May|June 2013[...]
William Parberry Gr’80 sings on his 40 years at Penn.[...]
Inauguration features choral work by David Ludwig Gr’80.[...]
Steven Ujifusa GFA’05 on the United States and its maker. [...]
Installing an ancient mosaic at the Penn Museum.[...]
Mar|Apr 2013[...]
Charles Krause spent most of his career digging for stories. Now he’s finding—and exhibiting—artists whose work impacts the world.[...]
Penn collection highlighted at Arthur Ross Gallery.[...]
In search of lost children in El Salvador.[...]
Writers v. robber barons. The Great American Railroad War.[...]
A new Penn songbook from the late Bruce Montgomery.[...]
A selection of books recently published by alumni[...]
Jan|Feb 2013[...]
The award statement calls A Visit From the Goon Squad “a novel at once experimental in form and crystal clear in the overlapping stories it delivers, offering us a sense of youth and what gets lost along the way.”[...]
Kaplan was in Philly just before Christmas, delivering her yuletide carols to an enthusiastic crowd at the Tin Angel.[...]
Undergrad life, skewed and skewered.[...]
The art of Jon Sarkin C'75 is all over the music video for Guster's hit song "Do You Love Me," and if you look closely you can see Sarkin himself make a cameo. [...]
How did Jay Matsueda W’95 scrape together studio time with some of L.A.’s finest session musicians? “Barter, and the underground economy,” he says.[...]