Demetrius Oliver GFA’04’s Canicular at the Print Center of Philadelphia.[...]
“American Modern” William H. Johnson at Arthur Ross Gallery.[...]
Howard Spiegler C’69 pioneered the legal fight to recover Nazi-looted art.[...]
Installation shots from ICA's current show, Jason Rhoades, Four Roads.[...]
These images from this year's "Day in the Life at Penn" photo project caught our eye.[...]
Burrison Gallery features work by 17 alumni artists.[...]
Man-of-many-media Tukufu Zuberi curates a pair of museum exhibits.[...]
Greg Dunn Gr’11’s paintings show the brain’s beauty.[...]
As his invented character Hennessy Youngman, Jayson Scott Musson GFA’11 offers up “Art Thoughtz” on becoming a successful artist and more.[...]
Show of bullfighting prints marks Ross Gallery’s 30th anniversary.[...]
James Irvine Swinden W’76 champions California Impressionism.[...]
Amaranth Ehrenhalt FA’51 still ready to “Jump in and Move Around.” [...]
Installing an ancient mosaic at the Penn Museum.[...]
Charles Krause spent most of his career digging for stories. Now he’s finding—and exhibiting—artists whose work impacts the world.[...]
Penn collection highlighted at Arthur Ross Gallery.[...]
The art of Jon Sarkin C'75 is all over the music video for Guster's hit song "Do You Love Me," and if you look closely you can see Sarkin himself make a cameo. [...]