, recently published the five-volume Chumash Mesoras HaRav, with commentary based on the teachings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. Arnie first heard Rabbi Soloveitchik at a Penn Faculty Colloquium in 1973 and has since edited 10 books summarizing the rabbi’s religious worldview. Aside from our time spent working on these projects, we enjoy spending as much time as possible with our many grandchildren.”

Marc Rubin Gr’77, a faculty member at Towson University,has authored a new book, An Introduction to Macroeconomic Models in Excel: A Data-Driven, Arithmetic Approach for Principles of Economics Students. Marc writes, “I spent the last three years developing this pedagogically innovative, interactive method for teaching first-year students. It stresses the use of the most recent economic data and provides students with a portable tool kit for making qualitative assessments about trends in output, price levels, and inflation. Portions of the book were demonstrated in a workshop in May at the American Economic Association’s CTREE conference meetings.”


Peter Eisenhardt C’78 writes, “Michael Werner and I have published More Things in the Heavens: How Infrared Astronomy Is Expanding Our View of the Universe, available from Princeton University Press. The book takes readers on a guided tour of the cosmos as seen through the eyes of NASA’s Infrared Great Observatory, the Spitzer Space Telescope. Featuring many of Spitzer’s spectacular images, the book provides an inside look at how infrared astronomy is aiding in the search for exoplanets and extraterrestrial life, and transforming our understanding of the history and evolution of the Universe.” When Peter graduated from Penn in 1978, the College was known as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Nadine Epstein C’78 G’78, editor in chief of Moment magazine, discussed her new book, Elie Wiesel: An Extraordinary Life and Legacy, at the Burrison Gallery on April 17. A selection of her iShadow photography, taken from all over the world, was also on view there through May 14.


Rich Lobron C’79 recently published a paper, “Strategic Internationalization Starts at Home: The Case of Capacity Creation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),” in the Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability. Rich writes, “The work resulted from my time in the DRC visiting with the Prime Minister’s Office and the leaders of seven DRC universities on the need to provide assistance to enable the nation to manage their desperately needed infrastructure development needs through internal capabilities. I presented this paper before the Academy of International Business—West. The long-term absence of expertise in current practices in civil engineering and project management skills has created a significant lack of capacity for performing such tasks with DRC internal resources. Working with the Penn State University Larson Transportation Institute, I commenced discussions on the topic with the DRC officials.” Rich is a board member of the PSU Larson Institute’s Railroad Transportation Engineering program and its Engineering Systems program; and he is also an adjunct professor with the Temple University Fox School of Business’s International Business program.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Marilynn Katatsky WG’80 writes, “Happy to report that Forbes named me a Best-in-State Wealth Advisor for 2019. I recently moved my practice to Naples, Florida, where I am a senior vice president with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. My practice is focused on the challenges and opportunities facing retirees. Every day is an adventure!”

Dr. John N. Katopodis C’80, a cardiologist at Southern Medical Group in Tallahassee, Florida, has received the 2019 Outstanding Physician Award from the Capital Medical Society.


Barbara Finkelstein C’81 writes, “I am the 2019 recipient of the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) Edwyna Wheadon Postgraduate Training Scholarship and was named a 2019 Fund for Teachers fellow. My project is to attend the Creativity Workshop in Prague, Czech Republic, to infuse teaching with vibrant tools that inspire special education students’ writing and risk-taking so they can be and feel successful in school.”


Scott Miller C’82 writes, “I have become a partner in the New York office of the law firm Sullivan & Worcester LLP. Sullivan & Worcester also has offices in Boston, Washington, DC, London, and Tel Aviv. My practice will continue to focus on all areas of corporate law, including M&A, corporate finance, representation of public and private companies, business organization, and general counsel advisory services.


Patrizia Longo C’83, a professor of politics at Saint Mary’s College of California, received the Award for Outstanding Teaching from Saint Mary’s School of Liberal Arts in 2017 and the Saint Mary’s College Award for Social Justice Work in 2019.

Randy Malamud C’83 has published his tenth book, Email, in Bloomsbury’s Object Lesson series (which includes such other titles as Blanket, Dust, Sock, and Questionnaire). He has finished his 30th year of teaching in Georgia State University’s English department, where he is a Regents’ Professor.

Alexandra Welker C’83 and Daniel D. Hoxey were married in Portland, Oregon, on February 7, with their children and friends in attendance.


