Barren campus. Without Regard to Sex, Race, or Color.[...]
Middlesex meets Mean Girls” in YA novel None of the Above.[...]
Q&A on sociologist David Grazian’s American Zoo. [...]
March|April 2016[...]
Penn Law professor, legal scholar, and novelist Kermit Roosevelt III is doing his best to live up to the family name—including, in his latest book, by tackling cousin Franklin’s executive order authorizing the confinement of more than 100,000 Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II.[...]
Lisa Green C’82’s legal guide for women, On Your Case.[...]
A big book on the Penn Museum’s “Colossal Sphinx.” [...]
A talk with the authors of Becoming Penn, which traces the University’s development over the tumultuous half-century from the Cold War to the Millennium. [...]
Novel take on Hunter S. Thompson. Gonzo Girl.[...]
Nov|Dec 2015[...]
Sept|Oct 2015[...]
Q&A: Marie Gottschalk on America’s sky-high incarceration rate.[...]
English Professor Suvir Kaul on Kashmir’s rich poetry and tragic politics.[...]
Yochi Dreazen had seen his share of death and combat trauma as a military journalist in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it wasn’t until he met an American general and his family that he learned how deep that trauma can go, and what needs to be done to heal it.[...]
Penn Medicine’s Frances E. Jensen is a leader in studying how the brain develops and what that means for learning, behavior, and the treatment of disease at different ages. For her book on the teenage brain, she drew on the latest neuroscience findings—and the experiment going on in her own home.[...]
A poet’s memoir of life after death. The Light of the World.[...]
July|Aug 2015[...]
Terrible suffering, strikingly dissimilar. A Tale of Two Plantations.[...]
Jonathan Moreno on “J.L.,” his psychodrama-founding father.[...]
An emeritus professor of sociology recalls his political and intellectual evolution.[...]