Amaranth Ehrenhalt FA’51 still ready to “Jump in and Move Around.” [...]
May|June 2013[...]
May|June 2013[...]
William Parberry Gr’80 sings on his 40 years at Penn.[...]
Inauguration features choral work by David Ludwig Gr’80.[...]
Steven Ujifusa GFA’05 on the United States and its maker. [...]
Installing an ancient mosaic at the Penn Museum.[...]
Mar|Apr 2013[...]
Charles Krause spent most of his career digging for stories. Now he’s finding—and exhibiting—artists whose work impacts the world.[...]
Penn collection highlighted at Arthur Ross Gallery.[...]
In search of lost children in El Salvador.[...]
Writers v. robber barons. The Great American Railroad War.[...]
A new Penn songbook from the late Bruce Montgomery.[...]
A selection of books recently published by alumni[...]
Jan|Feb 2013[...]
The award statement calls A Visit From the Goon Squad “a novel at once experimental in form and crystal clear in the overlapping stories it delivers, offering us a sense of youth and what gets lost along the way.”[...]
Kaplan was in Philly just before Christmas, delivering her yuletide carols to an enthusiastic crowd at the Tin Angel.[...]
Undergrad life, skewed and skewered.[...]