LPS online bachelor’s degree is first in the Ivy League.[...]
2018–19 costs up 3.8 percent; financial aid up 5.25 percent.[...]
Penn students from a variety of disciplines are learning the essentials of film storytelling and production while helping to give a voice to marginalized people and communities, from Philadelphia’s high schools to a refugee settlement in Kenya to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.[...]
New York’s Success Academy charter school network has been lionized for its sky-high test scores and robust curricular offerings—and decried for a rigidly disciplined school environment one opponent described as “abuse.” Opinions are just as divided on its combative and committed leader, Eva Moskowitz C’86. She’ll be happy to tell you who’s right.[...]
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GSE’s Howard Stevenson on teaching racial literacy.[...]
High schoolers mediate human-sea lion coexistence.[...]
Faculty “Teach-In” revives old concept for new times.[...]
Puerto Rico’s Department of Education has been getting an extreme makeover under alumna Julia Keleher. It was a Herculean task even before the catastrophic hurricane. [...]
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Settlement Music School CEO Helen Eaton C’93.[...]
Preventing summer learning loss.[...]
Public schools need innovation—just not the kind reformers keep pushing.[...]
Q&A with Grit author and psych professor Angela Duckworth Gr’06.[...]
With the Minerva Project, Ben Nelson W’97 is out to “build the world’s greatest university from scratch.” Should Penn—and other top-tier schools—be worried?[...]
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Here are the stories of Penn alumni trying to carry out the increasingly embattled mission of public education in Philadelphia. [...]