Dr. Megan R. Gerber C’84, a professor of medicine at Boston University and medical director of Women’s Health, Veterans Affairs at Boston Healthcare System, has edited a new book from Springer, titled Trauma-Informed Healthcare Approaches: A Guide for Primary Care.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Chris Dunn L’85 was named legal director of the ACLU of New York in January. He has worked for the ACLU since 1987, initially at the national office and since 1995 at the New York affiliate.


David J. Steerman C’86, a partner in the family law department at Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP, was recently the moderator of “Parenting Coordination in Philadelphia: What Attorneys Should Know,” a program presented by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Family Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association.


Jeffrey Kerr-Ritchie G’87 Gr’93, a history professor and director of graduate studies at Howard University, has written Rebellious Passage: The Creole Revolt and America’s Coastal Slave Trade, published by Cambridge University Press.

Paul Náprstek GAr’87 writes, “I am happy to report that, effective April 1 of this year, I have been promoted to senior associate at Robert A. M. Stern Architects (RAMSA) in New York City. RAMSA is a 300-person firm headed by Robert A. M. Stern, former dean of the Yale School of Architecture. Its extensive portfolio includes houses, apartment buildings, and academic and office buildings in 32 states, the District of Columbia, and 15 countries outside the US. Since 2013, I have been the director of the Building Technology department at RAMSA, a group of senior technical architects who check for quality control and teach and assist our project teams with technical and building code matters.”


Jill Mindlin C’88 has joined Blank Rome’s Finance Group in its New York office as of counsel.


Michael B. Schaedle C’89, a partner at Blank Rome, was inducted as a fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy on March 15 in San Diego, California.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

J. S. Markley C’90 WG’00 has been appointed as United States legal attaché based at the American Embassy in Addis Ababa, covering Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, and Djibouti.

Rang-Chen Yu Gr’90 has joined SiFotonics Technologies as chief operating officer. He was previously vice president and general manager of Optoelectronic Solutions at Oplink Communications, a Molex company. He lives with his wife and their two children in California’s Bay Area.


Marian Eide G’91 Gr’94 and her coauthor Michael Gibler have published After Combat: True War Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, a collection of personal combat accounts from war veterans. She also published a scholarly book about violence and literature, titled Terrible Beauty: The Violent Aesthetic and Twentieth-Century Literature. Marian is a professor of English at Texas A&M University.


Peter Kindel GCP’93 GAr’94, a city design practice director at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, writes, “I recently had the opportunity to partner with National Geographic on a major initiative. The project was to design a future city, for National Geographic’s April 2019 issue on global urbanization.” The article may be viewed online at


Daniel Naegele GFA’94 Gr’96, associate professor of architecture at Iowa State University, recently published two books, Naegele’s Guide to the Only Good Architecture in Iowa (2019) and The Letters of Colin Rowe: Five Decades of Correspondence (2016).

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Dwayne Ashley G’95 is CEO of Bridge Philanthropic Consulting, a full-service, Black-owned fundraising firm based in Washington, DC. Dwayne has raised more than $800 million for his past employers and clients, which include the Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the United Negro College Fund, 100 Black Men of America, and the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, among others.

Jill E. Orlov GAr’95, a sculptor of miniature vignettes in metal, writes, “I opened my Baltimore studio for visitors to see where and how my miniatures are made on May 11 and June 1. Some new work of mine included a tiny boudoir and individual miniatures.” Jill’s latest exhibition is at the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures in Tucson, Arizona, through September 15.

Michael Turner C’95 has been appointed head of the Shipley School, a K–12 independent school in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He was previously the head of St. Michael’s Episcopal School in Richmond, Virginia.


Marie Hurabiell L’96 has been elected vice chair of the Presidio Trust Board of Directors. Presidio Trust is a federal agency that manages the Presidio of San Francisco, a national park at the site of the Golden Gate Bridge. Marie is also a founder and board member of Ellipsis Health, a technology company using speech analytics to gauge the behavioral health of patients in real-time.


Matt Grove EAS’97 has been named co-chief operating officer at New York Life, one of the largest life insurers in the world.

Rebecca Rutstein GFA’97 writes, “In late April, I was invited to the University of Rhode Island, where I gave lectures at the Graduate School of Oceanography and the Fine Art Center about my work at the intersection of art and science.” Rebecca was also part of a team that was awarded a grant from the Penn Program of Environmental Humanities. She adds, “The project, ‘Seeing the Invisible: Bringing the Microbiomes of the Schuylkill River and Cobbs Creek to the People,’ will culminate in a site-specific art installation at the Cobbs Creek Community Center in West Philadelphia, 2019–20.”


