Lauren Smith Brody C’99 has advice for moms returning to work.[...]
Jo Piazza C’02 is figuring out this whole marriage thing.[...]
Thomas Childers’ The Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany.[...]
Nov|Dec 2017[...]
Two new books by Penn faculty explore how free expression on campus became so fraught and what to do about it.[...]
In film scholar Noah Isenberg C’89’s engaging investigation of “Hollywood’s Most Beloved Movie,” the lives of the émigré actors who made up most of the cast share the spotlight with the famous love triangle and wartime call to arms. Their stories also echo forward to our own era’s debates over the treatment of refugees and immigration policy.[...]
Sept|Oct 2017[...]
A new book examines crime and pragmatic politics in India.[...]
A producer tells the stories behind the story of a classic movie.[...]
Don't match drinks with the Malaysian pen-tailed tree shrew.[...]
Dog science gets an update.[...]
A new book examines a forgotten component of the labor movement.[...]
July|Aug 2017[...]
Confessions of a book keeper.[...]
A life of Kahn. You Say to Brick.[...]
Erica Armstrong Dunbar C’94 wrote about Ona Judge’s escape from slavery.[...]
Charles Newhall III C’67 wrote about Vietnam and after in Fearful Odds.[...]
Alumni writers dig up their satiric LA-earthquake novel.[...]
A graphic-memoir of healing through dementia in Aliceheimer’s.[...]