Scott Neustadter C’98’s latest screenplay is The Disaster Artist.[...]
Virginia Whelan FA’78 preserves history—large and small— in textiles.[...]
Erica Armstrong Dunbar C’94 wrote about Ona Judge’s escape from slavery.[...]
Marc Ganzi W’93 has equal fun starting businesses and playing polo.[...]
Life, after death. [...]
“We are not to meet again.” [...]
Working vacation.[...]
From Holocaust survivors, to stroke victims, to the garden-variety centenarian next door, Alisa Kauffman’s patients have one thing in common: an inability to travel to a dentist’s office. So she brings her practice into their living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. [...]
To her mother, alumna Alice Paul was a “mild-mannered girl”; another observer compared her demeanor to “the quiet of a spinning top.” Her leadership in the fight to get US women the vote was a remarkable mix of unyielding commitment and savvy politics.[...]
Meet the Penn alumna who opened for Wayne Newton this month in Beverly Hills—and see footage from her performance.[...]
Elaine Simon’s photographs “capture the stages of demolition as a way to remember the site and make a statement about cycles of destruction, displacement, and development.”[...]
March|April 2017[...]
March|April 2017[...]
March|April 2017[...]
Charles Newhall III C’67 wrote about Vietnam and after in Fearful Odds.[...]
Penn alumni star in Animal Planet’s Life at Vet U.[...]
Mark Kaufman C’89’s key to musicalizing a movie: does it sing? [...]
Carly Zakin C’08 is co-founder of theSkimm. [...]
The long and winding road from manuscript to silver screen.[...]
An apple a day, Asturias-style.[...]