Charles Bernstein on his Bollingen Prize and retiring from Penn.[...]
Ezra Pound’s Bollingen, and before.[...]
All together now. Help![...]
Emily Jungmin Yoon C’13’s A Cruelty Special to Our Species.[...]
Penn Museum program links local residents to Gordion site.[...]
May|Jun 2019[...]
May|Jun 2019[...]
Jessica Penzias C’12 has found a niche writing musicals for kids—and Stimulus Children's Theatre gave one of her shows its world premiere in November.[...]
The Penn Libraries have launched a new concert series, which sends student music groups into libraries at Penn to perform among the books and study carrels.[...]
Alan Sepinwall C’96 on his book, The Sopranos Sessions.[...]
Wisdom of the crowd at ARG’s Citizen Salon.[...]
Mar|Apr 2019[...]
Mar|Apr 2019[...]
For 40 years, Mariette Pathy Allen GFA’65 has focused her camera on gender identity and expressions of gender. Through portraits of men who identified as crossdressers in the 1980s—and later, through photos of the transgender community and trans rights movement—she has shined a light on people who were often pushed to the margins of society. Some consider her the unofficial photographer of transge[...]
For years, Felicia Madison C’87 pictured herself getting up on a stage and making people laugh. At age 50, she finally gave standup comedy a shot.[...]
Penn’s cultural institutions share their highlights from the past year—and look ahead to 2019.[...]
Black holes and more at Fisher Fine Arts Library.[...]
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Richard Clarke C’72 reviews Kathleen Hall Jamieson’s Cyberwar.[...]
Kelly Lee C’89 is promoting arts and culture everywhere in Philadelphia.[...]