Sachs Program’s public launch.[...]
A movie producer and Class of ’68 alumnus recalls the cinematic passions of his senior year—and offers some advice on rekindling the romance for today’s audiences.[...]
In the year of his centenary, a look back at the music and thought of American composer and Penn faculty member George Rochberg G’49, who first embraced 12-tone music and serialism and later rejected avant-garde styles as a form of “self-extinction.”[...]
David Branson Smith C’06 on finding his footing in Hollywood—and rewriting the script for 'Adrift,' which came out June 1.[...]
Beyond description.[...]
Robert Freedman L’54 and his wife, Molly, have a gift for music. [...]
May|June 2018[...]
Text-based artist Cary Leibowitz’s “Museum Show” at ICA.[...]
At ARG, students collect—and question—objects from world’s fairs.[...]
New worlds on ravaged ground. Surviving Genocide.[...]
May|June 2018[...]
David Wallace on Chaucer, his world, and ours.[...]
On Friday, William Parberry Gr'80 takes his final bow as conductor of three Penn choral groups. He spoke with the Gazette about his 45-year career at the University.[...]
Santo D. Marabella GrS’91 is making a TV pilot right now—but that’s just one of the ways he’s using the arts to revitalize Reading, Pennsylvania.[...]
The colorful revelations of Natvar Bhavsar GFA’65.[...]
Settlement Music School CEO Helen Eaton C’93.[...]
How to know? Understanding Understanding.[...]
George Thomas Gr’75 on Frank Furness’s 19th-century modernism.[...]
Mar|Apr 2018[...]
Mar|Apr 2018[...]