How one family’s journey through the realm of rare disease led them to the newest frontier of precision genetic medicine.[...]
Our annual photo gallery. Plus: Alumni Award of Merit winners and citations. [...]
Thomas S. Kirkbride M1832 wrote the book—literally—on the housing and treatment of the mentally ill in the 19th century.[...]
Jeremy Rifkin W’67 launched his career as an activist by protesting the Vietnam War. Now he’s making perhaps his biggest impact yet advocating for a “third industrial revolution” to save the world from stagnating productivity and the ravages of climate change.[...]
Sara Outing C'13 has already built a successful career in theatre set design—and she has the 2017 Barrymore Award nomination to prove it.[...]
Nov|Dec 2017[...]
Nov|Dec 2017[...]
Nov|Dec 2017[...]
Kabir Akhtar C’96 is an Emmy-winning TV editor.[...]
Lauren Smith Brody C’99 has advice for moms returning to work.[...]
Jo Piazza C’02 is figuring out this whole marriage thing.[...]
Larry Coben Gr’12 is making site preservation sustainable.[...]
New game, same competitive spirit.[...]
The lure of lucha libre.[...]
EPIC Conference: Pound, Williams, H. D., Moore.[...]
Blocking sweet-taste receptors could clear stuffy sinuses.[...]
Bob Schoenberg has been leading Penn’s LGBT Center since before there even was one, really. As he retires after 35 years of caring counsel and fierce advocacy, the campus home he built is being renamed in his honor.[...]
Introducing the Robert Schoenberg Carriage House.[...]
In film scholar Noah Isenberg C’89’s engaging investigation of “Hollywood’s Most Beloved Movie,” the lives of the émigré actors who made up most of the cast share the spotlight with the famous love triangle and wartime call to arms. Their stories also echo forward to our own era’s debates over the treatment of refugees and immigration policy.[...]
When she needs more art supplies, Linda Stillman CW'70 plants flowers.[...]