For years, Felicia Madison C’87 pictured herself getting up on a stage and making people laugh. At age 50, she finally gave standup comedy a shot.[...]
Penn’s cultural institutions share their highlights from the past year—and look ahead to 2019.[...]
Black holes and more at Fisher Fine Arts Library.[...]
Music critic Nate Chinen C’97 on his book, Playing Changes.[...]
Richard Clarke C’72 reviews Kathleen Hall Jamieson’s Cyberwar.[...]
Kelly Lee C’89 is promoting arts and culture everywhere in Philadelphia.[...]
Pre-Revolutionary War stories. Frontier Rebels.[...]
Jan|Feb 2019[...]
Jan|Feb 2019[...]
Five student performing arts groups will sing, act and dance inside Carnegie Hall on Dec. 14—and the idea came straight from an a cappella-loving alum.[...]
June 5 Memorial Park honors victims of deadly wall collapse.[...]
Celebrating the “intrinsic beauty of the imperfect.” [...]
Perfect storm, deeply flawed system. Into the Raging Sea.[...]
Writer-in-Residence Carmen Machado’s Her Body and Other Parties.[...]
A story of performance, friendship, and survival. Two Pianos.[...]
Nov|Dec 2018[...]
Nov|Dec 2018[...]
In 1999, David Hartt shut down his art practice and left the galleries he’d been working with. He took the next 10 years away from all of it. Now he's teaching at Penn and exhibiting around the world—including in three new exhibitions that just opened in a span of 25 days.[...]
Gazette editor John Prendergast and author Stephen Fried talked about Fried’s new book. [...]
As part of that title, Egan will teach a course on some of her favorite novels and appear at several events throughout the academic year.[...]