Kevin M. Lerner C’99, an assistant professor of journalism at Marist College, has authored Provoking the Press: (MORE) Magazine and the Crisis of Confidence in American Journalism, which tells the story of a journalism review magazine that was published for eight years in the 1970s.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Tom Kozlik G’00 has joined HilltopSecurities as director, head of municipal strategy and credit. Tom earned his master’s in governmental administration and public finance. While at Penn, he also served as the founder and editor of the Fels Journal of City and State Public Affairs. He also teaches a graduate level public finance course at the University.


Dr. Katherine Forbes Riley GEng’01 Gr’03 has written a debut novel, The Bobcat, about a young art student suffering in the aftermath of a sexual assault who stumbles upon an injured bobcat in the woods.

Marvin Rodriguez GAr’01 has joined the management staff at DMR Architects, an architectural firm headquartered in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.


Maribeth Gainard C’02 W’02 writes, “Hal Goltz W’04 EAS’04 and I are happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Josephine Louise Gainard Goltz, on April 24 in New York.”


Greg Millhauser C’03 WG’10 and Lisa Harris Millhauser WG’10 welcomed their son, Grant Ellis Millhauser, on April 25. Greg writes, “Grant and big sister Maya enjoyed watching the Penn Relays from mom’s hospital room at HUP!”

Brenda Robinson L’03 has joined the Chicago office of Swanson, Martin & Bell, in its Entertainment and Media Law Practice Group.


Dr. Bruno F Casanova GM’04 is the new chair of the women’s health department at AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY). He writes, “ACPNY is one of the largest private practice groups in New York City and provides healthcare to more than 500,000 people in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester county.”

Hal Goltz W’04 EAS’04 see Maribeth Gainard C’02 W’02.

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Ned Chatelain C’05 writes, “I am proud to announce the creation of Chatelain Real Estate, Cape Cod’s premier boutique real estate services firm. Chatelain Real Estate is a full-service brokerage, providing buyer and seller representation as well as property management services to its clients. I invite all Quakers to visit us online at or in person at our office in Dennis, Massachusetts, any time.”

Nicole Lerescu Jakubowski C’05 writes, “My husband, Nick Jakubowski, and I are excited to announce the birth of our second child, John Michael Jakubowski, born March 28. He joins big sister Julia. We live in Chicago.”


Becca Makover C’06 writes, “Matthew Makover L’10 and I proudly welcome our daughter Violet Drew Makover. Violet was born on June 30, 2018, and joins her adoring big sister, Ivy Maya. Our family lives in New York, where Matthew is an associate in IP Transactional Law at Willkie, Farr & Gallagher and I am the director of HR for Global Holdings Management Group, an international real estate investment company.”

Daniel Nieh C’06 has published a new novel, Beijing Payback. He writes, “After graduating in 2006, I received the Thouron Award to study Chinese literature at the University of London. After that, I lived in Beijing working as a translator and fashion model. These experiences helped shape Beijing Payback, which will come out from Ecco (an imprint of HarperCollins) on July 23. In fact, I met my writing mentor, Nicole Mosberg Mones CW’73, at a Penn-in-Beijing Alumni event in 2008. Penn has been a huge source of my success.”

Ben Ochieng W’06 writes, “My wife, Ciara C. Gimblet-Ochieng Gr’17, and I recently welcomed our bouncing baby boy, Remy K. T. Ochieng, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We are blessed to have him in our lives and can’t wait to explore the world with him! Ciara attended undergrad at Howard University in Washington, DC, and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina. I’m currently a risk manager at Genworth Financial in Raleigh, North Carolina.”

Julia Roos EAS’06 has joined the humanitarian engineering program at Colorado School of Mines as associate director. She writes, “In this role, I work closely with the program’s student leaders to collaborate with faculty, graduate students, alumni, and the public on design projects, research, outreach, and community learning and engagement events. I also provide administrative oversight for a $4 million NSF research study on responsible mining and resilient communities in Colombia and Peru, where artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) is a historical way of life steeped in tradition but rife with potential political, environmental, and health hazards. The study team will work with local ASGM communities to develop socio-technical innovations that make ASGM more sustainable. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me at”

Michiko Yamamoto CGS’06 writes, “Currently, I am in England and doing postgraduate study at University of Leeds. Recently, I won the Grantham Art Prize collaborating with scientists at Imperial College to raise awareness of climate change.” Her piece, Yoshino Cherry Tree, created in collaboration with Dr. Kris Murray and Sonia Tiedt, was on display at Imperial College London in April and the Royal College of Art in July.


