On the job with the University’s eloquently soft-spoken, relentlessly positive, powerfully empathetic, turtle-admiring, Penn basketball-obsessed chaplain.[...]
In an excerpt from his new autobiography, Penn psychology professor Martin Seligman tells the little-known story of the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting in 1904, held at Penn. Its reverberations were profound—for Penn psychology professor Edwin Twitmyer and for American psychology.[...]
On Friday, William Parberry Gr'80 takes his final bow as conductor of three Penn choral groups. He spoke with the Gazette about his 45-year career at the University.[...]
Santo D. Marabella GrS’91 is making a TV pilot right now—but that’s just one of the ways he’s using the arts to revitalize Reading, Pennsylvania.[...]
Mar|Apr 2018[...]
Mar|Apr 2018[...]
Mar|Apr 2018[...]
Rick Smith C’83 is helping reclaim Buffalo’s riverfront with Silo City.[...]
Katlyn Grasso W’15 is empowering “women who want to take over the world.”[...]
Doris LeStourgeon GEd’56 piloted a pioneering educational experiment.[...]
Hank Aberman C’60 G’62 is an unlikely—but successful!—librettist.[...]
The colorful revelations of Natvar Bhavsar GFA’65.[...]
Settlement Music School CEO Helen Eaton C’93.[...]
How to know? Understanding Understanding.[...]
George Thomas Gr’75 on Frank Furness’s 19th-century modernism.[...]
“Like the second coming. Or an alien invasion.”[...]
Faith and works in Puerto Rico.[...]
Penn cuts ties with Steve Wynn C’63.[...]
New finding pushes grape-wine production back to 6000 BCE.[...]