Drone’s Day Scenarios

An invasion of unmanned aerial vehicles—drones to you—is on its way, but these flying robots are here to help, not enslave the human race. (At least, that’s what they say at Penn’s pioneering GRASP Lab, where some of the most sophisticated ones are being created.)

The Transformer

He turned an abandoned stretch of elevated rail tracks on Manhattan’s lower West Side from an eyesore to a treasured urban amenity, and put playing fields and green space where a garbage dump taller than the Statue of Liberty once sprawled. Now Penn Design alumnus and professor James Corner is creating a modern-day pleasure garden on the site of London’s Summer Olympics.

The Case of S. Weir Mitchell

He’s now remembered, if at all, for a misguided “rest cure” that inspired an iconic piece of early feminist fiction, but in his day alumnus and longtime University trustee S. Weir Mitchell found fame in several fields—as a noted surgeon and physician, a leading medical researcher, and a best-selling author.

From Brand to Role Model

Less than a decade after launching her own label, Tory Burch C’88 is one of the most recognizable names in fashion. Through mentoring and microloans, the Tory Burch Foundation is empowering other women entrepreneurs to follow in her footsteps.