The summer of 2011 will be remembered in some cities for the riots that perturbed the public peace. [...]
Penn team will try to find how sea-level rise varies spatially.[...]
Robert Ghrist's Funny Little Calculus Text.[...]
Penn paleontologists determine pigmentation of 100 million-year-old fossils.[...]
Hipster City Cycle, created by three Penn Engineering grads.[...]
Penn researchers prove that sea level is rising faster now than it has for the past two millennia. [...]
Penn’s first Pulitzer-winning novelist.[...]
Portable, and available on every platform imaginable.[...]
The Milken-Penn GSE Business Plan Competition.[...]
Samuel Morton (Class of 1820) is vindicated.[...]
Why the photo’s absence from the record is a cause for concern.[...]
Catch the Philadelphia Science Festival before it ends.[...]
The award statement calls A Visit From the Goon Squad “a novel at once experimental in form and crystal clear in the overlapping stories it delivers, offering us a sense of youth and what gets lost along the way.”[...]
Conversation with the animal rights activist and lawyer whose book Muzzling a Movement was released earlier this year. [...]
Kaplan was in Philly just before Christmas, delivering her yuletide carols to an enthusiastic crowd at the Tin Angel.[...]
When he stepped up to the microphone at the press briefing after surgery and delivered an update on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Lemole became a sort of unofficial spokesperson for the tragedy.[...]