July|Aug 2013: Spy, Captain, Pope[...]
Volume 111, No. 5[...]
Lots of aid projects in the developing world provide materials—from latrines to laptops—but little in the way of involvement or input for the people they are supposed to benefit. In Nicaragua a group of Penn alumni, faculty, and students are trying a different approach.[...]
How the Penn alumnus behind Humanistic Robotics, Inc. is saving the world one landmine at a time—and making money doing it.[...]
Showtime CEO Matt Blank has used boundary-pushing programming, cutting-edge marketing, and smart management to build his cable network into a national powerhouse. [...]
From College Hall | Faculty, students, and staff have embraced the goal of global engagement with tremendous energy and far-ranging expertise.[...]
IUR hosts path-breaking “Feeding Cities” Conference.[...]
The Nora Magid Mentorship Prize has been giving former students of the legendary nonfiction-writing teacher an excuse to get together and swap war stories—and helping to launch a new generation of Penn students into careers in journalism.[...]
Gilbert Lang Mathews W’70 followed the light, and found Lucifer.[...]
Volume 111, No. 3[...]
The new Penn Vet Working Dog Center will breed and train the country’s top detection dogs, but Center founder and director Cindy Otto’s sweeping vision doesn’t stop there. [...]
Laura Bilodeau Overdeck WG’95 created Bedtime Math.[...]
A spy story, told in 140-character bits.[...]