Strong Penn presence at Whitney Biennial.[...]
And singing. And dancing. And joking. And cross-dressing. A century and a quarter after its first production in 1889, Mask & Wig—the “oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in the United States”—remains the one there’s only room for. [...]
Bridging time and geography, briefly.[...]
Demetrius Oliver GFA’04’s Canicular at the Print Center of Philadelphia.[...]
Richard Ellis C’59 on the mysterious—and endangered—beaked whales.[...]
Mar|Apr 2014[...]
Squirrels and the City.[...]
In politics and the firehouse, Matt Klapper C’05 has learned to take the heat. [...]
From cloaks to biosuits, three Penn alumni span several centuries with their thought-provoking debut novels. [...]
By Ariel Djanikian The beautiful man had launched himself forward and pierced the bear through the thick fur of its shoulder. Soundlessly, the beast roared, rolling its head on its muscular neck. “Poor bear,” whispered Natasha, recognizing the perversity of the kill-or-be-killed Outside in a distant sort of way. But then—two seconds later—it was not “poor bear” at all. The blow did not have enough[...]
As director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness, Michael Baime M’81 has helped hundreds of healthcare professionals acquire the skills to improve their interactions with patients, increase their job satisfaction, and reduce stress in their personal lives. [...]
Anthea Butler’s battles in the blogosphere and twitterverse.[...]
New book aims to “pressure-test” social entrepreneurs’ good intentions.[...]
Paralyzed from the neck down by a gunshot wound in 2011, Kevin Neary C’04 can’t help imagining that someday a medical miracle might allow him to walk again. [...]
The dangers and rewards of giving more than you get. An excerpt from Give and Take by Wharton professor Adam Grant. Plus: Interview with the author.[...]
July|Aug 2013: Spy, Captain, Pope[...]
Volume 111, No. 5[...]
Lots of aid projects in the developing world provide materials—from latrines to laptops—but little in the way of involvement or input for the people they are supposed to benefit. In Nicaragua a group of Penn alumni, faculty, and students are trying a different approach.[...]
How the Penn alumnus behind Humanistic Robotics, Inc. is saving the world one landmine at a time—and making money doing it.[...]
Showtime CEO Matt Blank has used boundary-pushing programming, cutting-edge marketing, and smart management to build his cable network into a national powerhouse. [...]