Yeasayer aims to be “unsettling, nostalgic, and novel.” [...]
Nov|Dec 2016[...]
Nov|Dec 2016[...]
Sociology’s Steve Viscelli on life as a long-haul trucker.[...]
33 to 40 offers a “snapshot of Penn at a very specific moment” [...]
Photographer Arthur Drooker C’76 has trained his lens on American Ruins and Lost Worlds. His new collection, Conventional Wisdom, covers his strangest territory yet.[...]
Dan Fogelman C'97 created two TV series that both debuted the same week in late September: 'This Is Us' (NBC) and 'Pitch' (Fox).[...]
Lorene Cary C’78 G’78 on a glorious day in the nation’s capital.[...]
Breanna Moore C'15 is bringing Ghanaian fabrics to the US with her new fashion line, LaBré.[...]
Arthur Ross Gallery show honors Terry Adkins’ influence.[...]
William Ferris G’67 Gr’69’s “visual journal” of the South.[...]
Nick Spitzer C’72 brings American Routes to WXPN.[...]
Elaine Lisle C’76’s autumnal images of Philadelphia.[...]
Sept|Oct 2016[...]
Sept|Oct 2016[...]
Mean Girls director Mark Waters C’86 is taking a shot at R-rated comedy with Bad Santa 2 this Thanksgiving—and still trying to figure out his place in ever-evolving Hollywood.[...]
Two English PhD alumnae are updating old recipes for modern kitchens. Here are some of their most successful creations so far—and the dish they won't make again.[...]
Alumni wrestlers teamed up for documentary, Team Foxcatcher.[...]
Jeff Coon C’92 is enjoying the musical of his life.[...]
Miles Hodges C’13 says “screw that” to being quiet in the library.[...]