Amidst men's basketball assistant coach shakeup, Nat Graham C'97 earns a well-earned promotion.[...]
Ann Reese CW’74 is the new president of Penn Alumni.[...]
Anne Klein W’64 ASC’65 tells classmates’ stories—and her own.[...]
Afterlife of a grand gesture.[...]
Mitchell Center’s “The States of Religious Freedom.”[...]
Penn students from a variety of disciplines are learning the essentials of film storytelling and production while helping to give a voice to marginalized people and communities, from Philadelphia’s high schools to a refugee settlement in Kenya to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.[...]
New York’s Success Academy charter school network has been lionized for its sky-high test scores and robust curricular offerings—and decried for a rigidly disciplined school environment one opponent described as “abuse.” Opinions are just as divided on its combative and committed leader, Eva Moskowitz C’86. She’ll be happy to tell you who’s right.[...]
Jennifer Clair C’94’s cooking class is available for take-out (as a book).[...]
Erin McNeill C’88 champions “media literacy” legislation for schools.[...]
Allison Zuckerman C’12’s “grotesque but beautiful” figures.[...]
An architect explores Mexico’s early churches.[...]
Prolonged exposure therapy can help sexual assault victims.[...]
GSE’s Howard Stevenson on teaching racial literacy.[...]
In the year of his centenary, a look back at the music and thought of American composer and Penn faculty member George Rochberg G’49, who first embraced 12-tone music and serialism and later rejected avant-garde styles as a form of “self-extinction.”[...]
Photos from the festivities. [...]
High schoolers mediate human-sea lion coexistence.[...]
Here’s what may have afflicted US diplomats in Cuba.[...]
On the job with the University’s eloquently soft-spoken, relentlessly positive, powerfully empathetic, turtle-admiring, Penn basketball-obsessed chaplain.[...]
In an excerpt from his new autobiography, Penn psychology professor Martin Seligman tells the little-known story of the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting in 1904, held at Penn. Its reverberations were profound—for Penn psychology professor Edwin Twitmyer and for American psychology.[...]
The Penn women's basketball program celebrates championships, record-breaking senior class, and a Big 5 Hall of Fame induction.[...]