Taking bets on research replicability pays off.[...]
$25 million for entrepreneurship center Tangen Hall.[...]
Wharton study: immigrants boost investment and entrepreneurship.[...]
Construction under way on new Wharton building.[...]
Testosterone and decision-making: speed over accuracy.[...]
Simon Patten, who led the Wharton School during the Progressive Era, was a pioneer of the economics of abundance, theorist of the second industrial revolution, and intellectual godfather of the New Deal. His descent into obscurity poses provocative questions about how the field has evolved.[...]
Biden joins Penn to lead Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.[...]
$10 million gift for McNulty Leadership Program at Wharton.[...]
With an innovation portfolio that ranges from medical devices to folding bicycles to social-impact enterprises to junk food, Wharton professor Karl Ulrich has every justification to bask in entrepreneurial mystique. Only that’s exactly what he sets out to demolish in the classroom. [...]
One hundred years after a Penn professor was famously fired for his political views, a campus symposium on academic freedom wrestled with a familiar question: Are universities still homes of free speech and inquiry?[...]
NSF Innovation Corps attracts student entrepreneurs.[...]
Student speaker at Wharton Commencement is fighting for his life.[...]
Penn Wharton China Center now open in Beijing.[...]
Charity that works.[...]
Knowledge@Wharton launches programs on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.[...]
Wharton (East and West) hosts conference on innovation in India.[...]
Wharton junior organizes, sells zombie apocalypse.[...]