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As fall draws to a close, we offer these photos submitted by your fellow Quakers this season. Kids love the Love statue, awards abound, and our founder was spotted in McMinnville, Oregon. See for yourself!

Griz Dwight GAr’99 is principal and owner of GrizForm Design Architects, which he opened in 2003. Since then, his studio has designed over 150 restaurants, including the celebrated Estadio and Farmers Fishers Bakers restaurants in Washington, DC. In 2015, Griz was selected as one of the “Wave of the Future” designers by Hospitality Design Magazine.

John stands next to the bar in one of his restaurants

Jill Heitler Blomberg C’94, a partner at Old Greenwich, Connecticut-based Schoonmaker, George, Colin & Blomberg PC, was sworn in as president of the Connecticut chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers on June 11, 2018. Prior to assuming the chapter’s presidency, she held roles as its vice president, secretary, and treasurer and has served on its board of managers since 2010. Jill’s practice concentrates on family law matters of high-net worth individuals. She is also a fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Jill Heitler Bloomberg raises her right hand during the swearing in.

William Hudders GFA’91 writes, “I currently have three large paintings showing in uptown New York at the CRG building at 215 West 125 Street, right down the block from the Studio Museum in Harlem. They are hanging in the lobby, which is open 24/7. Just walk right in and take a look. They will be up until February 28. This is thanks to Suzanne Randolph Fine Arts, who saw my work on Instagram (@williamhudders) and installs art throughout New York in public spaces. Hope you can see them if you are in the area.”

William Hudders stands smiling in front of one of his paintings

Warren Peterson W’62 writes, “Traveling through McMinnville, Oregon, and there it was, Ben on a bench.”

 Warren Peterson stands next to a statue of Ben Franklin sitting on a bench.

Gamaliel Isaac Gr’92 CGS’97 writes, “I saw a picture in the Penn Gazette of a couple by the Love statue at Penn. This is a picture of my kids, Zoe and Noah, that I took a while ago at that same statue. I’m a senior software engineer at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.”

Gamaliel Isaac's children play on the Love statue.

Michael P. Malloy L’76, a member of the Real Estate Markets Advisory Group, participated in the plenary sessions of the Committee for Housing and Land Management, UN Economic Commission for Europe in October. He writes, “During two days of deliberations at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, the committee reviewed and approved the revised version of the Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate Markets, on which my colleagues and I have been working for the past two years. It will be published as an official UN document, in English and Russian, in both print and digital versions.”

Michael Malloy takes a selfie at the UN

Joan Segal Trachtenberg Nu’65 GNu’81 writes, “I was so very happy to be pictured with Penn Nursing past deans Dr. Afaf Meleis and Dr. Claire M. Fagin Hon’77 Hon’94, and current dean Dr. Antonia Villarruel GNu’82. The occasion was the awarding of the biennial Dr. Claire M. Fagan Distinguished Researcher Award to Dr. Kathryn H. Bowles Gr’96.” (Pictured from left: Trachtenberg, Meleis, Fagin, and Villarruel.)

Joan stands with the award winners.

Barbara J. Yorke C’89 was honored at Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s annual Butterfly Ball in October with the first Andrea and Abraham Morris Impact Award. Barbara has been involved with the charity for more than seven years as a board member and then chair of the board, using her skills in strategic planning and relationships within the scientific community to better serve women and families impacted by breast cancer. (Pictured from left: Lisa Niver C’89 and Barbara Yorke C’89.)

 Lisa Nivers and Barbara Yorke pose during the gala.

Alexis Rossman Madden C’06, manager of marketing and business development at the law firm of Conrad O’Brien, was awarded the 2018 Philadelphia Member of the Year Award by the Legal Marketing Association during the association’s Northeast Conference in Boston on October 26. The Member of the Year Award recognizes those have “demonstrated unparalleled passion and dedication within the legal marketing industry” and those who have “demonstrated outstanding service by going above and beyond the call of duty to contribute to the LMA and legal marketing profession.” (Alexis awaits her award at far left.)

Alexis Rossman Madden is introduced to the stage to recieve her award.

Susan Francia C’04 GS’04 and Joanne Iverson WEv’82 were honored with a mural dedication at the Head of the Schuylkill, a two-day rowing event, held October 27 and 28 in Philadelphia. Susan writes, “The mural is under the Girard Avenue Bridge on the Kelly Drive side. Joanne, who was the first coach of women’s rowing at Penn, championed for women to be included at rowing clubs and in college rowing. I started my rowing career at Penn in 2001 when I walked onto the team.” Susan is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the women’s eight in 2008 and 2012. She was the first Penn alum in 80 years to win two gold medals, and the only to win an Olympic gold medal since Brandon Slay W’98 won for wrestling in 2000. (Susan and Joanne hold the scissors in the center.)

Susan Francia and Joanne Iverson hold a giant pair of scissors during the ribbon cutting in front of their mural.

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