Over the years, Penn has contributed an impressive number of alumni who have left their mark on the many-sided business of sports. And they all have stories to tell.[...]
Our annual photo gallery, plus two arts & culture anniversaries, and the Alumni Award of Merit winners and citations.[...]
Twenty-five years after she helped launch the original Nicktoons, Linda Simensky is still deciding what millions of kids watch on TV—and teaching Penn students who grew up loving the shows she developed.[...]
John Zacherle C’40, who died in October at age 98, was a famous TV horror host in the 1950s and '60s.[...]
AJ Brodeur has burst onto the scene for Penn basketball — and is loving every minute of it.[...]
David Borgenicht C’90's independent publishing house, Quirk Books, keeps sparking pop culture crazes—and now, movies.[...]
Thirty years after its historic undefeated season, the 1986 Penn football team was honored at Franklin Field.[...]
Patient preferences diverge from standard measures of care quality.[...]
Political polarization less pronounced than partisans predict.[...]
Pennovation Center opening: fabricating the future.[...]
Convocation: “Find your comfort zone, and then go beyond it.” [...]
Sociology’s Steve Viscelli on life as a long-haul trucker.[...]
$10 million gift for McNulty Leadership Program at Wharton.[...]
History prof Michael Zuckerman C’61 on rethinking the Revolution.[...]
33 to 40 offers a “snapshot of Penn at a very specific moment” [...]
From Aug. 28 to Oct. 9[...]
Basketball: women look to repeat as Ivy champs, men to contend.[...]
“Realist optimist” Brandon Copeland W’13’s NFL run.[...]
Penn unveils its ambitious global policy center—which, in the run-up to the US presidential election, has wasted no time hosting a Who’s Who in the realm of world affairs.[...]
Law professor and alumna Regina Austin loves star-attorney Perry Mason, but the students in her year-long Visual Legal Advocacy seminar are learning to make their cases from behind the camera.[...]