Law Made Plain

Though it pushes plenty of hot buttons in the issues it takes up for debate—domestic spying, torture, criminal sentencing for juveniles, and immigration reform, to name just a few—for close to a decade the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Justice Talking program has functioned as the opposite of “shout” radio.

Intelligent Demise

As the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the Dover school-board case, law alumnus Eric Rothschild demolished the arguments of intelligent design’s proponents—including one fellow Penn grad.

Signature Style

As he heads West for a teaching position in the other Washington, Paul Steven Miller C’83 looks back on a decade defending the rights of people with disabilities as an EEOC Commissioner—and a lifetime battling for his own.

The Guilt Project

Former federal prosecutor Alan Vinegrad W’80 has taken on some of New York’s most high-profile cases, and he has the thick skin and thin stomach lining to prove it.

Constitutionalist in Cyberspace

In the decade and a half since he graduated from Penn, legal scholar and internet enthusiast Lawrence Lessig has emerged as a leading thinker in the application of Constitutional concepts to the realm of cyberspace—and gotten Bill Gates (among others) mad at him.