Hollie Holcombe GAr’08 writes, “I’m extremely gratified to share that after serving for two years on my local planning commission in Fairview, Oregon, and having recently been reappointed in January to serve a full three-year term, I was elected by unanimous vote to chair the commission in February.”

Rebecca Ariel Marcucci C’08 and Michael Evan Gorsky were married on June 8 at the Wychmere Beach Club in Cape Cod. Rebecca writes, “Wedding guests included bridesmaids Natasha Kern C’08, Jessica Buchter C’10 WG’17, Laura Colkitt C’08, Katherine Long C’09 G’10 L’13, and Joanna McDonald C’08. Other guests included Allyson Goetschius W’08, Douglas Colkitt EAS’08 W’08, Minsun Pang C’07 W’07, Dr. Sydney Glassman C’08 LPS’10, and Daniel Goldstein C’08. Michael and I currently reside in New York City.”


Lucia DiNapoli LPS’09 LPS’11 writes, “Paul DiNapoli and I proudly announce the graduation of our son, Richard J. DiNapoli C’19, with a bachelor of arts degree in history and political science, with minors in music and Latin American and Latino studies. A proud Quaker, he will be attending the University of Pennsylvania Law School in the fall.”

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Ted D. Clement GCP’10 L’13 writes, “Diana C. Clement GCP’10 and I are excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Alice M. Clement, on February 19. Alice is the granddaughter of Helen Z. Cornely PT’76, and niece of Winston W. Clement GFA’14 and Elizabeth G. Clement, clinical associate of obstetrics and gynecology at Penn Ob/Gyn Associates, and sister of David Z. Clement, born January 5, 2017.”

Matthew Makover L’10 see Becca Makover C’06.

Lisa Harris Millhauser WG’10 see Greg Millhauser C’03 WG’10.

Justen H. Roth C’10 writes, “My wife, Alexandra E. Roth C’10, and I welcomed our first child, Lily Anabelle, to our family on March 21. She was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.”


Dr. John Gillis Jr. GrEd’11 has coauthored Powerhouse: 13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success, with Olympic gold medalist and World Cup champion Kristine Lilly and Dr. Lynette Gillis. Other US women’s national team stars like Mia Hamm and Abby Wambach are featured in the book, which explores what goes into building a high-performance organization.


Dr. Hinette Shelby Rosario C’13 graduated from New York Medical College with an MD on May 22 and shortly after began a residency in combined internal medicine and pediatrics at Yale University. She is the daughter of Monique Rosario of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.


Manuela Onetti Cook C’14 and Harrison Cook C’14 were married on February 16 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Manuela writes, “I am an associate in Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division. Harrison is an associate at Edward J. Minskoff Equities. We currently reside on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. For our honeymoon we went skiing in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Other alumni at the wedding included Katie Creran Nu’14, Sarah Hasson C’13, Mark Rappo W’13, Troy Hernandez C’13, Ethan Aaron EAS’13 W’13, Mike Steltenkamp EAS’13 GEng’13, Geoff Bostany C’15, Steve Graziano C’14, Andrew Lenzi W’15, Andrea Trump C’16, Kate McCarty EAS’14, Jordan Michelson C’14, and Michael Satawa C’15.”

Celebrate Your Reunion: May 15–17, 2020

Captain Krystyna Golden, MD, U.S.A.F. C ’15 graduated from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences on May 18. She began her residency in family medicine at Eglin (FL) Air Force Base in July.


Lauren Overton GEd’16, principal of William M. Meredith School and a Neubauer Fellow, launched the Philadelphia chapter of GLSEN with Michael Farrell, principal of Penn Alexander School. GSLEN works to “create safe and inclusive schools for all” and has improved conditions for LGBTQ students across the US.

Aga Zielinska WG’16 is the cofounder of Upterior. Aga writes, “We invented Waken Glass, a patent-pending technology that allows copper and glass to unite in a unique high-temperature interaction to form a single material. We are also working on technology that allows gold and glass to unite through a similar process.” Waken Glass was featured in an art exhibition, titled “UNEARTH,” at bitforms gallery in New York, March 28–May 5. Aga adds, “This is the first time this material is used by an artist [Sara Lundy], and for most visitors, this is their first introduction to the existence of this material.”


Ciara C. Gimblet-Ochieng Gr’17 see Ben Ochieng W’06.


Richard J. DiNapoli C’19 see Lucia DiNapoli LPS’09 LPS’11.

David Imber M’19 see Jonathan Imber G’75 Gr’79.

Asja Radja Gr’19, who graduated in May, has been selected as a Schmidt Science Fellow, a post-doctoral program that aims to develop the next generation of interdisciplinary science leaders.

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