From Feb. 11 to April 7[...]
Penn Relays.[...]
High hopes for softball and women’s lacrosse.[...]
From Dec. 1 to Feb. 10[...]
Penn alumni, students, and staff are at the forefront of a national movement to ensure that, if you’re gay and you play sports, you don’t have to be afraid.[...]
Football & Fun, Arts & Culture, Alumni Awards of Merit[...]
Football: Ragone to Holland to Ivy title.[...]
From Oct. 8 to Dec. 9, 2013[...]
The average high-school football player gets hit on the helmet up to 1,400 times in a season.[...]
Wharton's Ken Shropshire agrees with Taylor Branch.[...]
A lockout that could shorten—or even cancel—next year’s NFL season, and carry a multi-billion dollar price tag.[...]
This time of year, NFL fans are pretty much focused on one thing only: the Superbowl. [...]