GFA alumnus and mosaic artist Jonathan Mandell.[...]
Writing charitable cookbooks.[...]
Dan Taraborrelli C'01 is carving out a career in the voiceover business.[...]
Last month Michelle Holme C’00 flew to Los Angeles, put on a sparkly black dress and proceeded to scare the hell out of Trey Parker. [...]
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Susan Bernfield C'86 prepares for her theater company's 20th year.[...]
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Elsewhere in North Carolina.[...]
Odds are that if you had an Internet connection back in the summer of 2006, you’ve seen OK Go's music video for “Here It Goes Again.” (Hint: It involves treadmills. Lots of them.)[...]
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The Quadranics musical, 2010.[...]
Anna Deavere Smith performs and discusses her recent one-woman show on the Zellerbach stage.[...]
The annual Emily Sachs Dance Benefit, 2010.[...]